Zhao Liying Upset by “Chinese Restaurant’s” Promotional Tactics

Taking part in popular reality program Chinese Restaurant <中餐廳>, Zhao Liying’s (趙麗穎) participation in the fourth season received quite a bit of media attention since she rarely films variety shows. Following the negative publicity she received for her poor chopstick etiquette on Chinese Restaurant, Liying is also upset by the marketing tactics and has terminated any future promotional activities related to the show.

The 32-year-old actress fumed when the production crew purposely edited the promotional clips and trailers to highlight Liying’s negative qualities. For example, in one promotional clip, Liying was seen scooping food into her mouth from a bowl using chopsticks – an act that is regarded as ill-mannered in public. Keen-eyed fans noticed that the images and clips looked like they were purposely cut that way to highlight controversy for the show at the expense of Liying’s image.

Making amends, the show’s publicity team released a short apology on Weibo stating that they were at fault for misleading the public and claimed that the team at Chinese Restaurant is very supportive of Liying, and will ensure nothing of this sort will occur again.

Liying’s studio and many of the actress’ fans were unsatisfied with the apology and claimed that the post on Weibo lacked sincerity. Voicing their disappointment with Chinese Restaurant’s production team, Liying’s studio announced that they will officially stop all promotional activities for the show.

Visibly bothered by the negativity, the actress also spoke out about the issue and curtly responded, “I’m not here to film a reality show–I’m here to open a restaurant with everyone.”

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com

Zhao Liying Criticized for Her Chopstick Etiquette in “Chinese Restaurant 4”

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  1. They filmed what the people did, the audience just post what they saw. That’s all.

    I just watched Happy Camp and the editing in there always try to make it look like Wang yibo and Zhao liying are staring at each other when they aren’t. After doing a close up on Wang yibo the camera would immediately transition to her, and vice versa so it looks like they’re eyeing each other all the time. So she would approve of such editing? But not the editing in Chinese Restaurants? I feel that if she interacts with others too much the audience will say she is too flirty, just like what netizens did to Yangmi when she still married. They forbid married women to flirt. I feel that Zhao liying was trying to avoid being Yang mi, so she tried to stay very low key and quiet. Because she was too quiet and got boring, they didn’t show her too much because she’s always by herself not interacting with others. It is not the editors fault. They only tried to show her less. They showed her so little and her scenes are still problematic, if they even reveal more wouldn’t it be more embarrassing? She should be glad they didn’t show everything. It’s not like the editor can control what the actors are doing on screen.

    1. @yoyo that’s celebrity for ya, good publicity built on fakes is ok, but bad one is a no no. What does she think variety reality show does? Making fun of the celebrities lol. She wants people to pay her top dollars, but basically act like a wooden stick, boring, lifeless, no interaction with other because she’s scared of bad publicity, she isn’t funny either -.- she needs to not do any show if she’s afraid of being making fun of >_>

  2. i find it funny how she picked on the editing to salvage her image. it doesn’t take editing to show how she touched and flipped every piece of shared plates food to find something to put into her mouth.

  3. Why does she seems to be “upset” a lot??? “Upset” of the changes script in PA, “upset/displease” with Legend of Fei production and many many more and the latest “upset” is this…. The editing won’t changed the fact that she has a bad table manner.

    1. @niangniang

      She wasn’t working ever since dating FSF, she relied on rumors to stay on hot searches.

      Her fans are disatisfied with The Chinese Restaurant because they make her look like she has anxiety. But after I watched Happy Camp, she really does look like she has anxiety so does she want to sue Happy Camp too? I don’t know if she’s just not eating enough and being too skinny or what. She doesn’t look energetic, interested and engaged in the stuff she do. She needs to focus on her health first.

      1. @yoyo
        ZLY always rallies her fans when she is dissatisfied with something. Unfortunately her fandom is huge and militant. She is the poster girl for poor uneducated rural girl who made it big.

        Many people including her fans know the facts that she was never good in interviews or reality shows but in the pasts she got many of her leading men or others who can covered for her. I remember how Wallace Huo had to chipped in many many times to completed her answers during promotional for Hua Qin Gu. She did quite well in Back To The Field because of NaNa and HeQiong. Without those power house hosts and co stars, she is nothing.

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