Kris Wu Groped Former SNH48 Member on First Date

Chinese singer Kris Wu (吴亦凡) is facing a number of allegations, including drugging and raping young underaged girls. Following rumored ex-girlfriend Du Meizhu (都美竹) airing his dirty laundry, other victims are also coming forward to shatter his superstar image. Among them is former SNH48 member Zhang Dansan (张丹三), who shared her text conversations with the idol.

Troubling Red Flags

Preferring young girls, Kris is obsessed with their purity. In his text conversations, he shared that “those who want to marry and settle down must find a clean and pure girl.” He also directly asked Dansan if she had experienced sexual intercourse yet and expressed, “A girl’s first time is very important. Don’t give it so easily.” He also noted that it does not matter much for a man because “having strength is more important.”

Another red flag was that the 30-year-old kept on groping and feeding her in their first meeting. Touching her chest, Kris said, “If you like a car, then you must get it. I like the feeling of driving–it is just like the feeling of a girl being on top.”

Kris Likes Being in Control

Additionally, the screenshots revealed how Kris initiated the conversation in 2020 and asked Dansan out on a date. Connecting with her online, he reasoned that he wanted to know her better and become friends because “You look very pretty haha, and I really like you haha.”

Shocked at his friend request, Dansan was curious how he came to know her and asked if he saw her online, but Kris ignored it and instead questioned, “Are you normally obedient?”

She immediately felt uncomfortable as the use of the word “obedient” possessed a controlling undertone. When asked what he meant by it, he answered, “In terms of relationships,” and further elaborated, “I prefer my partner to be obedient. I’ve always wanted to find someone who I can have a proper romance with, but I just never met the right one. That’s why I really like you.”

Asked for In-Person Meetup

They apparently did not chat for long online, as Kris suggested that he would like to meet up. Since it is inconvenient because of his status, he hoped Dansan would travel to Shanghai to see him at a hotel.

Aware of his negative rumors with many girls, Dansan felt slightly skeptical at the whole situation. Considering his popularity and that he is likely busy, it did not seem there was anything wrong.

Dansan did not go into additional details about their subsequent hotel meeting, but was thankful that she was “on guard and a little slow, so she didn’t get herself hurt.”

Source: Netease

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  1. Lol, I’m just waiting on a certain someone who will come in and say something similar to, “well those are normal messages. Nothing special about them. It’s terrible of this girl to publish their private conversation. I think Kris is young and while he was inappropriate, he didn’t do anything wrong.” Lol.

    1. Dude, I know you are aiming at me. You are such a bad person! I tried to stay silent on you but you keep on indirectly targeting me. I really don’t get what you have against “men” in general. I try to be fair as I do not know Kris or these girls. But you know the saying “ people are doing things and the heavens are watching”…

      1. It sucks witnessing your own behavior reflected at you, doesn’t it? If heaven does have eyes, then there won’t be so much crime. If someone, regardless of gender, steps out to accuse another of mistreatment with receipts to prove, your first instinct is to denigrate the accuser of being “not an angel” and “not innocent.” And then that Kris deserves his judgment if it’s true. Why are you insulting the women? Do you have personal vendetta against all women? Do you need more education on how many sexual abusers get a slap on the wrist and then move on? If she wants to make it public, it’s probably because going the private route means this gets thrown under a rug and other women out there can fall victim to his methodology. Show Luo’s ex was the same. Cheated on and lied to, and so she wants all women to be aware. You think that makes her not “innocent”? Please tell me your definition of innocent – if it’s “dumb,” then I take back everything I’ve said about the way you utilize that word, which is used incorrectly but at least your intention wasn’t to slander these women. If the situation was reversed and some men come out and say a woman stole all their money under the guise of loving them, your first thought wouldn’t be that these men are “not innocent” and “not an angel.” Your predictable nature would prob say, “my family or whomever had some golddiggers in the family and all they do all day is sit around and do nothing. Manipulative and selfish women like these are so and so and so and so. I hope the men gets justice.” But you won’t accuse the men of anything. It’s just plain hypocrisy at its finest.

      2. Her differing opinion does not make her a bad person though…

        It’s not having anything against men. It’s the countless times we’ve seen the legal system fail us. You can say that “the heavens are watching” but explain why so many men have gotten off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist then. If you were truly fair, you’d give these women the benefit of the doubt just as you are with Kris. Your comments thus far have not been neutral, evidenced by your constant defense that there is a possibility of him being innocent. You attacking their character is you victim blaming (almost the same argument as “they deserved it because they were wearing XYZ”). Regardless of someone’s character, it does not give someone the right to assault them or to do things without their consent.

        I don’t expect you to get it and you might think I’m a bad person for having a strong opposing opinion as well but the women really have nothing to gain from exposing him because at the end of the day, no amount of money is going to fix what he did to them. They’re not going to become more “famous” either because there are people out there who will question their character, nitpick every little thing they’ve done in the past to make them sound unreliable and “not sane.” If anything, her sounding “not sane” could directly be a result of how the trauma has affected her.

      3. @jayne are any other of my comments stuck? I wrote a reply last night, but disappeared again when I submitted. anyways it’s very similar to what @scarlett013 mentioned, so maybe it’s not even necessary to post it.

      4. Lol you outted yourself, not me. I’m glad you acknowledge the predictable and biased way you behave. At least I will condemn women once in a while for abominable behavior, and not speak ill of the opposite gender, but you always find a way to sympathize the men’s perspective while diminishing the women’s. I think any of the old regulars here would know it’s referring to you. If you want to know my issue, read @scarlett013‘s reply.

      5. Exactly! I hate how so many people keep saying things about the “men”. If anyone ever watches deadly women, they would know there are plenty of scandalous women that get away with murder and lying about r*pe all the time. It’s not just men.

      6. @Abcd okay count the number of men who are guilty vs the number of women who are guilty and you best believe the men outnumber to women 10 to 1. that does not mean we should allow innocent men to get punished, but when plain facts are clear that men are usually the violators, I stand with the victims. at the very least when there’s abundant proof that he isn’t a good person, I will moreso believe the woman than a man.

    2. a certain someone…haha lol….He will be in deep s88t if they really save those messages and really gets into court they might come in handy. haha…… If he didn’t really force them but just trying to act like he’s all that and can get any girl just like that as he’s still young, rich and not exactly bad looking. You want to have a proper romance w someone and that was all you could text? lol You gotta hand it to him. He also sounds like those historic/old days men where you must marry a pure young girl to breed. I mean even if deep down men wants that 100% but who would voice it like that all the time? haha unreal….

      1. In his seach for his Pure girl, he will touch and feel his way round the huge selections of young girls…Such a hypocrite.

      1. @Coralie It was quite obvious to me…in the beginning, I thought she was a fan of Kris.. But I understand that is not so only today. If she was a fan, I can almost understand why her opinion was more one sided. Anyway, it is hard to believe in Kris innocence since more victims are speaking up and outing themselves.

    3. @Abcd Literally no one said that it’s just men. But Kris is a man and this is the topic being discussed so anything else is irrelevant.

      You bringing in the fact that there are some “scandalous women” who do bad things is you undermining all of these victims’ experiences. STOP GIVING PREDATORS THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Give the victims this same energy.

      1. I’m more agreeing to that person that there is always this one person on this forum that likes to blame the guy No matter what. I don’t think Kris is a “good boy”, it’s clear he’s not. But I’m agreeing that there is a certain person that likes to put blame on men all the time. Just like I simply stated jet li is a good husband, and right away I got a reply that he also married a second time neglecting his other kids which obviously isn’t true. And yes I do happen to know someone that knows him which was why I stated that. The point is I notice someone always replying to my stuff when it comes to things like that, almost like they like to just troll.

  2. Oh and “this doesn’t proof him guilty. All it proves is someone is out there to get him.” Lol.

    1. You want him to go to jail then he will. I am not a fan of his and he should be held accountable for what he did. But of course it is best to stay neutral as none of us know what happened for real since we are not involved. I have to say these girls should submit this evidence to the police as what is the point of posting it on social media? They want to bring him down while they are at it too. He deserves punishment but they are not angels either.

      1. It’s true that we don’t know the entire story; however, if he said those things, he is not an angel, especially when he kept adding the “haha” to play it cool (ironic) and what kind of person would suddenly bring up obedience?! At this point, it’s not something you can really look over and stick to the neutral side. No one said these girls were angels. The point of posting it on social media is to help spread awareness. Bringing him down is just an outcome (effect) of his cause for disrespecting women.

  3. Meanwhile, there are already multiple accumulating public reports completely unrelated to Du MeiZhu who are pointing their fingers at what a deebag Kris is. But of course, he deserves a benefit of a doubt and those women don’t.

  4. Just how many have reported him online? He definitely touch and feel his way thu these young girls to find his Special One! He sound as bad as Edison Chen, just without the Photos is his victims exposed.
    Kris Wu is really a idiot for damaging his own career and future… I have no sympathy for him.

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