Lin Gengxin Spotted on Date with Girlfriend

Airing to popular buzz, costume drama The Legend of Shen Li <與鳳行> throws up a loveable onscreen romance between leading cast Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更新) and Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) in a second-time collaboration. With the finale episode yet to finish airing, Kenny Lin has been snapped by paparazzi on hot dates with his girlfriend, Shi Ruiyi (史芮伊), who’s 11 years his junior!

Zanilia Posts Personal Poster Update

With Zanilia and Kenny’s sweet onscreen interactions, fans shipping the sizzling sparks between the popular duo are already requesting for their next dramatic collaboration.

When news broke of Lin Gengxin romancing his real-life girlfriend – both were spotted dressed casually in public – ardent fans of Legend were heartbroken and reacted adversely at what they felt was the actor’s “ill-timed” move, commenting “Why not wait for the show to be over before going out with your girlfriend?”, and “So are our opinions not valued?”

The lovebirds were first spotted shopping together last October with Lin Gengxin sweetly accompanying Shi Ruiyi to do clothes shopping. Eleven years younger than Lin Gengxin, Shi Ruiyi graduated from Nanjing Art Institute and had taken part in female talent show Chuang 2020 <創造營2020>, but failed to place. To date, her acting credits include Once and Forever <曾少年> and the recent Amid a Snowstorm of Love <在暴雪時分>.

In the aftermath of the revelation of Lin Gengxin’s romance, Zanilia quickly posted her personal poster in the drama with a poetic caption, “碧蒼之名守三界,相知相伴與鳳行” to publicize the drama’s upcoming finale episode in a businesslike M.O, unaffected by the negative reactions to her co-star’s move. Netizens chipped in calling on fans not to be overly invested in reel life as it was only natural for Lin Gengxin to “have his own personal romantic life” outside of work.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. I actually watched that season of produce camp and I don’t remember her at all… regardless, some netizens are truly unreasonable. LGX is a real person and should be able to have a real life. I don’t understand why they think he needs to stop living normally while they watch dramas.

  2. NO Delusionals, when it concerns the private lives, particularly the love lives of these celebs, your crazy opinions do not matter. Why should he wait till the drama is over to go out in public with his girlfriend!!!!. I guess there are not enough therapists out there. My family members had said something like that, I would have them see a psychiatrist. This is not the thinking of a sane, rational person.

    1. You should see a psychiatrist since you believe the entire Chinese nation is delusional. China does not have billions of delusional people having no life but chasing after celebrities all day. Whoever trust it needs therapists. The truth behind all these toxic fan wars is MARKETING. ZLY, as a producer, she constantly mock other producers, directors, and actresses/actors. When she produced, her drama is CONTENTLESS, plotless, draggy, blurry and fuzzy due to high filter. Yet, no one is attacking her at all. Everyone already found out, she is behind all the toxic marketing on other people. Toxic behaviors only disappear when it comes to her projects, if it’s other people the mess will always be unreasonably tragic. LGX isn’t single, is old news. His dating news has no affect on TLOS. It shouldn’t affect, however, had it been other productions, the most disgusting toxic war ever would broke out just to make people hate certain actors and actresses, and it’s already found out who was media playing behind the scenes all the time.

      1. You should be the first in line to see a therapist. Waut a minute!!!, haha. I guess you were one of the people shipping the reel life couple to become a real life couple . Why then should you become so bothered by my comment?
        I never said in any of my comments , nor do I believe that all Chinese are delusional. Your accusations hold no grounds, and after reading your post again, please head to the front of the line.
        Your moniker does justice to you.

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