Hawick Lau’s New Girlfriend is Pregnant?

Divorced for five years, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) is speculated to be a father again! His new girlfriend, Chinese actress Cherry Li Xiaofeng (李曉峰), is rumored to be two months pregnant,  which surprised many as the couple had only confirmed their relationship last October. With another child on the way, vast changes are expected ahead for Hawick’s 8-year-old daughter, Noemie, whom he fathered from his first marriage with Yang Mi (楊冪).

Although Hawick has not personally responded to the speculations yet, his father Lau Dan’s (劉丹) cryptic answer led many to believe that Li Xiaofeng is indeed pregnant and that wedding bells are not too far away. Praising Li Xiaofeng, Lau Dan smiled, “She’s very cute, and pretty. She’s also very polite and doesn’t seem pretentious at all.” Lau Dan also added that little Noemie really likes Li Xiaofeng, and they two often chat and laugh over video calls.

When asked to comment about the pregnancy rumors, Lau Dan shrugged and said, “I’ve heard about it, but I’m not too sure. I look forward to good news.” Both Hawick and Li Xiaofeng have returned to China to work.

Although Yang Mi is currently in Hong Kong, Lau Dan said he has not seen his ex-daughter-in-law, “Really? I don’t know. I didn’t see her!”

It is also speculated that the timing of Yang Mi’s current visit in Hong Kong may be correlated with Hawick possibly getting married again. The actress was spotted with her parents in a hotel visiting Hong Kong. Although Noemie was left in the care of Lau Dan since her birth, Yang Mi may be interested in gaining custody of Noemie again. Netizens made the assumption that there may be a clause in their divorce agreement stating whichever party re-marries first, may have to give up custody of Noemie. If Hawick and Li Xiaofeng get married, many netizens support Yang Mi and hope that she can bring Noemie to China and play a greater role in her upbringing.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.  

Hawick Lau Has New Love Interest


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  1. What kind of silly rule is that…? Whoever marries first loses custody? That’s gotta be fictitious.

    And yikes Lau Dan hasn’t seen Yang Mi even though she’s in HK? Eek. That doesn’t sound good at all.

    1. Yes. That is a very silly rule. She is very pretty. I hope Yang Mi won’t uproot her daughter’s life now. She can have a shared custody of her daughter with HL and I think that will be better. Best wishes to all of them.

  2. If YangMi wanted custody, she would have gotten it from the beginning. She did not want it then and had other priorities first. Now she want custody? … Unless that is also what Noemie wants… I really doubt Yang Mi will insist upon it. It will reflect so badly on her. And we know Yangmi protects her image and branding carefully. She will never force her daughter to uproot unless it is Noemie’s will.

    But it will not surprise me Noemie may fly over to China to visit more often. And both mother and daughter can built on a stronger relationship. I am sure everyone will have Noemie interest at heart.

    I have to say Lau Dan clearly do not like Yangmi…lol.

    1. You now realize that Lau Dan dies not like Yang MI, lol, lol.
      I agree that if YM wanted custody of Noemie, she would have gone that route a long time ago. I just hope that the welfare of the child comes first for all parties involved.
      Thus is going better than Angelina Jolie’s situation where she has banned the children from meeting Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend.
      She is colder than the Malificent character she portrayed.

    2. “And we know Yangmi protects her image and branding carefully…”
      Depends on the world you’re living in, because YM has had one of the worst PR treatments in the past ten years. If her reputation mattered that much to her over her daughter’s wellbeing wouldn’t she have fought for custody?

    3. When YM was still the gf and newly wed, Lau Dan also spoke very nicely of YM. Just like how he speaks nicely of the current gf Xiao feng right now. After his son ran into scandal and divorced, he always throw YM under the bus. She’s in HK and he still say he doesn’t see her, how the hell is he so reliable and trustable? Never once we saw YM throwing Hawick Lau under the bus, even when he was the one with the scandal. Never once did YM ever throw his family under the bus either. She could be visiting all along in secret and they “never” saw her cause she’s invisible to them. Sounds like they must be brainwashing her daughter to hate her mother too. The parent having to give up the child has it worst. It’s not like Hawick was babysitting the whole time when YM was busy working. BOTH were busy equally, it was Hawick’s parents babysitting most of the time. When the marriage fail, since his parents babysit more, he and his family took advantage of it, leaving no choice for YM to fight for custody and disrespecting the child’s wish since the child must be way more comfortable with Hawick’s parents. It doesn’t matter what YM’s image is like, she doesn’t hire the media to praise her 1000 times a day… ahem… (like that one so call A-lister), and she doesn’t even lose fans and support. Continue being queen of rating despite that much hate. It’s undeniable she has real talent and her stuff are sellable. “What she does with her personal life is her choice.” This sentence should apply to every celebrity (not only reserve for that so call A-lister that always attack YM).

  3. If the clause is true, it makes sense that the other party takes care of Noemie. That way, she doesn’t need to adjust to a new stepmother (in this case). Whether or not Cherry is pregnant, sooner or later, some of that love and affection will move to the “new baby”, and Noemie already suffered enough from their separation, she shouldn’t have to face more consequences of their actions.

    Although this clause appears beneficial for Noemie, it also illustrates the daughter like a ball, being passed back and forth. I don’t really care about the parents. I just worry Noemie’s psychological state.

  4. I have to say this Lau Dan fellow gets way too many interviews for a retired grandpa. It’s getting really tacky.

  5. She’s still his daughter. I doubt she has time to actually take care of her daughter. So custody will still be shared with her primarily living with the grandparents. Except maybe she is now taken care by step mom.

  6. Some super busy actress will hire the media to say they are super good mother AND super good actress at the same time.
    At least YM is realistic, she chose her career and doesn’t shamelessly lie online what a good mother she is. Are these keyboard warriors truly gullible or paid to act dumb, it’s easy to tell.

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