Du Meizhu’s Friends Turned Against Her

Following disgraced Chinese-Canadian ex-pop idol Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) 13-year sentence for rape and sex crimes, and 6 million yuan fine for tax evasion, Chinese influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹), who was key to his arrest and had assisted the police in their investigations spilled more scathing details in a recent livestream.

Justice is served: Du Meizhu had made date-rape revelations that eventually led to Wu Yifan’s arrest.

The 20-year-old posted social media update that said “I’ve (she has) waited long for this”.

Du Meizhu: Don’t call me a Heroine
Sharing that she had worked with the Chaoyang police and provided records over a period of two months, during which she had to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the case, and therefore did not respond to related questions. Becoming a more mature adult after two years, she now apologizes for some of the extreme and childish opinions she had expressed previously, adding “I am not the heroine you exalt me as, I am just an ordinary person who got a little braver, and had withstood the pressures to tell the truth,”

While awaiting the revelation of the investigations, Du Meizhu had faced a fervent barrage of online abuse from netizens and fans of the former EXO member:

“So indiscreet at just 10-plus years”
“You are a blackmailer and extortionist!”
“You are a wild chicken”
“Scheming woman”
“Why don’t you look into the mirror, why would Gege (mandarin for brother) fall for you?”

The toxic comments left her breaking down countless times as she could not understand why as the victim, she was being blamed for defending her legal rights. Consumed by negativity, she thought, “So he can be unscrupulous just because he is a star and has fans, does he mean he deserves to be forgiven?”

Cautions Everyone to Always be Wary
Grateful to the Chinese judiciary system for fair prosecution even when the accused is a powerful celebrity, Du Meizhu mentioned how she was merely 10-years plus back then and did not have a good judgement of right from wrong. She also brought up how the fact that Kris’ artiste manager had been a lady made it easier for her to trust the other party implicitly, which eventually cause her to be deceived.

Revealing how Wu Yifan had operated his scheme, Du Meizhu said he had got her female agent to get in touch with herself; after adding each other as friends on WeChat, she was asked details of personal biodata including birthday, height and weight, and whether she had been in a relationship. These had not caught her suspicion as she assumed they were default questions before the company would sign her on. On hindsight, she says “All these questions might be preparatory work for what was to come, it’s really scary,”

Cautioning others, she recounted how the agent had asked to meet up one-on-one to “chat about work”, and she just turned up as it did not occur that the meeting would be risky at all. She advised, “Do not trust anyone easily, even if they are of the same gender! If you meet with danger, try to call the cops, keep the evidence well and don’t be afraid of threats!”

Friends Turned Against Her

To avoid the personal attacks Kris Wu’s fans made against her, Du Meizhu has withdrawn from her university in Beijing, giving up her dreams and specialty in her field of study. At one point, the online vitriol made her feel inferior and avoid socializing altogether. Instead of being her support, a few of her friends were bribed to turn against her, switching to hurling insults at her during livestreams instead. This made Du Meizhu realize “Humanity cannot withstand the smallest of tests at all”. A believer in “Girls help girls”, she thanked everyone for their support, and expressed that she wants to use her own influence in future to help others, and to work hard to give back to her hometown.

More Background on the Saga
19-year-old Du Meizhu had made online claims of rape, threats and sexual grooming against Kris Wu, one of the biggest names in Chinese pop, alleging that he invited young women like herself to parties and then picked his ‘concubines’. The saga kickstarted a #MeToo storm in China, as brands scrambled to drop the star amid more explosive sexual misconduct allegations.

Source: ETToday

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  1. Putting aside blind and mindless fans, some expect perfect and faultless victim before they can recognize and accept the wrongdoing or in this case, a crime is committed. To this day, I still see comments stating that DMZ seduced him or her initial motive was money, etc. Even if she was going for the money, what he did was wrong.

    1. It’s so terrible how people treat victims. He preyed on these “imperfect” and extremely young girls because their voices are weak to voiceless. Glad he was convicted, but this was just a small drop in the ocean. There are probably dozens more girls that didn’t have “proof” or are afraid (understandably) to come forward.

  2. She is a young woman who wants justice against abuse subjected to herself… Nothing wrong with that.
    The world is full of victims that cannot address their abusers…More voices that are heard, the better the society.

  3. This guy deserves it. It should be more than that. I thought the tax fine is 600 millions – NOT 6 millions? That’s what I saw everywhere else. Thanks!

  4. Really hate it when ppl victim-blamed, no wonder many girls/females decided to stay silence. But really admire the guts DMZ have and continue to persist thru so this pervert can go behind bars. It’s not easy for a young girl to take him down considering he is a big celebrity in China.

    I wonder who else is involved together with him.

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