Xiao Zhan and Li Qin to Reunite Onscreen

Word has leaked that Xiao Zhan (肖戰) will be pairing Li Qin (李沁) for the sixth time in a novel-adaptation series Ma Fei Ri Chang <馬斐日常>, with filming slated to start in June!

The story centers on female lead Fei Fei and her policeman boyfriend Xiao Ma, shining a historical lens into post World War II China through mundane yet touching everyday moments, filled with both the heartwarming and hilarious. With successful previous collaborations, rumors have heightened anticipation from fans keen to catch the two’s enduring appeal in their sixth tie-up.

Fans Await Official Confirmation

The Youth Memories, an inspiring story chronicling the two’s growth journey as students in 1970s Beijing navigating entrepreneurship, marriage and family life, fueled a strong response from fans delighted by their memorable chemistry.

Hot on the heels of his 2023 dramas The Youth Memories <夢中的那片海>, The Longest Promise <玉骨遙> and Sunshine by My Side <驕陽伴我> garnering good reviews, Xiao Zhan is currently busy filming The Legend of the Sea <藏海傳>. Taking a short leave of absence from director Zheng Xiaolong (鄭曉龍) to attend Milan Fashion Week, he is still a far from wrapping the production.

Confirmed as part of Tsui Clark’s (徐克) wuxia film The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Heroes <射鵰英雄傳: 俠之大者> based on Louis Cha (金庸) novel, and set for China’s golden weekend, it remains to be seen if Xiao Zhan can make it in time when filming kickstarts in June.

Like Xiao Zhan, Li Qin also has her schedules filled – the actress has just wrapped Snowy Night: Timeless Love <七夜雪> with Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞) and has upcoming spy drama Brave the Winds and Waves <長風破浪> with Wang Yibo (王一搏), on top of season 2 of Joy of Love <慶餘年> with Zhang Ruoyun (張若昀).

“The Wolf” was Li Qin and Sean Xiao’s first onscreen pairing.








Source: Upmedia

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  1. I will always support Xiao Zhan, but I’m hoping that he will pair up with other talented actresses also.

    1. Did you watch him with Bai BaiHe in Sunshine by My Side? Before he became famous, XZ was a background dancer in Monster Hunt where she was the female lead. Hope he can pair up with Jia Ling and other seasoned actresses.

      1. Yes. I watched SBMS and I liked it, but I’m angry with that hockey couple. I haven’t watched Monter Hunt 2″. I hope he will pick good projects to work on and not run into these dirty moves with these producers.

    2. I too wish to watch him with other good actress…. I am not a Li Qin fan but that is not the reason. Just want to watch other chemistry.

      1. @Hohliu curious to hear your reason for not being a fan coz thought she is well liked generally. Not a fan either but must admit I’m biased.
        Wish he’s pairing with Zhang Yaqin or Hu Yixuan but they are not popular enough and YZ is not possible since both popularity would mean they have to be the main leading between the leading actress and actor.

      2. @BearBear to be honest, I am aware she is very popular. But when I watch her shows, I dont feel for the character. Her acting does not touch me…I sincerely tried watching many of her dramas but drop after a while.
        I really hope to watch Xiao Zhan with different actresses…no need the high liuliang ones. too much fandom headaches…

  2. @dramas4me news just came out that Xiao Zhan’s got the license permit to expand his studio to full fledge production company encompassing management of new talent, creation/distribution of new programs and dramas. He’ll be busy in front and behind the scenes. What a slap in the face to the haters who tried killing him off just four years ago! Just hope he takes time to rest.

    1. @msxie0714

      That’s a great news. Thank you very much for sharing this news. That way XZ can pick the projects and people that he likes. Hopefully there won’t be any non-sense stuff. ❤️

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