Zhao Liying’s Studio Account Banned on Social Media for Fan Misbehavior

Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) became another celebrity to suffer the negative consequences of fan groups’ misbehavior online. After triggering a wave of collective boycotting on idol agencies and production studios, all her major fan groups were banned on Sina Weibo on August 23.  Sina Weibo held Liying’s studio liable for failing to react timely in managing fans’ misbehavior, and has temporarily the studio’s account for 15 days.

Fan Groups Banned

In June, Central Cyberspace Affairs and Commission launched a large-scale mission known as the Qing Liang operation to crackdown on the disorderly conducts of online fan communities. Among their findings, Liying’s large fan bases including Zhao Liying Global Fan Support Club (赵丽颖全球粉丝后援会) with 2.59 million followers, Zhao Liying Weiba (赵丽颖微吧) with 2.34 million followers, Pang Ying Fei Dao (胖颖飞刀) with 2 million followers, Zhao Liying Official Blog (赵丽颖吧官博) with 708,000 followers, and more were found involved in instigating boycotting and fandom fights.

Many were apparently displeased with the possibility of Liying being paired up with Legend of Fei <有翡> co-star Wang Yibo (王一博) again for the upcoming workplace drama Wild Bloom <野蛮生长>, and publicly announced that they would be rejecting all forms of their cooperation. These fans refused to listen to celebrity agencies and spread hate across the Internet, which not only placed pressure on the studios and their partners, but also fueled toxic fan culture and cyberbullying among youth.

Such malicious behavior was identified to have seriously violated platform regulations and management, which led Weibo to have 3770 posts removed and 1830 accounts banned. Among them, 100 highly offensive accounts were permanently banned, and 309 accounts closed.

Liying’s Studio Hopes For a Fandom Culture Full Of Love

In response, Liying’s studio released an official statement regarding the banning of fan groups. They wrote, “It’s a wonderful thing to like someone. From becoming an actor’s viewer to becoming a fan and walking the flowery path together. It’s a fateful relationship worth cherishing and being grateful for.”

They also clarified Liying’s understanding of the profession of actors by expressing, “As an actor, being able to meet a favorite character is a fateful moment. Interpreting a role well is a process of learning and growth. I hope that there can be trust between an actor, studio, and fans.

Lastly, the studio raised their hopes for positive and supportive online fan communities. “We call on fans to build an encouraging and loving world. Be positive and constructive while sharing mutual interests together, so it can be a journey full of happiness and growth.”

Despite attempts to restore order to fan communities, Liying’s studio was deemed have intervened in the chaotic situation too late. Weibo decided to slap a warning by temporarily suspending the actress’ studio account.

Source: Baidu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Looks like the Government is going to rein in the obsessive Fans… it is about time!!! And more still needs to be done to stop those fans that overstep their boundaries…

    1. There is good and bad to that as it shows that government is gaining even more control over the people and their lives. People are going to be losing more and more basic freedom. I just hope they don’t become like North Korea.

      1. This type of online harassment is not legal in any country. The only reason why other nations have no cracked down on them is because Big Tech in western nations successfully lobby their government to not force them, because it will cost them money to enforce these laws.

      2. the only hope is for the government stepping in to curb the excesses of crazy fans who refuse to listen to reason. Except for those who believe in unfettered free speech , it’s no loss to the rest of us if warlike fandoms lose freedom to spiel hate. HeTieShou: Please remember the basic rule – freedom comes with responsiblity.

      3. I have to agree with the other there, there’s freedom of speech and there’s bullying. What they are doing is use the masses to bully and get what they want. It’s a toxic culture and need to be stopped

    2. @Hohliu , I totally agree it is about time. Boundaries need to be implemented as to what will be tolerated from these nonsensical deluded fans. It seems no man is good enough on screen for Zhao Liying. It is not up to these vapid, rabid fans to decide who Zhao L should costar with . That is the decision of the studios and casting directors. They need to grow up and focus on their schoolwork. Heavens forbid they are adults over 21, which a lot of them sadly are. I support this decision to ban such toxicity wholeheartedly. There are two actors who should be kicked off all social Media along with their too-far-gone fans. Also, there should be no written or spoken media allowed referring to these celebrities as gods, goddesses, heavenly kings or perfect. The delusional fans believe the hype and become even more out of control. This is a welcomed move, even if way long overdue.

      1. @Renren There are huge changes going on in China in since 2020… I was reading about them in SCMP…You can see how the Government is very serious about their new commitments to balance the Countries Toxic culture…and that is not just in the Entertainment industry… Looks likes I need to prepare buckets of popcorn…

    3. @msxie0714,
      Obviously! But my point is China is cracking down on everything now not just this. I just hope they don’t control their citizens lives too much.

      1. @HeTieShou They have a communist regime that many forgets… They will do what they feel is best for the Country as a whole… Every Countries have their issues… I will not judge them too soon. Anyway reining in toxic culture must be welcomed by many..

      2. China is trying to control the excesses of tech monopolies and other conglomerates. From what I’ve read, ordinary citizens are overall supportive, as these measures will benefit them.

  2. You need fans to be popular and you have to be popular to remain relevant but then the fan becomes obsessed to the point it impedes your daily and you limit the fans’ excitement and then you lose fans and become less popular….Cath 2222222222222222

    1. Yes it becomes an unhealthy obsession but it should be a stage that you outgrow. However, if you become obsessed to the point of no return like that one Andy Lau fan then you need psychological help.

      1. Yes it was not just sad but severe so I was shocked that they did not crack down it on back then but now are doing so much. It seems to be a trend lately with them canceling and blacklisting celebrities and now going after the fans. The fans are crazy though so maybe it is a good thing.

    1. According to her fans, WYB was dragging her down with his bad acting. They rejected another Wang too (Wang Ren Jun), CMIIW. Her fans trashed Jerry Yan in the past when there was a rumor that he will be her leading man in Our Glamorous Time (they said he is so old and a has been). They even rejected FSF as her husband. In short, no one is good enough for her according to her fans.

      1. @NiangNiang I am so glad lots of the troublemakers had their Social media account closed/banned… I really would not call them fans as they even threaten to Ghost/Cancel her projects if she went against their “advice”… Such a Mob behaviour…

      2. @Hohliu yes , China is making changes as far as these toxic fans are concerned and I am up with that. They need to be curbed, finally. I would be thrilled if other countries do the same thing as well.
        A bit of topic, but at the same time connected…. The fans of MS and GK are the most toxic I have seen in my life. Why I want them banned with their fans is because they, and their management companies deliberately gave the fans the tools to be this way with anyone who dares to disagree with their fans about their ^relationship^. Sadly, they have toxic fabs all over the world and the government of these countries need to look into banning such corrosive fans’ social media accounts and platforms. I also hope the so called big Kahunas are watching. They are not gods, goddesses nor are they kings, and even kings fell from grace. Their time of crimes are coming to light too. It is called karma, just ask these toxic fans who terrorized others for years with their threatening and toxic behavior on social media.

  3. ZLY’s childish fans need to grow up….. not everyone things that their idol ZLY’s acting is great either!

  4. I like ZLY very much and used to visit her fan sites. From personal experience, her Chinese fan clubs are not normal. They troll other stars sites and leave nasty comments and then takes pictures of other discussions and share it in their own we chat group. I understand if they want to support ZLY but saying hurtful stuff (and some of the stuff us made up) about her costars is very damaging towards the other person as well as affecting ZLY’s image. It is not a healthy fan club since a lot of the members seems to be living in their virtual world and get so affected by it that it affects their mental health.

    I don’t think it is out of line to clamp down on such groups because they have a lot of issues that is going to impact their real lives. I remember one fan left home because someone in the family said that Princess Agents was a bad series. Fan clubs is a place to express and share and support, not bully, intimidate and troll. It is not a limitation of freedom if they start becoming aggressive and spreading hate. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say anything you want with no consequences.

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