Yang Mi Excelled in Gaokao Exams

It’s the dreaded “gaokao” exam season – a major stressor for high school students in China who desire a ticket into their college of choice. With many celebrities cheering for students on social media, netizens also started focusing their attention on celebrities and personalities who are top exam scorers!

Top fadan actress Yang Mi (楊冪) has been named as one of the ‘xuebas (學霸)’ in showbiz; her uncle is a mathematics professor at the famous Tsinghua University. Talented in mathematics, she has consistently topped academic examinations since young, and scored a total of 583 in the 2005 college entrance exam, becoming the top scorer to enrol into Beijing Film Academy for her year.

Another child star, actress Guan Xiaotong (關曉彤), also scored an impressive 522 score in the 2016 ‘gaokao’, again the top-scoring recruit for her year. Graduating from the same university as Yang Mi and Guan Xiaotong, acclaimed actress Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨), who has been honored with three prestigious “Best Actress” awards at Golden Horse, Golden Rooster and Hong Kong Film Awards, scored only 286 over 750 during her year, which netizens pointed out was “less than half” of Yang Mi’s score.

Source: [1]

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    1. They’re all well educated, but Yang Mi who’s also quite a good illustrator, gets so much hate. And poor Zhou Dongyu gets twice the hate from toxic netizens for her looks and small stature.

      1. I actually loved Yang Mi back in her heyday. I just find the projects that she has picked recently are so lackluster. I enjoy watching her a lot in variety shows. She comes off as a very intelligent woman. I’ve seen some of her drawing, and they’re amazing. I love Zhong Dongyu as an actress. I get why she might not fit the general view of “beautiful” but I love that she has a more edgy look.