Kris Wu Books Entire Theater Room for Movie Date

Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) colorful love life has always been the focus of media attention. After being linked with social influencers G. Na, Luna Qin (秦牛正威), and Ye Keer (葉可兒), the 30-year-old popstar is speculated to have a new girlfriend, as he was seen booking an entire movie theater room to go on a movie date with a long-haired woman.

The allegations did not come without cause, as a netizen posted a video footage of a man resembling Kris entering the theater, followed by the long-haired woman.

Although the man wore a cap and a face mask, many recognized Kris’ physique, demeanor, and stature. The yellow plaid pants he wore were exactly the same pants Kris had worn earlier.

Netizens were quick to dig into the personal profile of the woman in question, who is an 18-year-old influencer known as Xiao Yi Tong Xue (小怡同學). Possessing a pair of round, doughy eyes, slim jawline, and small, cherry red lips, Xiao Yi Tong Xue resembles a doll and exactly the type of woman that attracts Kris, as evident by his previous romantic rumors.

As the speculations over Kris’ new girlfriend trended on social media, his studio issued a statement in response to the incident and said the star was there with a larger group of friends. “We strongly condemn the media accounts that released the screenshots and videos, and distorted the facts by putting a one-sided spin and interpretation to the matter. As for the harsh comments and personal attacks, the studio reserves the right to seek legal actions to protect the reputation of our artistes.”

Sources:; Sohu

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      1. @hetieshou That is so true…But the cinema will likely be sued as it was their staff that released the video.. Rather stupid..

  1. Just goggled his age. 30 already? ….lol…Wow…went all out w an 18 yo. It actually fits him. He seems the type. lol

    1. @wm2017
      She is of legal age.. people don’t bat an eye when it is an older guy and younger girl, but go crazy when a woman is a few years older. The double standards..

  2. I just googled her and the girl looks so unsettling lol, her nose looks so fake too. Why do people find these people pretty? I don’t get it.

    1. @xystus yes, her nose and entire face are fake. Plastic surgeons are making lots of money. In Asia l, the women, and even the males, are looking like fake dolls . Even the Taiwanese BL actor Jake Hsu went from looking like a man/girl to a complete pale girl. It is the norm now. I personally dont find it attractive.

  3. Wow. I thought it’s a doll from the picture above nothing looks like a human. I wonder how do they know it’s kris? He’s all wrapped up just because he’s wearing the same pant? Anyone can have those pant.

    1. @cutie777 Funny how they don’t have your brain to deny the rumor but actually admit it. All the women he’s with look the same, Gina, ZLY, and that doll with such a weird name. Luna Qin looks better and a little more different, don’t know who Ye Keer is and how she looks.

      1. @yoyo I know lol. He basically admitted it, and I find it odd how no one seems to be condemning him for dating an 18yo???? Like uh, she’s barely legal lol. Try have a 30yo woman do that to an 18yo boy, the whole world will be uproar >_> anyway, that’s just gross, luckily I never have like him. Now he’s just a creep >_>

  4. Sure. Go ahead and focused on her look when he is the problem here. All the girl he date are under 20. This guy will probably date girl under 20s when he is in 50s.

    1. @contae lol, just come across an article title: everyone ages but not kris wu’s gf, who’s forever be 18! Lol, the shade! XD

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