Kris Wu Tries to Reach Settlement With Ex-flame?

Influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹), an alleged former girlfriend of Kris Wu (吴亦凡), has  continuously exposed the singer for his shocking behaviors including preying on underage girls. Upset with the damaging allegations, Kris is said to have reached out to Du Meizhu wanting to pay for her silence.

Monetary Bribes From Kris’ Management Team?

Despite being charged by Kris’ team after making these claims, Du Meizhu shows no sign of backing down. She claimed to have already made a police report on July 16, and promises to divulge even more unsavory details about Kris.

Du Meizhu shared screenshots of her chat with someone from Kris’ management team, claiming they had attempted to bribe her to delete her Weibo posts and make an apology. The lengthy chats showed that the party on Kris’ management team had initiated an offer of 1 million yuan in exchange for the deal, which she had been dissatisfied with. The two finally decided on a payout sum of CNY 2 million after negotiations.

Sending shock waves through the country, this revelation prompted netizen comments chiding the singer’s management team for their low-handed means of handling the matter, but there were yet others who doubted the authenticity of Du Meizhu’s screenshots and suspected that her bit-by-bit revelation of Kris’ “unsavory actions” was more for clout.

In response, the influencer posted a settlement agreement which stated that she “would stop torturing, blackmailing and harming the stated party,” while also revealing an important detail that there were seven defendants involved. This shocked and prompted netizens’ curiosity. Many guessed that this was the “big revelation” Du Meizhu had mentioned, and are now voracious to keep watching the saga further unfold.

“Forced” to Accept Payment

Shortly afterward, Du Meizhu also claimed that she had unknowingly received a payment of CNY 500,000 from Kris. Her screenshots show that the payment originated from “Wu Yi Fan,” which resembles Kris’ Chinese name.

Du Meizhu said the payment was sent at 5 o’clock, but the other party did not notify her of sending the payment until 7 o’clock. Since her account already accepted the payment, Du Meizhu felt this was a form of “pressured” negotiation to force her into agreeing to the settlement contract sent to her earlier.

Sources: Sohu [1,2]

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  1. If he really did commit the act of being involved sexually with underage females, please let this plaintiff go forward. If he didn’t, why is he paying her to keep hush? 0 assumptions and grabbing my popcorn.

    1. Me too…grabing my popcorn too!!! But why is he and his management company forcefully trying to pay her off? That really says alot. Since he can sue her if he is innocent.

      1. They were trying to frame her for blackmailing. Wasn’t there a case of an actor that sleep around, his ex came forward, he pushed foe settlement, and once that over, he got her jailed for blackmailing >_> she was quick to return the money or she would be in jail by now. Kris is really disgusting

      2. @LittleFish Gosh, which scumbag did that? Goodness, a contract should be sign upon recieving such hush money…as a safe guard. No one can be trusted.

    1. I hope there is more news to clear him, or her, or expose him or her. If she is lying to get attention, then I hope she is found out. If he is guilty, then I hope he goes to jail cause what he is doing is criminal, whether the women involved are underaged or not. Too much craziness is happening in the ebiz world and these people getting away with crimes, just because they are celebrities, or in a position of power. I hope the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse and control of a manager towards her husband and her client is revealed soon. Also the affair she is having with her client, who is young enough to be her son, and who is on friendly terms with her hubby. Too much evidence against Kris for him and his people to sue anyone. Their actions of exploitation need to come to light.

  2. I hope more will be revealed and this young woman will not accept the payout!! But she is respresenting afew other young females so such decision must be done collectively. But Kris is in deep waters now, he will loss endorsement as this new is released.
    Such a clever girl who knows how to use social media to make her stand and giving regular content updates.
    Anyway, I am aware this young females are not innocent but Kris is 30yrs old…He really should have better moral values…

    1. Honestly, I don’t want to take sides as this a he says versus she says. What Kris does may not be morally right but is not illegal if the girls are not underage. Kris may not be an angel but neither is this girl. I was reading other things about how she demanded a big amount and Kris and his team said no of course. If she is so righteous then why ask for money? But only they know the truth and who knows what they are all up to? This is one big mess and feels like a game of chess where each side is trying to checkmate the other side.

      1. She may not be underage…maybe there are other girls who are…I dont know as all is not revealed as yet… As for her asking for more money? I like to see facts on that too. Just as this young female is reveal all her messages between the parties very openly. That is facts we can see. And She will submit to Police. But he is a idol that many people idolised. He has responsible to conduct himself morally. That is another responsibilty a idol should have..But sadly many do not.

      2. @Hohliu,
        True but what right does she have to speak on their behalf? Have you read her actual posts? She doesn’t sound so credible at all… also, if she just wanted justice then why not just submit all evidence to the police and let them handle it? What is the point of posting tons of messages on social media? It feels like she wants to slander him. Even if she is telling the truth, that is not the way to do it. I agree that as an idol he does need to conduct himself morally but at the same time, his image can be easily tarnished with just a slip of tongue too. Let’s wait and see as who knows what the truth is..

    2. Her accusations about him stated that he used alcohol to intoxicate her among other female victims to have non-consensual contact with him, under the guise of opportunities for MV leads (which he totally lied about.) You can say that going drinking with a pop idol she doesn’t know personally is very dumb, and some might have ulterior motives, but that’s like saying women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault are not innocent, which is totally not true. This article isn’t very comprehensive, but Kris is nasty if the accusations are true. He specifically said he will only date women born after 2002? Something like that. Basically he’s looking for young innocent women for fun and games. And he used the same excuses to lure all of the victims. None of them came forward, until now. You have to ask why not. It’s prob not because they were looking for a payout, but because they really were scammed both physically and emotionally and are too ashamed/afraid/depressed to do anything about it.

    3. I wrote this giant comment that I think got deleted, but anyways, long story short…you can’t say women who gets sexually assaulted under influence of alcohol are not innocent. That’s an unfair statement right off the bat. Don’t know if you know about Bill Cosby case, but he sexually assaulted a lot of women with drugs. Kris might not be plying them with drugs, but alcohol was certainly involved. He might’ve even promised things to them and displayed his interest in them to lure them into bed, then promptly dumps them once the deed’s done. If this was premeditated, a lot of women would not only come forward NOW. They didn’t say anything because they were prob ashamed, embarrassed, depressed and feeling stupid for falling for his schemes. He disgustingly told her that he only dates women born after 2002? So young women only. It’s not ILLEGAL, but if true, his behind is toast. This article isn’t very comprehensive. There are a lot of factors involved as to why she considered accepting payment with the caveat that she will NOT be announcing she has wronged Kris with her accusations. She has been really firm about that.

    4. From Du MeiZhu’s side, she has already explicitly implied she was r@ped. Because she was intoxicated and knocked out when she went drinking with Kris who plied her with certain substance. And when she awoke, she was already on his bed. Either this girl has medical mental problems and she’s playing this big OR she’s actually telling the truth. She has stated she is wealthy and doesn’t need his money or sponsors to make a living. Regardless, I get really offended when people say things like a woman’s character is not innocent because she was deceived into relations with someone when there’s questionable things happening. Especially if these accusations come from other women. Just stop. No sane woman who is lying would double down on something like this. It’s just not wise and she has everything on the line to lose. Her reputation, her life, etc. No woman would do this even if she was looking for a payout.

      1. 100000% agree with you. I recommend everyone watch the movie “Promising Young Woman” as it addresses these topics of allegations, lack of support for victims/survivors, victim shaming/bullying, and complicit bystanders. Predators need to be held responsible for their actions.

      2. I too feel very stronger against victim blaming. She has come so far, and she has openly share the messages she is recieving. I dont believe Kris is innocent at all.

  3. I really wondered if it ever occured to Kris he would be in such deep waters when this scandal first surfaced? Many A-list idols are unprepared for such a turn of events…

    1. Kris has more to lose than her so… karma will bite him and these girls will get karma as well if they have ill intentions.

  4. The article here isn’t comprehensive enuf. Lot more dirt on Kris. My comments keep disappearing. @jayne are my comments pending?

    1. @coralie Some words in your posts were sensitive so they were automatically flagged in our system for moderation. Your comments have already been approved.

    2. Lol, your comments will be interesting to read… Temper on some words to pass morderation. Thanks for your further content.

  5. @jesspepperwang,
    To be fair, none of us know the truth so who knows? If he did do the things she said, he will get what he deserves. But if not, then she can be sued for defamation. Also, just because anyone accuses anyone of anything means it is the truth. You know the saying “ when you say something enough times even if it is false, it will eventually become real”. But let’s wait and see what happens. We should all sit back and grab our popcorn to see the result of this game of chess.

    1. To be fair, predators hardly ever get what they deserve…Bill Cosby is a prime example. This is particularly common when the accused are men in power which in this case, Kris obviously is.

      I think it’s also insensitive to refer to this as something you’d “grab popcorn” to sit down and watch play out. Even though these are public figures, these events are very triggering and traumatizing. I don’t actually know who Kris Wu or the survivors/victims are but skimmed the comments and just felt like many of them are inconsiderate.

      1. We did not mean it negatively but mean that we want to see more evidence and how it plays out. Also, many of you should read more about this instead of just basing it on this article only. Read her actual posts… To be fair, she does not sound like a sane person. I am not a fan of his but at the same time, it is wrong to accuse him of things he may not have done. Just wait to see what happens before judging or siding with anyone. I am shocked that many here are blaming others but just blindly believe everything this girl says. It is best to be neutral as who knows what happened besides them.

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