Esther Yu and Lin Yi Cross Paths in “Ski into Love”

Rising in popularity after pairing with Zhou Ye (周也) in idol romance Everyone Loves Me <別對我動心>, fans are hugely anticipating actor Lin Yi’s (林一) upcoming project Rose <玫瑰故事> in which he teams with goddess Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲). When reservations for his other new drama Ski Into Love (alt title: Shhh, The King is Hibernating) <噓,國王在冬眠> surpassed 500k, Lin Yi and co-star Esther Yu (虞書欣) rewarded fans by sharing photos of themselves in similar poses on their respective Weibo!

Most Adorable Height Difference
Lin Yi and Esther first united in 2022’s reality program Let’s Go Skiing <超有趣滑雪大會>, where they won hearts – despite constant bickering, Lin Yi would take special care of Esther during skiing. Fans clamored for their next dramatic pair-up and it looks as if their wish has been fulfilled with the storyline of Ski Into Love continuing the winter theme.

Adding cuteness with their “most adorable” height difference, set photos of the two dazzled fans as Esther is seen goofily teasing Lin Yi’s face from behind with occasional shy expressions, while he could hardly conceal his joy in broad grins.

While filming is still ongoing, Lin Yi and Esther have both uploaded photos taken the snow to commemorate online reservations for the drama surpassing 500k. Eagle-eyed netizens felt that Lin Yi’s photos have the characteristic angle and composition of Esther Yu’s usual photo posts, and concluded that they must have been taken by Esther, exciting fans! The duo’s adorable earlier video, where they teamed up in thick winter wear while dancing to Korean girl group (G)I-DLE’s hit song “fate” in the snow, has racked up a crazy 120k views to date.

Drama Synopsis
Adapted from a web novel, Ski into Love centers on Manga artist Wei Zhi, who loses her pen name and copyrights after a scandal. Turning to skiing for a fresh start, she encounters coach and former professional snowboarder Shan Chong at Beishan Snow Resort; the two develop mutual feelings and support each other on their respective journeys, as she reclaims her reputation and he rediscovers joy and glory in the sport.

Source: Upmedia

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