Esther Yu Replaces Yang Mi in “Great Escape”

After joining Great Escape <密室大逃脫> for five seasons since 2019, Yang Mi (楊冪) will officially be exiting the variety show. It is confirmed Esther Yu Shuxin (虞書欣) will join the show next season.

Part of Great Escape since its debut, Yang Mi was on the show consistently despite other cast changes. The actress showed her professionalism after injuring herself on set two years ago. Resting for only two months, Yang Mi was not frightened by the accident and went straight back to work.

The list of cast members were leaked for the upcoming season of Great Escape. Regulars such as Justin Huang (黃明昊), Wowkie Zhang (大張偉), and Zhang Guowei (張國偉) appeared on the list. Yang Mi was nowhere to be seen, but Esther and Zhang Linghe (張凌赫) were present on the list.

It is understood Yang Mi will focus more of her time on filming dramas and has not accepted any filming offers for variety shows in 2024. It is fairly certain Yang Mi will not be taking part in the sixth season of Great Escape.

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  1. Yu is 28 while Yang is 37. It’s probably good for both to switch places. One can get more exposure, the other can get more rest

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