Zhao Lusi Implicated in Illiteracy Controversy

While promoting his new movie Hidden Blade <無名>, Wang Yibo (王一博) was criticized after being unable to answer several simple questions posed by journalists. After a lengthy silence, he responded, “I don’t know.” The state media questioned how Wang Yibo could deliver a good performance if he was a “hopeless illiterate”? With the recent uproar, Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) was also dragged into the mix as a past mistake was unearthed.

An article on CCTV titled “Illiterate Celebrities” mentioned a female actress had spent several months filming a drama, yet still could not differentiate whether the story took place in the early days of the founding of the Communist party or during the liberation. When artistes were asked to describe their characters, they would continuously use words such as proud, bossy, and abusive.

Although the article did not name Zhao Lusi, netizens were able to guess based on the clues. While promoting patriotic drama Hu Tong <胡同> last year, Zhao Lusi mixed up the founding years of the Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China. Some tried to defend her, clarifying that she had only spent two weeks filming for Hu Tong.

Zhao Lusi has been a part of many popular dramas such as Untouchable Lovers <鳳求凰>, The Romance of Tiger and Rose <傳聞中的陳芊芊>, and Who Rules the World <且試天下>. Last year’s Love like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛> propelled her popularity even further. Unfortunately as her recognition grows, the more likely past skeletons will be unearthed. She has previously been accused of being “two-faced” among her colleagues, treating her assistant as a maid, and faking her educational credentials. With this newest scandal, it is rumored that she is now blacklisted as her name is no longer searchable on CCTV’s official account, and they have deleted all of her scenes from Hu Tong.

Netizens are worried that all of her works will be taken off streaming platforms which will affect her co-stars Yang Yang (楊洋) and Leo Wu Lei (吳磊).

Source: [1]

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No way!!! Gosh, I hope not. I have only watched 2 of her projects… I feel she needs more voice training if she is going to use her natural voice in her dramas… she really does not speak very well… But her acting is not bad… I did enjoy watching her dramas… She is one of the better lead actress newbies of her generation. To be honest, if she is blacklisted then Yibo should too…

    1. @Hohliu read that he is also unsearchable on the central tv website. For now it doesn’t seem that either of them have been banned, I have my doubts they will since none has committed a crime in the eyes of law.

      1. To be honest, I feel there are big players around who wants to pull these two profit spinner down…that is such a common practise in this industry. As long as they can pay to create for online problems…it will make the Gov take action. And those 2 profit spinner may go under temporary soft ban which will affect the shares of their management companies. But again, this is only my speculation.

      2. @Hohliu “And those 2 profit spinner may go under temporary soft ban which will affect the shares of their management companies.”

        The recent revelation of controversies or “scandals” are increasing in frequency in China, as more popular stars become prime targets for opposing management agencies or anti-fans to take down. Every artiste has a weakness that can be magnified if netizens dig hard enough. If artistes are criticized for their lack of education or literacy, there are probably many idol actors that would be susceptible. Their private lives are also getting so heavily scrutinized with the threat of cancel culture, social media ban, or their dramas/music removed from streaming platforms. This fear is also creeping into the Hong Kong entertainment circle, as TVB artistes increasingly censor their social media for fear of backlash from Chinese netizens.

      3. @jayne I am guessing it is really dirty players who are playing such games. But to be fair, I feel many are guilty of it…. Just looking at the timing, just when Wang YiBo is announced as the biggest money spinner for his company that is recently listed. The attacks on him started and magnified, dragging with him other popular stars. All these are so timely and shrewdly executed.
        It is amazing to watch how rapid the negative press starts and rise so rapidly.
        Reminds me of the fall of Zhang Zhehan… But his end was extreme. Yibo’s will just be temporary. He has time to take a short holiday overseas to rest. Which may suit him.

  2. Whaaaaaa? Is this for real? Is this real life? Zhao Lusi shouldn’t be banned for something so…minor! Banning should be used appropriately – this is pure abuse of power.

    And can somebody ever find a photo of Wang Yibo where he’s not looking dopey and moody?

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