Netizens Share Their Encounter with Kris Wu in Prison

It has been nearly two years since disgraced star Kris Wu  (吳亦凡) was arrested over rape and sex crimes. While Kris is serving his time in prison, some netizens claim to have met Kris in prison and recount their sighting of the star.

The netizen revealed that he was imprisoned for an undisclosed crime and posted stories of his encounter on his Weibo. The netizen wrote, Kris’ face was puffy and his body looked thin. I called him by his name and he greeted me.”

The netizen shared that Kris appeared to be doing well in prison and helped his fellow inmates write songs so that they could release them after they have done their time. Claiming that Kris had been conducting himself well and became a cell leader, the netizen suggested that Kris was working hard to shorten his sentence.

In addition, a Youtuber by the pseudonym Lao Wang (老王) shared that Kris had to undergo a physical examination when he arrived at the detention center. According to the Youtuber, the examiners at the detention center described Kris’ private as “average in size. It is not comparable to toothpicks but it looked malnourished.”

Lao Wang also revealed that Kris had a hard time getting settled in prison. Recalling an incident, Kris allegedly asked his fellow inmates why there was no hot water for showers and got laughed at for mistaking the detention centre for his home. Some inmates claimed to have seen Kris crying at night.

Lao Wang added, “Apart from the lack of freedom, the most painful thing in the detention centre is completely blocked off from the outside world. It is mental torture to not be able to know the current events of the world. I advise all netizens to be a good person and don’t test the law.”

Sources World Journal

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  1. I shouldn’t be but cannot help laughing while reading this article on jelping the other inmates to write songs so that they could release the songs after serving their sentence. The description of his “asset” is so not necessary.
    The contents could be fake of course.

  2. I dont feel sorry for him at all…. But if this article is correct, then it is good he has found a way to survive in Prison. And not be there in misery.
    Regardless when he is released, he will still live prison a rich man. Since he has abscond lots of his cash asset from China to Canada ahead of time.

  3. I think this is a fake news.

    On one side this case had, except for one public announcement, the biggest number of fake news I have ever heard of. And I did pay attention, like a lot on and off line. Almost everything shared on the net has proven to be fake in the end. On the other side China loves these type of stories, falling from the highest grace to the lowest misery and hence will always generate views, clicks and likes.

    Personally I don’t feel sorry for him at all, even if most of what we read until now is proven to be fake he has a long term track record of very problematic behavior we know of. I don’t believe this as Kris is not stable person. He loves to party, high life, speedy races etc all high octane behavior. I can see him exercising same behavior as before just in another environment, being elitist, buying his space in jail as well from inmates and guards, being arrogant and obnoxious, finding the loopholes. This story is not consistent with what we actually know of him unless you are a fan blindsided with artificially built image.

    This case has been school example why we need to develop critical thinking and manage to recognize patterns of logic and behavior. The key success component of future will be how to determined what is real what is fake and being able to see big picture with proper logic and patterns will be the key to it. Seeing forest instead of woods. This case made me thinking

    1. You are bring up lots of very good point… The article does contradict his behaviour…from the bad boy to a great support, strong leadership quality and humbled… It is really out of character…

      Regardless, he deserves being in jail and he will be released in time still a very wealthy guy…

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