Ren Min Describes Xiao Zhan as a “Very Considerate” Person

Xiao Zhan (肖戰) and Ren Min’s (任敏) The Longest Promise <玉骨谣> has dominated ratings since its release. Although Ren Min’s performance received mixed reviews, the drama undeniably increased her recognition levels. Grateful to work with Xiao Zhan, the 23-year-old actress shares her filming experiences.

In past dramas, her crying scenes were short and sporadic. However, her crying scenes in The Longest Promise were longer, more intense, and required several pages of dialogue, causing Ren Min to feel distraught and experience emotional exhaustion.

On collaborating with Xiao Zhan, Ren Min revealed the actor is actually a very considerate person. She recalled seeing Xiao Zhan’s assistant holding a large stool for him to use on the filming set, which seemed inconvenient to haul around. Ren Min had a small stool of the same style, and decided to gift it to Xiao Zhan. Although the small stool was obviously too small for his tall figure, he cherished the gift nonetheless and continued to use it for the next two months without complaining. Reminiscing the incident, Ren Min was all smiles and expressed that it was quite a comedic, but endearing memory.

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  1. Xiao Zhan reminds me of Korean Park Bo Gum…. Both are very very popular for their looks…acting is not bad, extremely considerate and kind people. Those that worked with them are fond of them…But these 2 guys also have to deal with so many antis, afew of their own obsessive fandom and jealousy from other artistes. Both guys needs to be strong to deal with media attacks that is not caused by their own behaviour.
    I like these 2 artists and I do feel for them.

  2. We need more artists like Xiao Zhan. He is such a hard worker, talented, handsome and with a great personality. That’s why so many people are supporting and love him, but there are still people doing mean things to him- it’s because they can’t handle his talents and popularity.

  3. Not related to XZ. I saw clips online stating that RM looks better in this drama in the later episodes because the production firm uses technology to improve her aesthetics (like make her face sharper and maybe downsize her nose) because of the online feedback. This practice seems like getting more common where the eye bags, pimple markings are removed or similar face sharpening during post production.
    I didn’t know about that, is it true.

    1. That really will not surprise me at all… Her face structure for period clothings is not liked by some the Chinese viewers thus they use computer “plastic surgery”.

    2. Zhao LuSi is known for this lol. Because her face is quite round sometimes, so they do photoshop it to be pointy if on the day, her face is bloated. it makes me face palm really. so they cant act, no problem, we just have to put up with it. so they are not pretty, no problem, they just digitally edit it to be pretty *face palm. as long as these actress and actor have big enough fanbase and backing, they will just edit it (voice, body double, and now face!)

      1. @LittleFish it’s so sad to see the declining quality and respect these artists have towards their profession and exactly audience to suck it up (or getting roasted by their fans).
        Voice, physique and face not theirs entirely and like what you said, no acting abilities or no attempt to improve their acting…wouldn’t it be better and cheaper to produce animation.

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