Xiao Zhan Returns to Hometown

Gaining rising popularity with Joy of Life < 慶餘年> and The Untamed <陳情令>, actor Sean Xiao Zhan (肖戰) has already wrapped director Tsui Hark‘s (徐克) upcoming film The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Hero <射鵰英雄傳: 俠之大者> this year, following which he completed filming for Cdrama The Legend of the Hidden Sea <藏海傳>, where he pairs with actress Zhang Jingyi (張婧儀).

With a packed filming schedule ahead of him, Xiao Zhan took the chance to return to his hometown Chongqing, during which his studio released a Vlog of the star, which unlocked 5 million views!

Set to head to Paris for a fashion shoot, it is rumored that he will start filming for war film Destiny Valley: The Decisive Victory in Yichan <得閒謹制> once he returns to China. Filming is expected to take three months with a stellar team comprising director Kong Sheng (孔笙) who helmed the hit Nirvana in Fire <琅琊榜>, acclaimed screenwriter Lan Xiaolong, and producer Hou Hongliang behind The Story of Minglan <知否知否應是綠肥紅瘦>.

Set against the backdrop of the battle of West Hubei in 1943, Xiao Zhan plays a character who leads a group of youth to fight fearlessly on the battlefield, during a time of national collapse. Xiao Zhan allegedly secured the role as he had a “natural” face untouched by surgical enhancements, and also had good mastery of line delivery.

Xiao Zhan Shows Off Casual Side

Making use of his short hiatus in between filming, the actor returned to Chongqing for a short break, but did not forget to update his socials with various snaps taken along the way, and with his pet cat, sharing his happiness at being back home. Xiao Zhan’s studio also uploaded a short Vlog of him having fun on the streets of Chongqing.

Looking carefree, the cat lover got his team to take pictures against the scenic background, and even shared practical tips on how to spot a friendly cat. The actor also took a photo against a gigantic Gucci wall advertisement which featured himself, attracting many fans to check-in at the same spot.







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  1. I hope you get some good rest Xiao Zhan. I can’t wait to see your new projects. Jiayou always! 🙂

  2. With his tight schedule, crazy fans, negativity spread about him, I really wonder how he keep himself sane

    1. @hayden

      That horrible incident happened to him in 2020 – I’m sure it pushed him through. He has to stay focus in order to make it and not allowing it to break him. His mental is very strong. I’m proud of him. 🙂

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