Anticipated C-Dramas Slated for May

Scheduled to air on coming May 16, anticipated C-drama Joy of Life 2 <慶餘年2> is already on the watchlist of many. Other than Joy of Life 2, a bumper crop of dramas meeting viewers this month include Fox Spirit Matchmaker <狐妖小紅娘月紅篇> starring Yang Mi (楊冪) and Simon Gong Jun (龔俊) slated for end May, as well as Wu Jinyan’s (吳謹言) comeback costume drama The Double <墨雨雲間>!

Wu Jinyan Up Against Fierce Competition…?

When Joy of Life 2 held its livestream publicity recently, scriptwriter Wang Juan (王倦) revealed that there will be 3 seasons in total, and made known that “it will not be another 5-year wait”, raising speculation that there are concrete plans to film Joy of Life 3.

As Wu Jinyan’s comeback costume drama after a long hiatus, eyes will surely be on the actress’ performance in The Double, which faces the possibility of being pitted against Joy of Life 2 and Fox Spirit Matchmaker.

The tough competition has ignited fan worries for Wu Jinyan, as Joy of Life 2 is a long-awaited sequel for many, while Yang Mi’s drama premiers have always been the center of attention, given her overwhelming popularity.

Amid rumors that The Double will be up against two strong series, “golden producer” Yu Zheng (于正) did not respond to whether the series will be aired in May, but stated with his usual straight-talking personality, “Fate and destiny are always at work, how do you know without giving it a shot? It has always been my character to “wilfully go towards the mountain despite knowing it has tigers”,” Many netizens commented that Yu Zheng’s response might be a tad too overconfident this time round.

Source: HK01

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