Kris Wu Denies Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Girls

Chinese idol Kris Wu (吴亦凡) is in hot waters as his rumored ex-flame Du Meizhu (都美竹) exposed him for luring young girls, including minors, with acting offers and sexually assaulting them. As the accusations continue to rise with several girls breaking their silence and bravely stepping up to reveal similar experiences, Kris denied the allegations and emphasized, “If there had been such behaviors, please rest assured, I will go to jail myself!”

In his Weibo post, the 30-year-old attempted to explain, “I hadn’t responded earlier before, as I didn’t want to interfere with the legal processes, but I didn’t expect my silence to encourage such rumors to intensify. I really can’t take it anymore! I only saw Miss Du once on December 5, 2020 at a friend’s gathering. There were no cases of getting her drunk, confiscating her phone, nor any of the ‘details’ that she described. There were a lot of people at the party, and they can testify to all of this. I am sorry to disturb everyone, but I can assert that there was never any sort of ‘choosing the harem’ happening! There was also no ‘luring, rape, nor minors’ involved!”

Ending that he will bear all legal responsibility for what is said above, Kris is determined to defend himself against all claims. His team released a legal statement that the star intends to sue Meizhu for spreading false rumors.

Du Meizhu Has Evidence to Put Kris Wu in Prison?

While it would be a tough battle against a celebrity possessing money and power, the 19-year-old influencer comes from a wealthy background herself. Firmly holding her ground, Meizhu and said her “evidence” would land Kris in prison.

Issuing an ultimatum, she wrote on Weibo, “Giving Kris Wu 24 hours to hold a press conference, and announce to everyone that he would leave the entertainment industry and never step foot back in again. He also must apologize and compensate damages to all his endorsement partners, and personally write an apology letter to every single victim before leaving China! Or else the evidence currently in my hands will very well ruin him!”

Brands Quickly Drop Kris Wu

With increasing evidence of his predatory behaviors, public support for the girls are increasing. Many brands have already terminated their contract with Kris, including Porsche, Bvlgari and Tencent.

It appears time is ticking for Kris before he is forced out of the industry.

Source: Sohu

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  1. I don’t know if these girls just wants some attention or Kris is just another Edison Chen.

    1. What do these girls have to gain from this? Would you want to gain “fame” for being a victim of sexual assault…?

  2. I wonder the same thing… honestly I don’t know if anyone will ever know the truth except for them.

  3. I hope we will know some truth…This scandal is getting to big to be just covered up with money. I am really keen to see who is lying. I sincerely hope this scandal will serve as a cautious to all Perverts out there. Even with fame, it does not mean there is no justice… Regardless Kris is guilty or not, his image is damage already.

    Since I have never liked him, he cannot disappoint me. But I hope this is a lesson for him and his perverted rich friend- Wang Sicong. And Wang Sicong is a infamous pervert who has always use his money to prey on young girls. That is a known fact. But his Father’s wealth makes him untouchable…

    1. I agree and not just a lesson to these rich perverts but the young girls too. They should stay away from these guys. I hope we can know at least some truth but cases like these are very hard as it is hard to know except for the people involved.

  4. CCTV already openly condemns his scandal, technically he will be banned & entertainment career over. Also he will be sued for astronomical amount from his sponsors.
    Now we wait and see if he get’s legal repercussions for sexual grooming.

  5. kinda hard to believe given kris’s fame and looks. no need to drug any girls, girls will come from all over and give themselves to him. i could believe that he’s a player, but having to drug girls to get laid…unless he’s got some sort of fetish. unless he’s drugging them for other guys to get laid like the big bang scandal few years back.

    1. People didn’t think nice, old famous Bill Cosby would drug anyone either, but he did. Sexual predators are about power and the thrill of being in control. Being good looking, rich or a celebrity does not make it less likely to be a predator. It’s too easy for them to have consensual relations, but there is no thrill for them. That’s why they target young, vulnerable, “pure” girls.

      1. I am seriously still very upset Bill Cosby got away due to technicality. What a big blow to those victims!!

    2. By your logic then, Ted Bundy did not really do all the terrible things that he did. LOOKS and fame have nothing to do with this and to be honest, Kris having “looks” is highly subjective – as I don’t find him attractive regardless of these rumors. What I’m trying to say is that plenty of men who have committed these acts in the past have been traditionally “good-looking.” That’s honestly a moot point because while there could possibly be a subset of women who found him attractive and famous enough to be consensually involved with, this does not mean that all those 26 women who have come forward so far are lying.

  6. Hallelujah, I don’t need to see his fugly face as I walk pass LV in the mall lol. I do hope he face a long hard jail time for whatever he did. Also I didn’t think Edison chan was dating multiple girls at the same time? Sure, he has fetishised, but he didn’t pray on young girls?

  7. That sex predator need to be put behind bars in China as he preyed on Chinese females who are gullible and idol worshippers.

    What a shameful evil person who does not deserve fame and fortune. Scumbag of society.

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