Lin Genxing No Longer Involved With “The Golden Hairpin”

Starring Yang Zi (楊紫) and Kris Wu (吳亦凡), The Golden Hairpin <青簪行> completed filming in 2020. Taking seven months to shoot and costing 400 million Chinese yuan to produce, it was a big budget drama. The drama has been in production hell as a result of Kris Wu’s imprisonment. Investors are hesitant to scrap the project entirely and are reshooting Kris’ scenes to make it eligible for broadcast.

Considering the heavy losses The Golden Hairpin may incur if not released, Yang Zi agreed to reshoot her scenes for 20 days free of charge. Previously, it was rumored that Lin Gengxin (林更生) would step in to replace Kris. However, the producer was only willing to pay the “replacement actor” CNY 5 million for reshoots, which was well below Lin Gengxin’s fee. Initially, Lin Gengxin was willing to take on the project as a favor. With the pay cut, Lin Gengxin ultimately turned down the role.

It is now said actor Peng Guanying (彭冠英) will be stepping in for Kris’ role. Seeing his performance in The Rose Story <玫瑰故事>, the production team was pleased with Peng Guanying’s appearance and acting skills. Although he is not an A-list actor, he is considered a good fit for the role. Additionally, his salary is more negotiable. Believing The Golden Hairpin may boost his career and happy to be paired with Yang Zi, Peng Guanying has allegedly accepted the role.

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