Xu Kai Admits to Hair Transplant

The hottest buzz may surround iQiyi’s Only for Love <以愛為營> and Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢>, but WeTV’s Wonderland of Love <樂遊原> is gaining traction with its good reviews. The historical drama stars Xu Kai (許凱) and Jing Tian (景甜) and is praised for its strong script.

Only for Love and Story of Kunning Palace are two idol dramas which have been trending in iQiyi’s top two spots since release due to its popular cast. Typical of modern romcoms, Only for Love’s plot is paper thin and viewers are mainly tuning in for Dylan Wang (王鹤棣) and Bai Lu (白鹿). While Story of Kunning Palace sees more twists and turns in its plot, the palace rebirth theme has been overused.

Wonderland of Love is praised for its clever plot, which preserved the original book’s details thanks to having the author Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存) on board as scriptwriter. The story follows the emperor’s grandson, Li Ni (Xu Kai), who possesses a carefree personality and is not interested in inheriting the throne. Tasked with taking down the rebels, he crosses paths with Cui Lin (Jing Tian) who disguises herself as a lieutenant. Meeting on the battlefields, the rivals plan cunning military tactics for victory but also end up falling for each other.

Xu Kai Suffers Hair Loss

Xu Kai and Jing Tian have been heavily promoting Wonderland of Love recently. Recalling the filming experience, Jing Tian said it was very difficult to film as her character was someone who treaded the line between love and hate. Adding onto her comment, Xu Kai explained, “We would film several scenes in a day–we could be very loving and sweet one minute, and then switch to bitter hate and heartbreaking rivalry the next moment.”

While historical dramas boast beautiful costumes, the cast faces the possibility of receding hairlines and hair loss due to wearing wigs and heavy headgear. Asked if he was concerned, Xu Kai exclaimed, “I am! I’ve learned to just look past it. If my hairline continues to recede, I’ll just have to do another transplant.”

Xu Kai admitted he had to do minor hair transplants in the past. His hair suffered every time he filmed historical dramas. He would have to use glue to adhere the wig and alcohol to take off the glue when removing the hairpiece. Due to the repeatedly damaging procedure and use of alcohol wipes, his scalp is often itchy and red.

Having filming three historical dramas consecutively, Jing Tian agreed with Xu Kai, and said female hairpieces in historical dramas often involve a lot of clips and accessories, causing damage to the scalp region.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hair transplant at his age… I do feel for him. I may not enjoy his dramas…but I feel for his hair loss problem. My hubby have balding issues since he was 18yrs old…he has a pretty face with a +20yrs balding hair… Poor man.

  2. Black women put on wigs pretty frequently, it never seemed that harmful? But I think impact-wise, it’s probably worse for women since they do have all those accessories and they ALWAYS have long hair. The men just have one hair accessory. Based on what he’s saying, no wonder Yang Mi had to get hair transplant

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