Yang Mi’s Daughter Shows Symptoms of Depression?

Busy with many projects, 36-year-old actress Yang Mi (楊冪) continues to exude goddess appeal with her svelte appearance.  Recently, her former father-in-law Lau Dan (劉丹) revealed to HK media lately that his 9-year-old granddaughter, Little Sticky Rice (小糯米) may have developed psychological issues due to constantly missing her mother!

Little Sticky Rice Pretended to Be Fine?
Professing to being the “bad cop” in bringing up the child, the 79-year-old veteran actor shared that Little Sticky Rice was “secretly crying during bedtime”, and after much probing, she finally blurted that she badly missed having her mother Yang Mi around. There were signs she was just pretending to be “all grown-up” previously, when she had in fact found it tough without mom by her side.

According to sources, Lau Dan even teared up while recounting these during interviews, as he was “upset” about how much his granddaughter may be suffering in silence.

However, some netizens brought up their suspicions about Lau Dan’s words, given his previous sarcasm towards Yang Mi as well as citing his previous attempts at making headline-worthy allegations, to put his son Hawick Lau (劉愷威) back in the limelight.

Lau Dan Wants the Couple to Reconcile?

Hawick had previously acknowledged ongoing romantic rumors with actress Cherry Li (李曉峰), with pregnancy talk swirling mere months since they went official.

Apparently pleased with his son’s new romantic interest and prospective partner, Lau Dan revealed that he had already met with Cherry via video call and was full of praise for the petite actress, describing her as “respectful.” However, social media platform Weibo recently trended again with the on-off topic “Lau Dan Asks Yang Mi to reconcile with Hawick to give Little Sticky Rice a complete family”– leaving guesses as to the veracity of the claim, and if his anxiousness over Little Sticky Rice may have prompted these words from Lau Dan.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Why is there a need to air this in public?? Dumplings may not want others to know her pain…

  2. 2 questions.

    1. How can she miss someone who’s barely there in her everyday life? I’m not saying that’s not possible, but seems unlikely. My husband works a lot and my kid doesn’t see him much, although it’s definitely more than Yang Mi. My kid hardly acknowledges him when he’s around and can’t care less that he’s away for work lol. I’m her primary provider and she’s fine with or without him around.

    2. @Hohliu agreed, not sure why Lau Dan has to publicize it. Whatever he wants to say, could he not say it to Yang Mi face to face? Is he trying to passive aggressively use public pressure to make Yang Mi visit more? There are so many channels to address this with her face to face…for him to resort to this either means he’s out of options or he’s trying to manipulate her image and push her to conform.

    I also don’t see this happening a lot in reverse situations – where the woman’s family voice these discontent about the men who barely visits. While I think it’s great that the true situation of the children’s mental health is getting greater exposure in regards to not having both parentals at home, it seems this has been the norm for a lot of Chinese families, e.g. dad and mom dump their kids for grandparents to raise while they go make money. So where is the indignity coming from?

    1. I’m pretty sick of reading these articles about lau Dan, because it’s very one sided. If you watch the interview, he NEVER brings it up. This so happened to be an interview where he was talking about his own mom, and then they decided to bring up yang mi. He simply said he’s not sure how dumpling feels, but kids are so smart even if they miss her they hide it well. Lau Dan is actually a really good person the media twists it.

      1. @Abcd That is very interesting news…if he has not air that comment, it is definitely taken out of context. But I have heard previous interviews where Lau Dan have brought up dumplings mum not in favourable light. And he never really request the media to stop asking him such personally matter about the family. He may not say the exact truth but he does give hints or answer in a roundabout manner… He is very clever at handling the media.

    2. In all honesty, I actually respect Yang Mi a lot as much as I like lau Dan. The reason is she recognize she cannot give her daughter the life she needs because of her career, and so she was willing to let lau Dan take care of her. She can be a jerk about it and keep her daughter with a nanny, but she didn’t. It just really bugs me how they can take certain words and piece it together to make lau Dan look bad. If you go on YouTube and search lau Dan interviews you will see it is not how the articles portray it. And on the comment section they don’t hate him. As a matter of fact they seem to like both parties.

  3. Since we don’t know the whole story, we can’t say for sure who’s right or wrong. I feel though yang mi isn’t exactly the motherly type. She seldomly talked about her child or bring her up. I think maternal mothers would talk about their child more and glows when children topic comes up.

    1. but does a mother and woman has to be ‘motherly’ type? Personally I don’t like such women. I like how Yang Mi is unapologetically herself. I also don’t like that passive aggressive approach of her in-laws. Either you do it or don’t do it, I am sure she is capable of finding another arrangement if they would say we don’t wanna do it. Instead it is all the nagging, all the time. They are celebrities in their own right they should know how to manage the press and media. And this is not the first nor second time we have smth like this ending in the press, and I am sure not the last time as well.

      1. Well, if you can’t take care of a child then don’t have it. Parents need to have a bond w/ their children. Rich people could afford care and arrangement for their children but in order to be close to them, they have to at least do something. Even 5 minutes a day just to bond. Otherwise, why have children? Are you suggesting that given the financial resources, parents could just give their children away after birth? Mother or father, both have very important roles. I am not saying just the mom has to do everything.

    2. I agree with you not everyone should be a parent but here we are – people that decide not to have children for whatever reason are branded as selfish and even worse. I believe we are both on same pge, It is important to bond with your children but that can be done in many different forms. For example I bonded with my father by typing contracts for him and helping around office from super early age, we analyzed political situation tirelessly. All these skills came very handy to me later in life. My sister had all the help as she is running her successful business and she was heavily criticized for not being ‘typical’ mother. Fast forward kids all grown up and super accomplished and happy individuals. She thought me that it is better to spend one hour per day focused on a child than have it around whole day and not paying attention to it. I agree with you, but I believe there are many forms not ‘one size fits it all’. How do we really know that Yang Mi is not spending time and bonding with her daughter with all the technology? I mean for all we know it is Schroedinger’s cat situation. May be they have their own way of bonding, may be they don’t. Still this is not smth that you and me should be discussing but actual people involved. Still Yang Mi comes across as very inteligent and competent person I am sure she is on top of it, despite what her in-laws are saying.

      1. I am aware Yang Mi did take a year plus off to care for her new born then. I believe she did try to be a stay home mother but it clearly is not something she does well. She knows she wants to follow her dreams. It must be hard to leave her baby to follow her dreams. Thus she did not get full custody of her daughter and take her to China with her and employ nannies to care for her. She kept her daughter who her husband’s family who love the child. She did what was second best for her child. She too knows she is not a suitable mother.

        I am certain she still keeps in touch with her daughter online and occasional visits. Will she regret her decision? Maybe yes and maybe no… that is her decision to make and accept the outcome. As for Dumpling, she is surrounded by loved ones. As she gets older and more independent, she too can decide who she wants to live with. Maybe she will go to China to study or work and live with her mum. We will know in time.

        YangMi is not Mothering but she does love her daughter to do what is best for her.
        To be honest, since YangMi knows she is not a Mothering person, I doubt she will have another child until she can sacrifice for the child. She will not put another child in the same shoes.

        As for news of Dumpling’s depression, it is really not a label any media should attach onto a child. It invades the child’s privacy. This is something that should be discussed in the family and dealt with within the family. The media have no right to expose the news as it will affect the child day to day living. Dumping is still too young to speak for herself but she can speak to her mum on her own. Leave her to grow up with her loved ones. The media really have no right to expose her well being as they really do not know the facts… their curiosity has no benefit towards her mental state. She is Not a public figure. And she is not a unloved child.

  4. Liu Dan: Neomie likes to stick to me and we sleep together… She doesn’t even remember what her mother looks like… she hasn’t seen her mother in three years… she likes my new girlfriend…my girlfriend might be pregnant…blablabla
    Lau Dan today: Neomie is showing signs of depression. She misses her mother… I wish they would remarry…blablabla.
    Anyone that thinks this kind of behavior is becoming is either biased, has a twisted sense of morals or is immature. Lau Dan and Liu Dan talk about Neomie and Yang Mi every month unfailingly aside from the news published on this site. What does that have to do with bringing mother and daughter closer. It’s obviously to drive them apart or to attack Yang Mi. Do people even realize that Neomie goes to school and everyone of her peers and teachers reads this kind of junk about her. How is the public going to take care of your own child better than you. All they’re going to do is talk, they’ll talk behind her back and they’ll talk in front of her during confrontation.

  5. I never watch his interviews, so I don’t know if he’s saying things maliciously or not. However, I feel like the media and netizens are going to twist the story regardless. If Neomie misses her mom, they’ll spin it as she’s a bad mother for not visiting more often when her daughter misses her so much. If Neomie doesn’t miss her mom, they’ll say she’s such a bad mother that even her daughter doesn’t care for her. Yang Mi has always been a private person. She’s not going to talk about her daughter to the media. These tactics are so annoying. But the more popular you are, the more likely you’ll have these pot-stirring media and netizens coming after you.

  6. Looove how this site acts as if YM is the only celebrity who is a mother. YM is old news, which celebrity that is also a mother can do whole lot better at babysitting? How does anyone even have proof?

    There is this one actress that recently PRETENDED to spend time to gain attention. Embarrassingly, the kid refused to hold her hands cause they’re not even close together, and she also had a angry face the entire time but just pretending to spend time to gain attention. Should YM copy that method? At least YM knows her child isn’t as close with her as her grandparents, so she lets the kid stay with the grandparents, and she’s willing to shoulder the criticisms. Unlike the shameless people forcing the kid they did not even raise, and the kid that does not even like them, to go on set with them so they can claim a good mother title. Awesome of them that they are still babysitting while they’re filming at the same time, wow, very high IQ. Forcing children to go on set is torturing them when they could’ve treasure their childhood with grandparents. What the child supposed to do when u filming? Play phones and ipads the entire time in the car? SMH! YM got a better reason to divorce than some people who divorced cause she refused to spend time with the family. Yet YM is still willing to shoulder the criticisms regardless that her reasons are still better. This site always demonize YM and tries to make that other person an angel when she’s the worst of the worst.

    1. Which celeb is that?? I am curious, it must be so funny to watch how her child rejects her fake approach on camera…

  7. I am no child psychologist nor an expert, but I wonder how much can Lil Sticky Rice misses her mom when she barely sees Yang Mi and grow up without mommy around. Depression might be far fetch … rejection, maybe?! She is loved and very well cared for by the grandparents and father, but I wonder how these comments impact her when she gets older and reading these tabloids. Dan Lau should not aired his grievances in public, private conversation with Yang Mi would be best, if he cares about his grandchild at all. It seems that he’s throwing Yang Mi under the bus while boosting his son’s and his own image as a loving, caring grandfather, and his son, a doting father.

  8. I don’t get why the HK media always needs to bring up ym and her daughter. It’s literally the same thing written again and again. ym is indeed an absent mother, but her way of protecting her child is by not talking about her. Noemie is NOT a celebrity, she should be protected from the media. The media always like to twist or exaggerate celebrities’ words. I feel like Lau dan should just choose to not respond. He’s been in the entertainment industry for so long already. It doesn’t matter what he says, the media will just twist his words. If he doesn’t respond, then there’s nothing to write about and the child is protected.

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