Zhao Liying Criticized for Typos in Social Media Posts  

With The Legend of Shen Li <与凤行> recently on viewers’ radar, lead actress Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) did not let go of the chance to drum up publicity for the drama on Weibo. However, the queen of TV ratings has been slammed for making multiple typos in her promotional posts, setting off debate on the ongoing illiteracy controversy!

3 Weibo Typos in a Week
Despite her short posts, the established actress made three typos in a week, which upset netizens, some of whom described her as being “illiterate”. On March 18, she had shared several photos paired with the text “Have you watched ‘The Legend of Shen Li’? Three hearts for you’, where she used the incorrect Chinese character. On March 21, Zanilia updated with two stills from the drama, on which she handwrote the words “touched (gǎn dòng)”, but made an error in missing out a stroke, as well as made another wrong word in the accompanying caption.

On March 24, the actress made another mistake in her caption “Welcome to the spirit world, let me treat you to hotpot, lotus seed popsicles” which she posted with behind-the-scenes shots of The Legend of Shen Li. She later corrected the caption. Spotted making three typos within the span of a week, Zanilia was attacked by netizens for being “illiterate”, as they expressed disappointment in the actress for not making any cultural improvement despite pivoting to become a recognised thespian in recent years. However, some defended Zanilia’s writing faux paus, saying “not being academically qualified doesn’t mean she can’t act”.

Zanilia’s Rise From Humble Background
Born in a small village in Langfang, Hebei, she has only secondary education and was forced to give up being an air stewardess due to her economic difficulties. She debuted after emerging champion in the Yahoo Star Search Game in 2006 when she was 19, and started acting in television dramas that same year. Gaining popularity with costume dramas The Journey of Flower and Princess Agents, she established herself to become an award-winning film and TV actress.

Source: [1]

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    1. Just curious, you normally post long comments on Zhao Liying…but today, you only post 1 short line. Have time wound down your dislike for this actress?

      1. Because she cannot read so what’s the use of writing lots? LMAO! Her minions cannot read either. They blind! Blindly copy and paste the same stuff all the time, her dramas are full of doubles doing the easiest stuff only and they blind, shameless to go pick on other actresses then they at least twirl around. At least twirling around is not as disgracing as ZLY standing up, sitting, and sleeping but still need doubles.

      1. WYB was unable to answer interview questions.
        So you should be asking why Jaynestars mark that as “illiteracy”, more like he was unprepared or not as bright? Telling others you don’t know when you don’t know doesn’t mean you’re stupid by the way. He was just being honest. What ZLY did is different, what she did is clearly ‘illiteracy”, not typo.
        She misspell very basic words, and also hundreds of times. When she pretended to help a director promote the remake of TJOF, typos everywhere, the director did not appreciate her unprofessionalism. Feels like she was just being desperate for attention. Making mistakes once or twice is no issue, but never caring to improve oneself in a career that requires you to know how to read script? She is also unable to answer interview questions intelligently as well. Recently, she over marketed herself for Article 20, acted as if the leads are beneath her, but she wasn’t even able to shout the team’s phrase to promote the film when asked. She only thinks about herself, but she isn’t talented in anything, then she keeps bullying others online and brag about how kindhearted herself is. Very psychopathic. I think WYB is ugly for his chinky eyes and the way he speaks does not even look like he’s speaking but just mumbling, his face lacks muscle to show any expression. However, at least I didn’t notice any obvious black marketing from his team. Xiao Zhan fans claim WYB is behind his downfall, but there’s no evidence on that. If WYB and ZLY are dating for real, that’s awesome, proves their infidelity during LOF but accused FSF of cheating instead, 2 shameless people should be made for each other.

    2. The irony! Your serial rantings about ZLY’s illiteracy are riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors.
      Her detractors are comprised mostly of those regarding her with condescension due to her humble rural background. The fact that a village girl could be hired to star in quality dramas and become so popular is an affront to effete snobs.
      Because of your subjective bias, I tend to doubt she is guilty of all your accusations against her.

      1. I don’t need grammar cause I’m not writing/reading/speaking scripts aloud for anybody like her, or you if she hires you as a firefly to protect her internationally. Doesn’t matter how much you deny, it doesn’t change the fact she played victim in front of everyone’s eyes. I can begin with her famous cry on the stage during the Fair Princess Variety Show. She cried so hard, making the team look like bullies. She cried and said everyone was invited to dinner except her, and only Zhang Rui stayed in her bedroom to make her the most delicious noodles ever in her life. Her bf at that time was Xiao Jian, why would her own boyfriend not invite or take her along? While another guy, Zhang Rui, who has his own girlfriend hanged out with her in her bedroom? She blacked the team for being snobby when it was her who was too loose with everyone. She was loose with the director as well, they took hussy photos together. All the news she paid said they hated her bc of a round face and she kept pouting, plus her farming background. What kind of biiish is that? Li Sheng, Hai Lu, Yoki, all have round faces too. Obviously she was hated for being so loose.

      2. Up to today, her same attitude of blackening others remain the same. The way she blacks the entire Fair Princess crew, that’s how she blacks all the 85’ers. Purposely isolate herself then hires the media to say others bullied her all the time. Like, Biiish, grow up already.

  1. People are allowed to make typos. >.< Also I don't get why netizens expect celebs to be smart academically. Not everyone is going to be smart academically. They want someone to speak with them through poems? Out of so many things about celebs, they pick this. Someone can be illiterate or have little education, but still smart.

  2. Many wonderful actors did not come from a highly educated background. There are brilliant actors who never finished high school, such as Chow Yun-fat and Tony Leung.

  3. It rubbed me the wrong way with what her defenders said: “not being academically qualified doesn’t mean she can’t act.” lol. I don’t know if they’re trying to defend her, or insult her. The girl can be literate, and made typos. That doesn’t make her not “academically-qualified.” I got the reasoning behind the comment, but it sounds like a backhanded compliment lol.

    1. Why does she need an upperhand compliment when the author already lied that it’s typo when it isn’t type but illiteracy? They gave her enough face, they won’t tell the truth the way they disgrace other actresses to make ZLY stand out. Just found out ZLY also hand wrote things too, and they were wrong words! The mistakes she makes are not only once or twice, but hundreds of times. It’s not cute. No, she’s not good at acting. She was not able to pass audition during My Fair Princess. Just read that she wanted to play Xiao Yanzi badly but couldn’t remember any lines, and wanted to play Ziwei as second choice but couldn’t cry either. She auditioned for Qing’er and failed many times. After her agent pleaded for another chance, and they couldn’t find anyone with good looks, they accepted her because of her looks. Ever since then, she never had to audition for anything ever again, because rich men liked her looks, she got deep connections from then on. They market her like crazy, the good acting reputations is only all online. For someone who is never able to audition and calls herself best actress, shameless much eh? Also, looks nothing like her past self but has such dirty mouth to call other actresses plastic, while marketing tons of articles praising herself for being all natural? I really must compliment this type of person.

      1. Do u have some sort of personal vendetta against her or something? Hired by antis? Are you a bot? I don’t really want to reply to you because any kind of discussion inevitably leads to more ZLY tirades and feeding your fury. But, really, what’s your problem?

      2. @Coraliar
        The only C-actress desperate for internationalism fame is ZLY. Besides, all those fake news, also published on Jaynestars, saying Yang Mi ignored ZLY, were all paid by ZLY. Many people trusted the news, then got slap on the face when they looked at the footages and it was nothing like ZLY’s fake news. I’d like to get paid by ZLY, I like money.

      3. @Coraliar

        Oh look. ZLY is back on the black market. Just today, she published this out: https://m.163.com/dy/article/IUPNSH0N055669HF.html
        “YM is not as good as ZLY” LMAOOO!!!!!!!!
        It will be super funny of you to say ZLY did not pay for those contents but other actresses did it.
        It’s been ongoing for more than a decade, what’s your issue? We can’t have issues that ZLY is shameless? Can’t even read scripts and claims to be the best all the time, please know how to have a bit of shame too.

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