Dilraba Dilmurat Becomes Top Jay Walk Studio Artiste After Yang Mi’s Departure

Although part owner and one of the highest-earning artistes at Jay Walk Studio, Yang Mi (楊冪) ended her contract after more than a decade of collaboration. Although some lamented her departure, many are excited to see what new paths Yang Mi will pursue next.

With a keen eye for talent, Yang Mi had signed Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) into the company and was credited for aiding Dilraba’s success. After Yang Mi’s departure,  many speculate that Dilraba will take over the former’s spot to become the face of Jay Walk Studio and its “Number One Sister.”

Many felt that the studio is deliberately stirring the pot by pitting the two A-list actresses against one another. In addition to suspicions of Jay Walk spreading rumors, many feel that the studio has mismanaged Dilraba’s career. Alhough Dilraba shot to fame after 2017’s Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花> and starred in subsequent hits such as You Are My Glory <你是我的荣耀>, her schedule was shockingly mismanaged as the actress had not filmed a series in eight months this year. In addition, she was unable to choose her own projects and was often typecast in idol dramas and pigeonholed into working with the same male costars.

As such, many of Dilraba’s fans hope that she would follow Yang Mi’s footsteps and also leave the studio. One fan wrote, “Please! I beg Dilraba to leave Jay Walk as soon as possible!”

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  1. Yang Mi is one of the bigger shareholders of Jaywalk. It benefits her if Jaywalk does well with its cache of actors. She wouldn’t want to jeopardize its earning potential by telling Dilreba to leave. BUT if she’s planning on no longer keeping her shares of the company, then she can do whatever, but her money will def suffer the consequences. Plus she can’t poach artists under Jaywalk right now even if she wanted to – there’s no way JW will let her, prob non compete clauses. Maybe after 2-5 years, then Dilreba can work with Yang Mi again

  2. I think Dilraba is gonna leave soon. She hasn’t filmed any Jaywalk dramas in so long. The only reason why ym filmed Jaywalk’s drama is bc she’s part owner and has benefits. Dilraba is only an artist under this company, so she’s not going to personally promote Jaywalk’s new artists. Plus Dilraba is starting to stay away from idol dramas and picking scripts. Jaywalk won’t have any good scripts for her.

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