Yang Zi and Xu Kai in “Best Choice Ever”

With a healthy image, praises from colleagues, and a string of well-received dramas, Yang Zi (楊紫) continues to grow her popularity. In new drama Best Choice Ever <承歡記>, Yang Zi stars alongside Xu Kai (許凱). Focusing on office romance and touching on the complex relationships among family, the sweet romance between the two leads has the audience pining for more. When the drama premiered on Tencent, the platform immediately exceeded 25,000 hits. Yang Zi’s star power and ability to bring in viewers remain stable.

Yang Zi stars as Mai Chenghuan, a happy-go-lucky girl who despite her humble upbringing is surrounded by family, friends, and love. In contrast, Xu Kai stars as Yao Zhiming, who grew up in a broken family and learned at an early age how to survive and depend on himself. When he becomes her supervisor, their initial grumpy arguments eventually make way for a blossoming romance.

Although only a few episodes have aired, Yang Zi and Xu Kai’s onscreen chemistry and endearing scenes make viewers anxiously wait for more. As seen in behind-the-scenes footage, Yang Zi and Xu Kai often share laughs and get along well offscreen.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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