Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue Pair in “The Double”

Avoiding a head-on clash with anticipated Cdrama Joy of Life 2 <慶餘年>, Story of Yanxi Palace’s <延禧攻略> Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) will meet viewers in her awaited comeback drama The Double <墨雨雲間>, in which she stars with rising actor Wang Xingyue (王星越)!

Recipe for a Hit Drama?

With a confident-as-usual producer Yu Zheng (于正) proclaiming that the drama will be a sure hit, and fans being astounded by Wang Xingyue’s short 5-second appearance, in which he revealed a fear-inducing look beyond his years, netizen excitement around the drama which premiers June 2, is palpable. Adding to viewers’ dramatic appetites are the beautiful costume design in the teaser, and the female-centric revenge theme which promises lots of thrills.

Fans are looking forward to a fast-paced drama full of explosive plot turns, character imaging referenced from various historical figures, exquisite costumes and postcard-worthy sets. The wedding scene of main leads Wang Xingyue and Wu Jinyan’s passionate kissing, during a previously dropped teaser trailer, is also adding to hype over the actor, who like Wu Jinyan and Bai Lu (白鹿), belongs to Yu Zheng’s agency.

Wang Xingyue’s Past Performances Have Been Promising 

In One and Only <周生如故>, shot when he was just 18, Wang Xingyue  shone in his villainous role Liu Zixing in which he tried means and ways to harm lead character Little Nanchen Prince (Allen Ren Jialun 任嘉倫), and whose cunning methods had left viewers fuming while praising the actor at the same time.

Hot off the success of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love <在暴雪時分>, the now-22-year-old star also made viewers remember him as the gentle Zhang Zhe who loves but fails to get Bai Lu, in Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢> where he held his own against male lead Zhang Linghe (張凌赫), as he did in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love <在暴雪時分>, where he was labeled “Most Handsome Second Male Lead”, showing his talents against leading actor Wu Lei (吳磊).

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  1. Not a fan of the actress but I do quite enjoy the actor’s acting from the one drama I watched.
    Still uncertain if that one drama is a good assessment of his acting ability ( Xu Kai, Bai Lu and Luo Yunxi turned out to be disappointment after catching more of their dramas).
    Anyone watching anything interesting these days? I’m in between dramas/variety programmes, thinking if I should rewatch if nothing new pops up.

      1. @Hohliu same here, I like some of Yu Zheng’s dramas like Scheme of Beauty (adaption) and the recent Scent of Time. In comparison I have managed to enjoyed a few of his productions while not keen on Guo Jingming’s.
        Did you watch Joy of Life? Kept wanting to watch Season 1 for ZRY, GQL and I heard the actor playing 2nd Prince was good but somehow never bring myself to (though must admit the leading actress is one reason). And I don’t like watching cliffhanger and need to wait for season 2…and 3.
        Finished Queen of Tears, that’s the only K drama completed this year. Did u have better luck than me in drama selections?

      2. @BearBear you know something, I find Guo Jingming thinks way too much and can overdo some things. I dont find his dramas relaxing enough to watch.. And his visual does not appeal me… a few of the lead actors he picks makes me go “Why??”.
        Yu Zheng on the other hand can be too crazy that goes wrong as shown with examples Cosmetology High, The Romance of the Condor Heroes… But a number of others may be not be as great as his top dramas, they are still entertaining enough like Legend of Lu Zhen, Arsenal Military Academy.
        Yu Zheng cannot be ignored in this industry.

        As for K-drama, I am watching Lovely Runner and Blood Free… Blood Free may not suit you. But Lovely Runner is nice.

      3. @Hohliu I find GJM’s dramas pretentious (it’s just me), be it his popular Little Times or My Journey to You. Pretending to be hype, to be artistic. That being said, will give The Story of Mystics a try when it is released since one actor in it is from the Korean boy group that I support. Hopefully his performance is minimally acceptable and his posture is of period drama quality.
        You question about GJM’s leading actor choice, let me guess, Chen Xuedong?
        Don’t remind of YZ’s ROCH, I have yet to forgive him for that production, not that he cares.
        Who is the novelist of the Double? I used to read every day without fail for many many years but ever since last year…….maybe one day I will find it in me to pick up all the things I have enjoyed doing in the past.

      4. @BearBear it’s not just you. I also find GJM super pretentious. I always think his dramas are substance over form. I watched My Journey to You, but found the entire plot predictable with his attempted plot twists. I knew who the big bad was already immediately. I also hated the way he made the actors talk like they all purposely had something to hide. No one talks like that if they’re actually trying not to be suspicious!

      1. @Dramas4me thanks!
        The first one looks interesting so will give it a try. As for the second movie, looks depressing, will avoid for that reason.
        So have you tried the drama “The Doubles”? Heard good reviews online.

      2. @Dramas4me urgh, I am still thinking hard on giving it a try because I am not a fan of the leading actress but the plot sounds like my kind of dramas and also keen to catch another of the leading actor’s works.

      3. @BearBear I enjoy the theme and also love the original novel writer alot. I do not like Yu Zheng but I am interested to watch how he produce this drama. Look forward to starting this drama after the drama finish airing.
        BTW, I will be around this site thus do @Hohliu me if you like a chat. I do visit the other sites too but Jayne Stars is special for me….

      4. @BearBear I’ve also been watching the Double. It’s flawed but quite addictive. The drama and plot is fast paced. I’m not really big on Wu Jinyan either. I think she’s kind of a one note actress (plays certain roles ok). You’ll have to forgive some over the top stuff (it’s Yu Zheng after all) and minor details, but is an enjoyable watch.

    1. I loved Heroes with Qin Jun Jie, Liu Yi Ning. It’s set near the end of the Qing Dynasty, so esthetically, it doesn’t have wide appeal. But the acting, character driven storyline, details, humor and cinematography are top notched.

      1. @PotatoChip Heard good reviews about it and have been considering especially after learning that the director is the one who did the Imperial Coroner which I like a lot.

  2. Wang Xing Yue will be big in the next 2-3 years. He has the looks, the height, and the capability. Most importantly, he is young and already attracting attention. He will NOT get overlooked like some very capable actors who are just too old to be promoted now i.e. Merxat ;(

  3. @lilseemonster now that you mention, fast pacing drama is a plus point for me, for now there is a good chance for me to watch The Double after Heroes (recommended by @PotatoChip ) that I am enjoying although only completed 2 episodes. Heard that The Double has to go through another round of editing because each episode is too long.
    We shall see if GJM continues his “style” in his next drama and the degree of the pretentious, kekeke

    1. Let me know if you want to chat about Heroes. The beginning is a tad slow and confusing, but I just went with it and things revealed itself. After Episode 5-7 ish you really get the vibe of the drama. So many factions fighting each other but each interesting in their way.

      1. @PotatoChip Just finish ep 5. I like the 1st 2 ep more than the rest that I have watched to date. Probably like you mentioned, there are several factions packed in without developing the story much and there are a few characters that are starting to irritate me.
        Do correct if I am wrong, it seems like an ambitious plot, first a mystery and murder wrapped around a hidden treasure and revolt with struggle against discrimination somewhere in the busy plot and now the Japanese are involved. I do hope the production team manages to do a good storytelling.
        I like the story when it shifted to the Qing guards. Liu Yuning seems like a misfit in it. His acting is passable, better than a few others in this drama but whenever the camera is on him, it just feels like I am watching another drama.

      2. @BearBear My favorite characters were in Mu Qin’s story (played magnificently by Qin Jun Jie). Generally it is best to not try to figure out the treasure hunt, the details will trickle in and there really isn’t a murder mystery (Liu Yi Ning’s Sect killed those 9 people). The story is more about how these 3 main leads, who each represents outdated ideals (Mu Qing is an imperial guard when Imperialism is falling, Liu Yi Ning is a Jiang Hu master when the Jiang Hu is dying and being overpowered by guns, Constable is a scholar when there is no longer the scholar exam) will face these turbulent times and either adapt or perish. Mu Qin’s character arc is very well written.

        Each character is flawed and realistic and has consistent motivations.

        You can dislike Liu Yi Ning’s character. I only gave him leeway because he was played by LYN, but I found him hypocritical, although his story did make me feel for his love. Their story was boring for most of the series. OK to speed through.

        I was amused by Mu Qing and Constable’s friendship and how exasperated Mu Qing was about Constable. But Constable does a lot of bone-headed things.

        Also, don’t be in this for the romances. And don’t hope for a bromance between the 3 MLs.

        Episode 7’s opening credits is very special. There are lots of funny Easter Eggs that the cast produced. I can link those later.