Dilraba’s Latest Red Carpet Look Imitates Esther Yu’s Style?

Dressing up for Harper Bazaar China’s yearly couture event, actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) red carpet look has been accused of imitating Esther Yu Shuxin’s (虞書欣) style a week earlier!

Exotic Charm: Who Carried it Better?

Donning a celeste green pearl-embroidered, low-cut gown which accentuated her curves, paired with an elaborate jewelry headpiece, the 31-year-old Xinjiang-born actress won gushing praise for her charming “mermaid” look which channelled exotic allure.

However, some netizens were quick to point out that her red carpet look was rather similar to actress Esther Yu’s previous look for a cosmetic makeup commercial. Donning an elegant green silk gown, the 27-year-old star had also won a jewelled headpiece paired with an exquisite makeup look which presented a mystical middle eastern charm. Chinese social platform Weibo quickly exploded with related topics trending with fans on both sides engaging in a battle of words over whose idol carried it better!

Dilraba Did it First?

While Esther’s fans “Little Pomegranates” quickly claimed that Esther nailed the look, and made comments for the “droopy-faced” one not to leverage on their idol’s style, Dilraba’s supporters hit back to say that there is “no comparison, no harm done”, since Dilraba was the clear winner here.

They added that Dilraba had started wearing a bejeweled headpiece as far back as two months back during Weibo Night, and implied that the real imitator remains to be seen. Luckily, more rational fans tried to diffuse the tension by bringing the focus back to the two actresses’ drama output instead.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. Dilreba looks like she’s from Byzantine era while Esther is definitely cosplaying lol. But I think the cosplaying still looks great on her. They each look amazing in their individual jewelry gear. No need to compete for something which neither of them are…

  2. Gosh, these fans wars are so time wasting, this fans really love to create something out of nothing.

  3. Pfft, so many dramas feature this style! And it’s very cleopatra inspired?! There is no need to say who copy who because omg, it’s a piece of accessories, means it’ll come in and out. And who wore it better, geez, the depends on their whole outfit, how they pose, etc. while DD looks great on weibo night, she in my eye become a laughing stock for trying to walk in that puffy pink dress, she’s literally swimming in it trying to go anywhere. I understand fashion over sense, but at the same time, it makes a person look clunky, clumsy, cumbersome lol. And while Esther’s overall look is better in photo comparing to DD’s pale green dress (the dress cut is a bit bad in my eye), irl it might not be the case, as some LBFAD scene show Esther has a really big chin, does not look flattering at all. My point is if you want to, you can always pick faults, or just let these two ladies be happy n wear whatever they like! These fan wars are tiresome!

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