Du Meizhu Reveals How She Was Tricked into Kris Wu’s Bed

Former EXO member Kris Wu‘s (吳亦凡) scandal has seized international headlines, as the fallen idol faces teen date rape allegations. While 26 females have accused the 30-year-old singer of predatory behavior of various degrees of severity, his ex-flame Du Meizhu (都美竹) has been the most vocal and exposed how he lured young girls to bed.

3 Methods Kris Wu Used to Trick Girls into Bed

In one of her posts on Weibo, the influencer revealed that Kris had three different methods of tricking girls into sleeping with him. The first one was a promise to star in his music videos. However, Du Meizhu revealed that casting interviews would be done at night and whoever performed well would also be selected for television roles with Kris, or would have a chance to sign with his entertainment company.

The second method was to go through his fanbase and pick out young pretty girls, and pretend to organize small “meet and greets.” When the fan arrived at the hotel room, Kris would be the only one present.

The last method was to meet young girls directly through the females he has already slept with, and the middle person would receive a “referral bonus” of 10,000 Chinese yuan.

Du Meizhu’s Own Experience

Recounting her own personal story, Du Meizhu said she met Kris through a casting interview at his house when she was only 17 years old. Once she got there, her cell phone was taken away by one of his managers. Although this was an interview, Du Meizhu said all she did that night was play drinking games with Kris and two other young girls around her age.

According to Du Meizhu, if they did not try to have a good time, Kris would immediately get angry and threaten to talk to various entertainment platforms and freeze their careers. After being plied with countless alcoholic drinks, Du Meizhu passed out. The next thing she remembered was waking up in bed with Kris in the morning.

Du Meizhu revealed that Kris never wears a condom – not just with her, but with everyone he sleeps with.

Although Kris promised that he would take responsibility for what happened and take care of her for life, he became cold and distant in March this year. When he stopped responding to her messages, Du Meizhu found out about Kris’ movie date through media reports.

Within one month, Du Meizhu started releasing WeChat screenshots of her text conversations with Kris’ studio. According to Du Meizhu, she was aware of eight victims – two of which are still underage girls.

Although Kris transferred CNY 500,000 without her consent, Du Meizhu returned the money and said she will fight with him until the end.

While Du Meizhu claimed to have evidence that would put Kris in prison, the singer denied all the allegations on July 19 and said the matter will be resolved through legal means. He stated, “If there had been such behaviors, please rest assured, I will go to jail myself!” On July 20, his studio claimed that Du Meizhu had fabricated the refund of the money and chat records.

Du Meizhu responded with her disappointment “with the world” on July 20, and has not updated her social media afterward although many are eager to see if she will continue to spill more details in the developing controversy.

Sources: Yahoo; Weibo

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Kris Wu Denies Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Girls

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  1. I had nothing against Kris, and thought he wad cool and talented. Then I heard a few tgings some years ago, and stayed neutral. At this point, with him trying to pay out this girl I am not willing to say he might be innocent anymore cause he is not. A few women have come forward who dont need the money , or the 15 minutes of fame. He has violated these young girls in the most disgusting way. His nanagers should be sent to jail as well for being accessories to such predatory behavior. Too often these celebrities get away with their unconscionable acts of crime. Too often the brainwashed fans refuse to believe that their beloved idol is capable of doing such things. My only wish is that this young lady is given a fair shot of exposing Kris in court, as the legal system there is very corrupted and favors men over women. These women deserve justice. No one should be plied with alcohol and then taken advantage of. The fans who think that Chris is too good looking and famous, and rich to do this need a good shot of reality. Yss, he can get any woman he wants, but he chooses to prey on young girls because he is a pedophile, plain and simple. These young victims deserve justice , and Kris and his enablers deserve their just reward, JAIL.

  2. This guy is disgusting ….
    Hope this gets bigger so he will go to jail

  3. They may not be underage legally but 17 is still very young and you’re still extremely impressionable at that age. He obviously used his money and fame as an excuse to get in contact with these young girls. These are 10000% grooming tactics.

  4. What a pedophile if true!!!
    Already an as*hole for luring women to sleep with him, a bigger criminal as*hole for drugging and raping them, and absolutely evil for him to prey on underage girls. I hope there’s a fair trial and he gets what he deserves. What a creep.

  5. This is r@pe. Having $ e x with someone who can not consent because they are under the influence is r@pe. And if she was 17 years old, that is ped o. I hope he faces consequences. She is host the tip of the iceberg.

    (Sorry, if comments posted twice. First was eaten because of sensitive words)

  6. Wow..If these are really true then his career sure will be over just like that Taiwanese dude Kai Ko who was ruined over drugs? Not sure if that one is still around. If more than one female comes forward like the pervs Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein he’s done for or he’s already 1/2 way there.

  7. His case reminds me of Park Yoochun who was accused by several girls of sexual assault etc. He managed to get away because of insufficient evidence, it is really hard for the victims to provide evidences for such cases. If not for his other drug crimes, that guy will still be enjoying stardom now. I really hope the girls in this case can get justice, and not let the guy get away.

  8. I hope he will not get away same as that ParkYC due to insufficent evidence. Imagine if not for his other drugs crimes, that guy will still be enjoying stardom now! Justice needs to be done…

  9. This accuser is in trouble as she tries to fight this war against Kris… Kris has too much weath backing him…they cannot afford for him to fall from Grace… Thus they will clean the path for him..

    1. Indeed, the situation seems to be on his side for now is. Hopefully there will be justice in any form.
      Saw a video stating that he has hired a famous lawyer. No idea how true it is and no idea the purpose – is it for the potential case on his actions or to send the female to court?
      If what he did is true, cannot imagine what will happen if the female ends up in legal trouble instead.

      1. Yap, it is the reality of this world, isnt it. Money and power really speaks. If her evidences are not sufficent. The case will lose…Bill Cosby is the Best example..

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