Du Meizhu to Film a Web Drama

After Chinese influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹) exposed former EXO member Kris Wu (吳亦凡) for rape and group sex crimes, she achieved justice when the singer was imprisoned for 13 years. However, to everyone’s surprise, Meizhu has been cast in a leading role in a web drama after her recognition levels soared.

Character posters for Detective Girl <少女神探> were released online, which showed Meizhu in a school uniform. Rookie actor Li Yichen (李逸晨) was neatly dressed in a white shirt and black tie and coat. OFilming is rumored to take 30 days and would start on February 28.

After news of her drama casting, her former good friend Li En (李恩) bitterly made comments including, “Turns out there would be people out there who leverage scandals to climb up and cross boundaries. I’m pretty shocked”; and “Took Kris Wu’s mom’s 500,000 Chinese yuan to do plastic surgery and film a drama. Are you happy now? Haha…what has the world become?”

Sought to expose Meizhu, Li En also released a series of screenshots of a past conversation which involved Meizhu seemingly selling underwear and offering compensating dating services for CNY 350,000. A man who apparently paid her had claimed, “I was scammed so badly. She didn’t even stay the night nor do what was promised.”

Despite the accusations, Meizhu remained silent with no responses. Her last post involved wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year with the comment, “Interesting, hopeful, never-ending, never any hardships.”

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

Du Meizhu Reveals How She Was Tricked into Kris Wu’s Bed


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  1. Why should a young girl be shamed for being a victim?? She may enjoy the high life and being beautiful, but that is still no excuse for men like Kris We to take advantage of. And she has courage to expose his deeds. Again, she should not be witch hunted for building her life going forward. Why can’t she do what she wants to do? Why should she live in hiding? What does she have to be ashamed of???

    1. @Hohliu something about her starring as main lead doesn’t sit right with me; it’s unmerited. She doesn’t have an acting pedigree and she’s riding off her popularity as a victim. At least other stars who don’t have an acting background earned their stripes by winning contests or starting in modeling. She literally has nothing to her name except for a scandal…

      1. @Coralie i think there are a lot of stars who started off with just being TikTok girls. And you can’t say they don’t have merits. Being a model is all about whether they manage to catch someone’s eye and give them a job. Being a TikTok star is about how well you sell yourself, not just to 1 person, but many. And it’s a web drama, many times these are stars by unknown celebrities, if they have talents, they will soar, if not, they will sink. But regardless, there is still Ju JingYi, who won the contest like you said, and she’s a worthless actress. She’s what bring the industry down >_> she’s what took roles off actually good decent actresses!

      2. @LittleFish JJY at least won some approval because of a contest (for her looks or charisma or whatever.) Du Meizhu wasn’t popular off any platform, except for the expose. Nobody even cares about her if that didn’t happen. She’s a brave person to reveal the crimes, but I just don’t think that makes her suitable for showbiz

      3. To be honest, these web dramas are like self promoting projects. I really doubt any fame will come from it at all. Just feel she can do what she wants, she should not be condermed for living her life. It will definitely surprise me if she does crave a career as an actress from these.

      4. PUH-LEASE, you’re a huge fan of the victim player Zhao Liying who won a contest from Yahoo Star Search, not because of her talent but because some snarky old dudes think she’s cute for being gullible. She wasn’t able to sing or play her skit rounds, and all the other winners of Yahoo Star Search didn’t get anywhere far, it’s not even a serious contest. She said she “suffered” playing support roles many years, but her all supporting experiences are so short, and her performances were not amazing. She even had doubles do help her do those support roles. When she rose to main lead, it didn’t sit right with everyone too. Maybe you have something against DMZ because you miss KW, who is Zhao Liying’s best friend and suspicious secret lover. Their music album is “Missing You” and she names her child “Missing You”, she was caught avoiding him when her marital status still married to FSF and he looked at her longingly, her fans cheered for her to cheat with him. Then when his scandal came out, they quickly changed faces and blame random actresses, FBB was the scapegoat accused of liking him and that article still here on Jaynestars.

      5. @Hohliu lol ditto. Idk maybe I just don’t like the idea of another talentless person entering showbiz due to connections, but reality is, showbiz is strewn with them. So time will tell all.

    2. @Hohliu & Coralie

      I’m glad that she was successful exposed CW for his crimes and the end result that he was convicted. She deserves that credit. I hope what the other person said about her is not true. I don’t think I can watch their drama. It looks like to me that both the ML & FL got works done on their faces. Main actors with plastic surgeries distracted me for some reason. Good luck to them.

      1. @dramas4me
        I am glad she did not choose to be defeated by what detractors said. She has every right to be given a chance to act. I do not see the merit in a beauty contest winner given a chance to act. So it is okay for a contest winner, whatever the contest might be, over an influencer? None of them have acting chops and deserve a chance. Boy, the things I see. Can’t wait to see how she does, with an Open mind. If she does horribly, there is room for improvement, as long as she doesn’t become another Grace Chan, Angelababy or Linda Chun, years of acting and zero improvement.

  2. she does look like she has work done. how times have changed, a rape victim wouldn’t ride so high in the past.
    don’t see her as the hero but grateful for the popcorn

  3. Actually she had always her eyes on entertainment career, that is why she came to KW party to get the role in his MV. I cannot comment if she is a victim or not, it is clear that KW did some horrible things and is jailed for them. As far as I know she is not one of the victims he is jailed for, obviously there are others. But she did play crucial role in his downfall and she should be commended for that. However she tried to be casted in production first time a month after KW was detained and production company did data pooling and it came overwhelmingly negative. KW had too many active followers back than. I guess the sentiment has changed after he was convicted or this is another water testing. Whatever it is she is adamant on becoming celebrity herself. She is trying to bank on her following same way like when she opened the web shop at the beginning of scandal. She is not a celebrity I plan to follow.

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