Kris Wu Under Fire for Preying on Underage Girls

Former EXO member, Kris Wu (吳亦凡), has been in hot waters lately due to exposure of his controversial love life. Kris was also recently exposed to have booked a party room with more than 80 women with good friend and rich second generation, Wang Sicong (王思聪). Already notorious for dating 18 and 19-year-olds students, the singer was again accused of preying on underage girls.

His Preference for Young Girls

Former fling, 19-year-old influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹), alleged she suffered from depression because of their breakup. Recently, she exposed the singer’s “rules” for selecting girlfriends, including that the girls must be born after the year 2000. He seems to have a preference for underage high school students.

In order to successfully lure these girls to hotels, Kris would allegedly contact them through an intermediary, under the guise of casting them as female leads for music videos or signing them under his label.

Kris Pursues Legal Action

The serious allegations prompted Kris and his management team to quickly respond. A legal statement was issued to refute Du Meizhu’s claims. Stating that the remarks were unfounded, untrue, and ultimately damaging to Kris’ image and reputation, the legal team requested Du Meizhu to immediately remove her post.

Kris’ team also retained the right to pursue further legal action.

Du Meizhu to File Police Report

In response, Du Meizhu does not hesitate to get the police involved to prove her claims against Kris. She believes “even if he covered up the incidents well, there would be still be traces [of evidence] behind.” Calling for justice, she feels the perpetuator needs to apologize for his actions.

As Kris’ had allegedly reached out to the girls through texts and social network messages, Du Meizhu believes the police would be able to find a clear connection. “Now that things have reached this point, I am going to report the crime and submit all the materials to the police. We will actively cooperate with the police to find out the real name registrant behind the social network [handle]. Victims with the same experience [who were preyed upon] can cooperate with the police investigation together and provide the evidence, ” Du Meizhu wrote.

In response to the spectacle, some netizens doubted the believability of Du Meizhu’s allegations, pointing out that she was drumming up buzz to advertise her new online store. However, due to Kris’ track record, some netizens believe that there is no smoke without fire and there may be some truth behind Du Meizhu’s claims.

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  1. I like to see this being played out!!!! If she has evidence…bring it on!!!. Unless, she and the other girls wants to be paid off to keep quiet…
    Anyway, regardless who is right or not in this case. Kris is not going to come out clean…

    1. Well let’s see how this goes as even with the issue of bullying in Kpop, many so called victims lie and all. I don’t want to believe anything until there is concrete proof.

  2. It’s time for creepy predators like Kris Wu to be put in their place. If he uses the same tactics on so many girls then maybe some of them will be able to corroborate her allegations

    1. Let’s wait and see. If he is doing all this shame on him and hope he pays for it. If she is lying then shame on her. Not siding with anyone but let’s wait for more evidence before judging.

  3. Being rich doesn’t mean you get to do anything you want. Hope justice is served and no more are harmed.

  4. I mean, it’s pretty easy to drum up evidence. Just hope this doesn’t get covered up by the media because of some parties’ wealth and power.

    1. It is down to how much the Chinese Police can be trusted to handle the evidence without corruption. If the young girls wants to fight this case, they do need very good lawyers to represent them.
      All angles must be considered. Just having evidences are not enough… there are so many other elements to winning a case.

      1. Yeah, maybe Kris’ mom along with Wang SiCong got some influence with the justice dept. Hard to say for sure. But usually, if it’s a high profile case and there’s sufficient evidence, they do punish the perpetrators. Look at JC. And Fang BingBing.

        The only one that seems to not have led to anything is Eric Tsang…and he’s from HK.

      2. I agree and they have money and power so can easily bribe the police or anyone. They can easily bribe the girls too.

      1. @Hohliu,
        I agree and honestly even if Kris is not clean cut, I hope he never gets as bad as Eric Tsang. That guy is sick and I feel bad for all of his victims if he truly did all those things. He literally got away with it.

      2. @HeTieShou, Eric is definitely a for Kris, time may time. But I never liked him…I always perferred the other 3 guys. Tao, Lay & Luhan…

      3. what about eric tsang? i know he directed a film where the girl almost got raped right? was there any other dirty news other this this one?

  5. @Hohliu,
    I never liked Kris much but I will not just accuse him of this and that too. I like LuHan, Lay and others more too. Hope he does not get sick like Eric as I bet he raped many women but got away with it all.

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