Xiao Zhan and Zanilia Zhao in New Costume Drama

A-list actor Sean Xiao Zhan (肖戰) and queen of dramas Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) are reportedly teaming up for upcoming historical romance A World of Hidden Phoenixes <鳳隱天下>, delighting fans!

Swirling word that the production team of A World of Hidden Phoenixes had got in touch with a leading 90s’ generation actor for the lead actor and an A-lister actress from post-85 generation sparked speculation on the cast’s identities, which landed on Xiao Zhan after an entertainment reporter divulged that Zanilia Zhao and “an actor with a two-character name”.

Right Fit for Their Roles
In the Chinese romance novel of the same name, the  lead actress is a female disguised as a young male soldier on the battlefields, which drew parallels with Zanilia’s role Chu Qiao in Princess Agents <楚喬傳> and that of a female demon king in the recently wrapped A Legend of Shen Li <與鳳行>. Netizens also saw similarities in the novel’s male lead – the prime minister of the southern dynasty Ji Feng Li, who is gentle in demeanor yet out for revenge with Xiao Zhan’s princely character in Oh! My Emperor <oh, 我的皇帝陛下>.

Despite the unofficial talk, fans are already excited about the two’s rumored casting opposite each other. While Xiao Zhan’s drama The Oath of Love <餘生,請多指教> was finally aired in 2022 after three years, talk of his other new dramas supposedly airing all amounted to nothing, worrying fans who wondered if Xiao Zhan had been blacklisted for unknown reasons.

Unique Eye in Picking Roles
However, opinion of Xiao Zhan’s upcoming performance in 2023 is largely positive, as the actor had set his sights on dramas, abstaining from appearances on variety shows despite his high popularity. Snagging a string of endorsement deals, he also showed spot-on judgment at picking his productions; as works from costume romance The Longest Promise <玉骨遙>, period drama Where Dreams Begin <夢中的那片海> to modern drama Sunshine With Me <驕陽伴我> have all generated much hype even prior to airing. Despite his busy schedules, the actor insists on taking part in acclaimed stage play epic A Dream Like a Dream <如夢之夢>, proving his dedication to honing his craft.

Source: UpMedia

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  1. I hope that Xiao will get more great dramas/projects to work on. I only trust the official announcements from his studio. Rumors don’t count. Jiayou Xiao Zhan always.

  2. Xiao Zhan is one unfortunate soul… He is a victim of his own success… He has projects shelved only because some of his fans are just too different online. I really feel for him.

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