Ai Mi’s Beauty Catches Attention in “The Double”

Teaming up with Yu Zheng (于正) in currently airing Cdrama The Double <墨雨雲間>, female lead Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) is back in the vengeful female lead reminiscent of her breakout role in smash historical Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>.

Next Crystal Liu?

The revenge drama is achieving good rating so far, with praises for Wu Jinyan’s onscreen delivery. However, some viewers have pointed out that the actress’s casting as Xue Fang Fei, labeled as the capital city’s top beauty, is unconvincing, as she pales in comparison to her maidservant Tong Er, played by young actress Ai Mi (艾米), whom they are hotly discussing as having potential to be the next Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲)!

Wu Jinyan’s eyes “have a vacant look” and her beauty loses out to her onscreen maid, said viewers.

With her sweet looks and beautiful round eyes, fan attention has been drawn to 16-year-old actress Ai Mi, a newbie artiste managed by Yu Zheng.

Ai Mi previously appeared in a string of supporting roles as Yun Que in My Journey to You <雲之羽>, Zhou Ye’s (周也) maidservant Qian Zhi in Scent of Time <為有暗香來>, Yin Hong in Destined <長風渡> and Su Ci in Maiden Holmes <少女大人>.

Despite the non-lead roles, Ai Ni is fast catching the attention of viewers, thanks to her convincing acting and ravishing looks. Netizens are also comparing her to Crystal Liu’s breakout performance in period classic Chinese Paladin <仙劍奇俠傳> where Crystal was also at her most youthful at 16, amid remarks that both of them had the same irresistible “baby fat” cheeks.

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  1. Poor Wu Jinyan can’t catch a break lol. If her acting is good, then she’s criticized for not being pretty enough. If she’s pretty and has good styling, then her acting is called subpar.

    Am I the only one that doesn’t get the huge praise? A quick Google search gives me the impression that Ai Mi is just cute. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Liu Yifei is one in a lifetime beauty to me like ethereal goddess level. I’m not even a Liu Yifei stan or anything but truly I find nobody can compare to her beauty when she’s at her peak (Xiao Longnu and Wang Yuyan era).

    1. While I find Ai Mi beautiful, I agree with you that she’s not LYF. LYF was basically the standard for ethereal beauty for costume dramas before. In addition to the ones you mentioned, I’d even throw in Zhao Linger. When I saw her in Chinese Paladin, I was awed by her. I find these comparison articles to be kind of silly since everyone is beautiful in a different way. I do know some people who find LYF to be “average” though, so definitely subjective.

  2. Hahaha I always thought maids were always prettier than their ladies in period Chinese dramas ever since I saw My Fair Princess where Jinsuo was prettier than Ziwei when I was a kid

  3. she is indeed beautiful but then i realized she’s only 16. people’s faces change as they age. some get prettier some not. overall a true beauty and she has the 80 hk actress aura.

  4. I wasn’t sure what the relationship was with LYF, maybe they both started out young? But in any case, Aimi is both a better actress and prettier IMO than a lot of her predecessors. I mean I totally think she outshone YCY in every aspect.