Zhao Liying Criticized for Being “Unfeeling”

Playing a countryside girl who works her way up to management ranks, A-list actress Zanilia Zhao Liying‘s (趙麗穎) new drama The Story of Xing Fu <幸福到萬家> premiered to positive feedback, topping viewership rankings for twenty days straight. However, news that the actress appeared apathetic to a female crew worker who sustained injuries on the set of a recent commercial shoot on July 21.

Accident on Set
Seen arriving at a Hengdian filming set dressed down in white outfit, Zanilia swiftly proceeded to get her makeup done within an hour, before proceeding to the filming site. Just as the commercial shoot was about to wrap, word spread a female crew worker was accidentally injured by crashing photography equipment on set. According to witnesses, she had an unsteady gait and part of her dress was splattered with blood.

Almost everyone present rushed over to show their concern before the ambulance arrived. After paparazzi who were on site spilled that Zanilia had not showed up to utter a tad of concern, some netizens started criticizing the actress for her lack of apathy for the injured co-worker, despite them working on the same project. However, others defended the actress and mentioned that Zanilia herself was seen visiting the doctor a few days prior, supposedly due to an old hip injury acting up. She was said to be looking very uncomfortable while limping, hence, they speculated that the reason was it had simply been inconvenient for her to walk over.

Worked Her Way Up

Discovered in 2006, the post-85 actress had started her career with roles in historical dramas, working her way up to leading actress status and even earned the name “Queen of TV Ratings”.

The drama darling has been making a switch to modern dramas, and was the only choice of director Xiaolong Zheng (鄭曉龍) who casted her as lead character He Xingfu in The Story of Xing Fu, as she personified a “fighting spirit” which suited the role. Gaining the affirmation of viewers for her layered performance, she convincingly embodied the kindness and innocence of the countryside girl onscreen.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. 1, not really sure if she was at the scene but the assumption was, she got to be close by since her crew is there, and she went in the room earlier. 2, if she was there, I will say it’s not her responsibility to go look nor is she required to. But noting that it wasn’t just a stranger that got injured, it was a staff, it is very unfeeling to not even bother checking. 3, ZLY is still using her injury as excuses, she was seen healthily entering the place. Last time she lied about that same injury it turned out to be pregnancy. What does the work her way up even has to do with her unprofessionalism and uncaring attitude? As if nobody else worked their way up. How come last time Yang Mi and Angela’s staffs were only doing their jobs like putting on shoes for the celebrities and they’re called divas? Where was the excuses for them? Don’t YM and Angela know how to hire any writers to make excuses for them?

  2. Hmmmmmmm we are not at the filming site, we did not see what is e actual situation there too, so i think we should not judge what kind of person she is. Zhao Liying looks cold to me but she may be a nice lady. We should not judge a person by his/her cover. Example : My sister looks cold but my sister has a very kind and warm heart, she has help/support/care/love all my family members by actions and not just by talking. Maybe zhao liying has care and concern e injured crew silently at e back.

  3. I suppose must pretend to be caring. Like someone noted, she could be far, could be hurt or simply she doesnt care. She doesnt seem like the friendliest type and moreover who is to say after she didn’t send something to the poor lady?

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