Lin Gengxin Spotted with New Girlfriend, Shi Ruiyi

After his breakout role in Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>, Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更新) is back on the radar with two upcoming high profile historical dramas, The Legend of Shen Li <与凤行> and The Golden Hairpin <青簪行>. Back in peak form, the 35-year-old actor looks more visibly fit lately and is glowing from a new relationship.

Previously linked to model Bonnie Chen (陳碧舸) and actress Claudia Wang (王麗坤), Lin Gengxin is recently rumored to be dating Shi Ruiyi (史芮伊). The actress debuted in 2020 through Chinese talent show, Chuang 2020 (創造營2020).

Lin Gengxin and Shi Ruiyi were spotted out at a shopping mall together. Wearing all black, a baseball cap, and a face mask, Lin Gengxin attracted more attention than intended. By his side was a beautiful young lady who was presumed to be Shi Ruiyi. Perhaps due to her lackluster career and low public recognition levels, Shi Ruiyi did not deliberately disguise herself. When the mall crowd lessened, Lin Gengxin discreetly held Shi Ruiyi’s hand.

With long hair, big eyes, and a slim and toned figure, Shi Ruiyi is exactly Lin Gengxin’s type as evident from his dating history. Despite the couple’s 11-year age gap, they appear to be very sweet and loving, just as a pair of young lovers.

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