Yu Zheng’s Artistes’ Education Scrutinized Over His Claim

Frequently sharing opinions on trending topics through his social media updates, producer and scriptwriter Yu Zheng (于正) is no stranger to courting controversy – but it looks like his eagerness to be in the limelight has gotten his own artistes in hot water this time round!

Claims All Huan Yu Artistes Are “Straight A Students”

With CCTV’s condemnation of “hopeless illiterate” celebrities in an online post, which implicated idols Wang Yibo (王一博), Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) and Liu Haocun (劉浩存), the Huanyu Film founder jumped on the bandwagon and expressed in a lengthy post that one has to “accept that life is impermanent”. When a netizen politely commented that he could not understand the extremely wordy post, he responded that “My Weibo is a great read, of course (excluding) the hopeless illiterates!” in a reference to the saga.

When other netizens replied asking if there are any such “hopeless illiterates” in his company, the 45-year-old confidently replied, “No, I supervise (them) to study at every moment, and have to submit a report to me from time to time, sometimes up to ten thousand words…(they have to) do their homework for every drama”, finally ending on the note “Huan Yu only has Straight A students and no illiterates”.

Curious netizens who played detective and researched on Huan Yu Film’s stable of artistes then discovered actress Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) is the only university graduate among them, while his two most popular artistes Bai Lu (白鹿) and Xu Kai (許凱) are both non-graduates. Actress Bai Lu graduated from a vocational school, while Xu Kai, who had secured a place in South China Agricultural University, eventually withdrew from the school due to family matters. He was once slammed for writing two of the three characters in “Mala Soup Pot” erroneously, when autographing for a fan.

While the public has likely forgotten these episodes, Yu Zheng ironically brought them to the fore with his words, evoking ridicule from netizens who remarked that he has put his artistes in a bad light.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. So stupid…everything can be checked and he knows that. Why did he even make such a comment? Anyway, one need not be Uni grad to be a good actor, they need hard work, dedication and focus… Many lack these 3 traits regardless how educated they are…

  2. A degree doesn’t equal success or smartness. The smartest & most riches people in the US are College drop out. Let that sink in. If u don’t know who they are then do research & learn. Artists just need to do their research & know the source materials of what they are portraying especially time period.

  3. I understood what he meant in regards to what they deem as illiteracy. He’s just saying he always has his artists do their research when playing a role so they won’t have that problem that caused the uproar to begin with. It’s a good practice I gotta say.

  4. Wait… having straight A isn’t the same with going to University??? This article makes no sense. Like they can have straight A AND can not go to University??? His statement didn’t say having straight A in University? Lol?? And as long as you can read, you are not illiterate XD???? Anyhoo >_> low news day I guess

  5. What Yu said was his students study and get straight As. They write reports for Yu. It’s Yu’s teachings for each script and hence his NOT wrong. HOWEVER, Yu has a temper and 0 humility so I think that’s were he has to improve. Let it rest people. Ignorance is not the same as illiteracy and ignorance is not the same as uneducated. Can you find one actor or actress that knows the entire history of China or of the time frame that their drama is set in? A Chinese college professor only knows 30K out of 50K total Chinese characters. The netizens making comments have 0 grace.

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