Kris Wu is Attracted to Young, Long-legged Girls

Above: Kris’ new rumored girlfriend is 18-year-old Xiao Yi Tong Xue.

Kris Wu‘s (吳亦凡) love life is looking increasingly complicated. After his movie date with an 18-year-old influencer surfaced last week, two other young influencers have since stepped forward and claimed that they were also involved with the 30-year-old singer/ actor. Netizens could not help but feel that his private life is quite chaotic, and questioned how many girlfriends he actually has. 

Clearly, Kris seems to be attracted to the same type: young, sultry long-legged girls. The three girls he is currently linked with are all social influencers under the age of 25.

18-Year Old Beauty Queen

His newest rumored girlfriend is an 18-year-old student known as Xiao Yi Tong Xue (小怡同學). With striking doll-like features, Xiao Yi is the winner of the 9th China Beautiful Girl Entertainment Model Contest and is an influencer with a large following on social media.

On May 28, she met up with Kris on a secret movie date where he booked an entire theater room Though images from CCTV footage was leaked of the movie date, Kris claimed that he was with a larger group of friends at the time.

19-Year-Old Student Who Fell into Depression

Kris’ latest rumors sparked a netizen to spill secrets on June 2 about his relationship with Du Meizhu (都美竹), a 19-year-old student at the Communication University of China, who is also a beauty and fashion influencer.

Claiming to be a close friend, the netizen said Du Meizhu started dating Kris in December 2020, but his sudden disappearance in April 2021 made her fall into her current depression. Screenshots of their WeChat conversations were posted to prove their dating relationship.

Du Meizu’s sister even spoke up to defend her against his terrible treatment. As for Du Meizhu, she also responded on Weibo, “Everyone has their own judgement about Mr. Wu. As to what I will do next, I will respond to the situation accordingly.”  

25-Year-Old Influencer Shows Screenshots

On the same day that Du Meizhu’s rumors surfaced, 25-year-old influencer Xiang Yunjie (象韻潔) also announced that she had a relationship with Kris. Similar to the other girls Kris was attracted to, Xiang Yunjie often flashes her long legs in her social media posts.

She also posted screenshots of her WeChat conversations to show that she was not lying.

“Because of [mutually] good feelings, we decided to contact and get to know each other.” She believes that the star is just yearning for love. 

Leaked Audio Clip

An unverified audio clip, which is suspected to be Kris talking to a lover, was circulated online on June 3. The man in the recording spoke as if he had just woken up. “Don’t go back to sleep–you already woke up and so have I. Come over and stay for a while. You left so suddenly yesterday–will you come and stay with me?”

Although it has not been confirmed whether or not the man was Kris, the voice seemed to matched him closely.

Kris Issues Statement 

As allegations that Kris was dating multiple women trended on social media, his studio immediately issued a statement that they will take legal action against the slander. However, his statement did not mention the type of relationships he possessed with these particular influencers.

This is not the first time Kris has been romantically linked with influencers. Based on the star’s dating preferences, his involvement with the latest batch of influencers seems plausible.

Source: HK01

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Kris Wu Books Entire Theater Room for Movie Date

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  1. He is unmarried, he did not date multiple at the same time…To be honest, he is not really commiting a crime. The girls are willing to datre him and whatever happened after, that is their own decision. He has to right to choose them as they have right to choose him…Personally, I will never date a guy like him. He seem to like them young…Many men do too…

    1. @hohliu actually there is evidence said he was dating multiple at the same time. But even that, isn’t a crime. However, combining that, and how these girls are barely legal, in a sense, he shows he’s a creep.
      He always look unattractive in my eyes, now this, I knew I was right to not like him!

      1. @littlefish
        It is not true that he is untalented. He was able to debut in a Kpop group who’s is extremely difficult. There are many who train for years just to not be able to debut. Kris was able to which truly shows a lot.

      2. @hetieshou im sorry, he s not talented since he came from SM lol this the problem with SM entertainment, they often recruit people the looks good lol more than half of the people at SM cant even sing lolol
        His acting, rapping and singing sucks :/ so i dont know what kind of talent he has

      3. @aktf
        Talent is subjective so you can think what you like. You can think someone is talented while others don’t. I personally think he is but of course he is not the most talented that I have seen.

      4. @hetieshou I said barely legal, meaning they are still pretty gullible. He’s 30yo, he should know better to stay away from them, or give it some solid time before sleeping with them, but his objective was to get into their pants >_> and no, dude can’t sing, can’t act, and totally not good looking. Sorry not sorry for my statement

      5. @littlefish
        To be fair, dating does not always mean they actually have sex all the time. But it is their life so who knows? However, I still think those girls have a choice so can’t blame it all on him. It takes 2 to tango. Like I have said, talent is subjective… I have seen worse so he is not the worse when it comes to talent.

      6. @hetieshou oh you didn’t see an article about those girls revealed their text messages? The texts are pretty similar: im lonely, want to come over? And they are at night time lol. Im sure a 30yo man don’t just try to get young girls come to his place at night time for just a chat lawl. Plus there are leak photos of him sleeping in their bed. 1 18girl, ok, 2 18 girls I’ll give him a pass, but if all he dated/sleep with is 18yo, that’s pretty creepy. We have at least 4 here

      7. @littlefish
        I got to say, how did they manage to get a hold of their text messages? That is something very private. Like I have said, they are of legal age and are willing so cannot blame it all on him. They have their own free will too. No one is forcing them. If he raped them then that is a different story.

    2. @hohliu
      I agree and people are blaming him but these girls are of legal age and are willing too. He is not committing a crime at all. It depends on the man as there are guys who prefer older women.

    1. @hbc1
      Well he should not be untalented as he was able to debut in a Kpop group which is not easy. The competition to debut as a Kpop idol is not easy… There are many talented trainees that can’t make the cut.

  2. these reporters are really working on him these past few days. he might have just stepped on the wrong person’s foot.

    1. @m0m0 I agree…There is alot of media control in China…And it is done by the powerful….Thus I believe Kris may be a distraction for sometimes else..

  3. He’s not the only one who like it young lots of rich old dude like them young too there’s also Raymond Lam, Aaron Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan and Leon Lai who like them young for sure.

    1. @cutie777 True…lol…He likes them young no crime in that really but if he dates multiple females at once and got busted that’s an issue for his image.
      I never find him to be the goody goody type anyway so it is not shocking at all. If he only cares for boobs, legs & face there is one word for him. Shallow!! lol haha

      1. @wm2017
        He may change as he gets older since I have a cousin like that. He was shallow, wanted a girl who was pretty,big boobs, legs, etc… but guess what? He ended up with a girl that is not good looking, is fat, etc… basically he ended up with the direct opposite of what he wanted. I guess that is what you call fate.

  4. Kris somehow reminded me of Show Luo in a bad way. But a male celebrity with a successful career, rich, famous and still young, do not expect them to stay loyal with just one girl. These girls are just naive to think they have landed a gold mine. Also those stupid fan girls better wake up to simply support your idol blindly. I won’t be surprised one day if I hear BTS, XZ and Yibo having news they are doing the same thing.

    1. @hayden
      I agree to some extent but since he is still young and not married yet, he has the right to date around so he can find someone suitable. Those girls are dating around and at their age that is normal so I wonder why many are condemning it. Of course I doubt they are that stupid to think these guys will be marry and stay with them for life.
      Yes, none of us should be shocked if BTS or anyone else will do the same. It also depends on what stage at life they are at and what they want. Plus, who knows if they will all be with a woman? They may be with a man who knows?

      1. @hetieshou you could be right some can be transgender I mean look at those Thai transgender women in which way they look like a men?

      2. @cutie777
        Oh no, I did not mean to say they are transgender. What I meant was some of the Kpop stars are not straight and may like men too not just women. Not everyone is straight.

  5. This guy pick his victim well. All under 20s. Hotgirl, pretty with hotbody. When it expose. Nobody is going to believe them. He whitewashed as a guy in love who is being used by these girl for fame. He release his fan to attack them. It wont be the last time he doing these. He is a predator. 30s year old man going after all these young girl. He is a creep. His pr team has been deleting all the post in douban .Just because other guy doing does not mean is okay. Old man going after young girl or other way around is disturbing.

  6. It’s not illegal, but it’s predatory and I wouldn’t want my young daughter around him.

      1. @hetieshou I never said it was illegal, but there is an obvious power differential between a 30 year old man a developing 18—19 year girl’s mind. These no name girls are seeking approval and can easily be drawn to a celebrity. Sure they consent, but do they truly have the maturity to make an informed decision? It is not a fair playing field and still skeevy. Again, I wouldn’t want my young sister or daughter around him.

  7. “…is Attracted to Young, Long-legged Girls” – Who isn’t? LOL!

    1. @pocky ha ha, was just about to post the exact same thing. You mean he’s attracted to attractive looking girls? Shocker!

  8. I could be wrong but I think the article is indirectly pointing at the fact that he’s two or three-timing. As in he’s telling each girl she is his gf. It’s different levels of wrongs. They are of legal age but 18 and 30 is not the same as 28 and 40. Social experiences phases have to be the same albeit different lengths. I see a not-so-good looking guy using his money and fame to lure significantly younger attention hungry influencers.

  9. The younger women are easy prey for adult men with some clout. All these “interactions” may be consensual but they’re certainly not ethical. I’m not sure if Kris is still an idol or not lol but idols generally try to hide shady behavior. If Kris was still in his early to mid 20s, this would still be shady, but it wouldn’t be creepy. I feel like he’s just meeting young women to have sex ::shrugs::. Not cool if the young women weren’t clear about that, but I’m inclined to believe few women actually think they could marry Kris Wu haha.

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