Kris Wu Sentenced to 13 Years for Rape

Having been detained since July of last year, Kris Wu (吳亦凡) is now officially sentenced 13 years in prison over on charges that include rape and group sex crimes.

On November 25, The Beijing Chaoyang Court announced the verdict in a Weibo post and wrote that Kris Wu is sentenced to 11 years for rape. In additional, the disgraced star received a sentence of 1 year and 10 months for organizing group for sexual activities. As Kris holds Canadian citizenship, the star will be deported after serving his sentence.

The long sentence confirms China’s tougher stance on reining in the entertainment industry as an increasing number of celebrities are banned and punished for their immoral or criminal behaviors.

The sentencing was a surprise as Kris was once a rising star with a big following. Born in Guangzhou before moving to Vancouver, Kris started his entertainment career as a member of South Korean boy group EXO. In 2014, he moved back to China to develop his career. However, in 2021, investigation over his criminal activity begun after online influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹) claimed to be a victim and exposed Kris for preying on underage girls.

Du Meizhu Responds to Sentencing

Du Meizhu had just celebrated her 20th birthday last week and was surprised to finally get her justice. Shortly after the verdict was announced, Du Meizhu posted a message on Weibo and wrote, “Finally, [I] waited for this!”

Having followed the investigation from the beginning, Du Meizhu had also previously thanked the Chaoyang Police for arresting the disgraced star.

Source:  World Journal

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  1. It’s finally over. There have been speculations recently just before the sentence that he was framed, especially when the “good friends” , ex working partners, of DMZ came out with bad “facts” about her. No idea if they were true.
    Anyway there’s also the tax invasion issue. Would he receive more prison time if he couldn’t pay up his fines?
    Wonder how many of his fans who continued to believe him right up before his sentence accepted the reality that their idol has committed a crime.

    1. yes that was the cause of main confusion, that DMZ is not among the victims. Nit sure about her role, to be honest. But it obviously served the purpose. Good it is over finally. He got almost min sentence though (it’s 10y) so proof must be strong and no minors or it would be much longer sentence. And yes if he cannot pay tax fines he will have extra jail time, but I am sure he’ll cash out. However I always wondered how no one from his entourage ended up accused for group s*x with him, only him and the girls. That’s strange. His parties were wild and big. Not that they were secret at all.

      1. @Dee Was waiting to hear fellow artists or 2nd/3rd gen of the rich and powerful caught and sentenced in this as well but nothing. And it does not seem that we will be hearing part two of this.

  2. I remember recently reading about him being in a green sports car in US…all sorts of stories about him being released… I am so glad we have a sentence now…. he really deserves it.
    And what is even better is, he will not be release at half the time as they do in my Country!!!!

  3. Too bad he did all these in China so his sentence is heavier, it will be much lighter in SK. For someone doing so well in life, what a waste to throw it all away for lust and greed

    1. I doubt anything will happen to him if he was based in SK… The crimes many get away with in SK is just shocking.

      1. Yes he would have escape prison if he is in SK, but too bad he did it in a wrong country. I remember a celeb in SK called Jung Joon Young who did something similar like Kris or maybe even worse as he took photos and videos of the process and forward around, yet he only got 5 years. Also in SK this monster called Cho Do Soon only get 12 years of what he did to a minor that time, in China he might get life

  4. I’m glad the victims got the justice they deserved, they’re all so young. Now with his sentencing, his delusional fans can finally wake up.

  5. Am i reading it correctly that he’s basically serving his time in Canada and not china, and that it’s 13 years? seems kind of light in my opinion…nothing like r Kelly…

    1. It might seem light, but consider that he’ll be 45 when he leaves prison and China. It’s over for him, his career, his reputation etc. regardless of whether he rots in prison for a few more years or not.

      1. eh 45…he won’t be that old…it’ll be interesting to know how Canadian jail is then…I really feel like it’s a slap on the wrist to be honest…even if his career is over.

    2. He’s getting deported at the end of his sentence… it doesn’t mean he’s going to jail or prison in Canada lol.

  6. Due to the current lockdown crisis Protects in China… I bet the PRC will be throwing more Celebs under the bus to grab netizen attention to divert their attention… Who knows, we may get to see afew names from Kris’s infamous list…

  7. Finally some resolution on all of this. I’m honestly surprised there were only 3 victims… but perhaps it’s only 3 that had enough evidence to convict him. I was honestly tired of reading his fans defend him saying he was falsely accused before this sentencing was made public.

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