Zhao Lusi Studies Traditional Chinese Medicine in “Gen Z”

Often regarded as having the Midas touch, Zhao Lusi (趙露思) has rocked the ratings in her recent dramas.  Her new drama Gen Z <後浪> premiered on May 14 and received 2.58 percent in viewership ratings, soaring to the top of Dragon TV’s shows.

Although hailed as an idol, Zhao Lusi plays an unconventional role as a rebellious orphan who eventually takes a keen interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine under the eye of her tutor, Ren Xinzheng (Wu Gang 吳剛). She also unexpectedly butts horns with her teacher’s son, Ren Tianzhen (Luo Yizhou 羅一舟), who is also studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Despite her playful personality, Zhao Lusi is one of the hardest working actresses. In behind-the-scenes clips, she was seen practicing acupuncture on herself while getting accustomed to the handling of the needles. When the staff encouraged her to use pig skin instead, Zhao Lusi insisted she was not scared of pain and chose to administer the needles on her own arms. She also diligently studied the acupuncture points and techniques, as well as the usage of different Chinese medicinal herbs.

In one of the scenes, Zhao Lusi was making a delivery when she encountered a violent man who suddenly attacked her. In the behind-the-scene clips, the actress was seen chatting with the director and asking him to make the scene more realistic without the use of a stunt double. Zhao Lusi was subsequently shoved into a wall, had her clothes torn, and had her hair painfully grabbed by the man. Once the cameras stopped, she was not worried about her own injuries and immediately asked her costar if he was okay after the scene concluded. Zhao Lusi’s professionalism and dedication  earned respect from the production crew and netizens.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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