Yang Mi’s Jaywalk Studio is Drowning in Debt?

Chinese entertainment agency Jaywalk Studio is known to be partly owned by Yang Mi (楊冪). While the company had many years of success, it is exposed to owe $100 million yuan to creditors and is having difficulties making payments.

For many years, many netizens believed that Yang Mi has full control over Jaywalk; however fellow Jay Walk’s artiste Zhang Yunlong (張雲龍) reveal that Zheng Jia (曾嘉) holds 45% of the company shares while Yang Mi is the company’s third largest shareholder with 15% stake.

Recently, it has been reported that Yang Mi sought to leave Jaywalk after 9 years over allegation that Jaywalk greenlighted historical drama Jiao Zang <嬌藏> without her knowledge. Yang Mi was reportedly frustrated that her name was used for promotion even when the drama has yet to sign on a director, other actors or a script. Given the internal turmoil in the company, fans are saddened that Yang Mi had been used by the studio as well as being dragged into Jaywalk debt debacle.

Jaywalk Fails to Pay Creditor

Details are emerging on the extent of Jaywalk’s debt. According to a netizen, Jaywalk borrowed 90 million yuan in 2017 and drafted a loan and equity agreement. However, after Jaywalk received the funds, the creditor did not receive their equity shares and Jaywalk refused to offer compensation. As a result, Jaywalk reportedly owned the original 90 million yuan plus interest of 18.7 million yuan. During this time,  Yang Mi was still part of the Jaywalk, and thus Yang Mi could also be held responsible for the debt.

As online chatter continues to spread, Jaywalk enlisted a lawyer and issued their statement, “Jaywalk Studio is operating well. Jaywalk and Guangzhou Fields were engaged in a normal business transaction. The transaction was terminated after Guangzhou Fields defaulted. Jaywalk and its relevant shareholders will take legal measures against Guangzhou Fields to safeguard its legitimate rights.”

Despite Jaywalk’s official statement, netizens express pity that Jaywalk made no effort to clear Yang Mi’s name and agree that Yang Mi is a victim in the mess. Many netizens believe that in recent years, Yang Mi was pushed to make bad dramas to help promote the company’s other green artistes.

Many netizens are showing support for Yang Mi and criticized Jaywalk for using Yang Mi as a shield. Urging Yang Mi to cut her ties with Jaywalk, the fans share that they will celebrate the day that Jaywalk goes bankrupt without Yang Mi’s help.

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Goodness, she has distanced herself from Jaywalk for years now. She does not activity run the Company, she is a shareholder… The Director of the company is responsible for what go on with day to day running.. I hope she is not help drawn into the company finance issues.

    1. Waddayumean “She does not activity run the Company, she is a shareholder…” ??
      Where there is Jaywalk mentioned, there is Yang Mi’s name mentioned.
      Where there is Jaywalk’s artists names mentioned, there is always Yang Mi’s name attached as their seniors who even CASTED them their roles.

      Before you say she is a shareholder but does not activity run, you should think of better examples.
      Such as your idol Zhao Lying, do you even know she runs Nicky Wu’s Strawbear film as a shareholder? Nobody knows that information. Nicky gifted many companies under her name, no wonder why Liu Shi Shi ignores her although she is a business partner, and then Shi Shi reconnects with Yang Mi who Lying hates most. Yang Mi is respectable the way she doesn’t accept big gifts from men, she built her own companies from bottom up, they don’t treat her well but she doesn’t accuse them.

      1. Gosh, you really need to stop throwing your nasties around about me without even any facts. Btw, not a fan of Zhao Liying…not sure why you think I am. It really made me laugh… as for Liu Shishi and Zhao Liying, not bother what goes on there. I am here just to watch their shows. Frankly, I really like Liu Shishi more. She is so elegant. Zhao Liying, have not watched any of her dramas for years… not interested.

        As for how Liu Shishi and Yangmi reconnect, again, not interested to why they do so. I am just happy both friends are in touch again. All Relationships goes thru its ups and downs. No big deal there…

        I dont know who is your idol, frankly I dont care either. You are your own person and your interest means nothing to me. You really dont need to bother who my idols are too…. when you cannot even get that facts right. What a Nosy Poker….

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