Kris Wu Appeals Sentencing

Kris Wu (吴亦凡), is currently serving his 13-year sentence for rape and group promiscuity in China.  The former EXO member will face deportation to Canada after his release.

Kris was found guilty and sentenced in November 2022. He has appealed the decision and his case was heard this week at Beijing’s No. 3 Intermediate People’s Court. The hearing took place in closed court  to protect the privacy of the victims.

The People’s Court emphasized that the Canadian embassy in China was notified before Kris’ trial in accordance with relevant regulations. They also stated that Kris’s various litigation rights will be upheld during the trial, and the case will be sentenced according to the law.

China maintains an increasingly tough stance towards celebrities’ immoral or criminal behaviors, as artistes are blacklisted and face legal consequences. Despite Kris’ appeal, it is unlikely his sentence will be reduced given the current political atmosphere.

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Kris Wu Sentenced to 13 Years for Rape

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  1. His right to appeal… he can do so…but I do wonder if he will be successful. His case is ” Kill Chicken Scare Monkey (杀鸡儆猴) “… But it is interesting how the police never revealed anyone from the list of people he revealed. I wonder if Jackie Chan is one of them…

    1. I cannot see their circles intermingle to be honest. But I do wondered how Wang Sicong escaped as he was the main guy around Kris, he made tons of the parties you really never want to go to, under no circumstances, and was main ‘casting couch’ participants. He was even seen with that girl Du after Kris went to jail, going out and clubbing. Now he seemed to be pulled of social media for a year or so. I guess being rich 2nd generation makes you untouchable. I also wonder what happened with all these guys around him that girls had ‘to go through’ to reach Kris. It was the whole clique and as it seems they were exposed but as they were nobodies, at best influencers, no one cares.

      1. 2nd Gen crowd definitely get away with lots of bad deeds…no wonder they are so arrogant. I guess the drama scenes of then throwing their weight around is more common then we think… Not exaggerated.

        Wang Sicong is infamous for so many years for his womanising behaviour. I really have strong dislike for that chap.

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