More Details of Kris Wu’s Case Released

Sentenced to 13 years for rape, Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) case was one of the biggest scandals to rock the Chinese entertainment industry. Although the singer has been in jail for more than one year, some details of the case are only beginning to emerge for the first time.

At the 16th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress  on January 23, Kou Fang (寇昉), President of the Beijing Municipal High Court, delivered a work report at the second session. He specifically listed three cases of serious crimes that were severely punished in accordance with the law. Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) case was one of them.

The report stated that on July 1, 2018, Kris and others engaged in lewd activities with two females at his residence. Between November and December 2020, Kris sexually assaulted three drunken females at his residence. The females did not know or were unable to resist his sexual advances.

In November 2022, the Chaoyang District People’s Court of Beijing sentenced Kris to 13 years in prison for rape and group lewd activities. After serving his sentence, he would also be deported. Kris appealed after the first sentencing but the Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People’s Court ruled on November 24 last year to uphold the original verdict.

The other two cases discussed at the 16th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress included the illegal activities of Fan Baosheng (范寶勝), who organized and led a gang like group and the case of Cui Peng (崔鵬), who operated property companies and participated in the process of real estate demolition. Cui Peng’s group repeatedly committed illegal and criminal activities such as provocation, extortion, intentional destruction of property, forced transactions, and fraud.

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