Yang Mi Leaves Jay Walk Studio

One of China’s highest paid actresses, Yang Mi (楊冪) founded Jay Walk Studio with Zeng Jia (曾嘉) and Zhao Ruyao (趙若堯) in 2013. Although the company released many hit dramas over the last decade and represents popular artistes such as Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) Zhu Xu Dan (祝緒丹), the company was said to have accumulated massive debts and unable to pay back creditors. Yang Mi did not share the same operating vision and decided to part ways.

In 2017, Yang Mi became extremely popular after starring in Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>. The company’s market value increased 170 times and was estimated to exceed 5 billion Chinese yuan. However, it was rumored that Yang Mi was not pleased Jay Walk had accepted Tencent’s new historical drama Jiao Cang <嬌藏> on her behalf without her consent. When the official announcement was made, she did not share any of the news on her Weibo and many suspected that there was internal strife.

On May 8, Yang Mi announced that she is leaving Jay Walk Studio with a simple message, “We share a past, but differing futures.” Jay Walk later posted, “We’ve weathered the storms for over ten years and have grown together. We are grateful and thankful. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

The news immediately shot to the top of Weibo’s search rankings. Many fans replied in excitement, “Congratulations for leaving a place of suffering” and “Good days are coming.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Yang Mi’s Jaywalk Studio is Drowning in Debt?

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  1. No point giving her earnings to the company who is not managing her Brand and herself well…She is better of just being on her own….She will have less stress to deal with. She is a very clever woman, I have seen her in afew variety shows, she has good memories and is very smart. I bet she knows what is best for her…. I wonder what will she do next? She is a very smart and have a skill for making money.. No need to worry for her future.

    To be honest, I am really not a fan of her dramas….She is just too awkward to watch. She led star in so many dramas but I only finished Eternal Love and Legend of Fu Yao. I always start her dramas and just drop them mid way. I dont dislike her as a person…just dont warm to her.

    In case I get jumped on by her fanclub… and bashing Zhao Liying for mentioning YangMi, I am dont warm to Zhao Liying too. I did her her much earlier shows before she became famous…

    1. yeah, yang mi is really well known for ten miles of peach blossom and even in that, i didn’t find her character that awesome. i liked mark chao a lot more. she’s not a really versatile actress.

      zhao liying can do cutesy roles well. she should’ve stuck to those roles lol. she was very cute in boss & me, and okay i guess in journey of flower, but after that, she went thru a steep decline. everybody liked her in story of minglan, but i find her role only so-so. haven’t watched anything good from her ever since.

    2. Lol I don’t know about any fanclubs but I know you constantly say very narrow minded things about YM’s personal life, not only on this site, which will inspire a bashing from me

      1. @YMF Thinking back, there was a period, I would be really very disappointed with any mother who chooses her career rather then their young children….having children of my own, I could not fathom such actions. Thus I did mentioned that a few time…it would be afew years ago. I dont dislike her as a person, as I dont know her but her action as a mother was just very irresponsible.

        Now, I feel it is not for me to judge what she does, it is her choice to follow her passion…and she is one of many artists that does that. She is not alone… Since her daughter is well loved and taken care of…that is very important. Maybe she will play a bigger role in her daughter’s life when she is older… I have since just focus on her projects and dramas… after watching her in a few reality shows (started with Take a Real Men), I find myself seeing her in a different light. She is a very smart, sharp, great memory and attentive woman. She does take care of people that matters to her, she is not self centred as I thought she was.

        In fact, I feel if she could provide a safe and caring environment for her daughter to grow up in with her, she will fight for custody. But she knows her daughter is much better living with her dad and her grandparents…. thus she made the best decision for her daughter, whom she loves too.

        I feel many of us can change our prospective of some artiste thus time…as I did with YangMi…. I am one who is happy to admit I was quite narrow minded afew years ago… But that aside, I still dont think her acting skills is as good as her brand… I find her a much better business woman then a actress… both skills are different.

    3. YM can keep changing company forever and the bad image brand will still keep following her, the problem isn’t the company, it’s the psychopath that keeps pestering her. That psychopath is ZLY, everyone knows her dream is to become the very best actress of China, nothing against that but she needs to pursue her dream ethically. The only famous paparazzi that was unafraid to reveal ZLY’s true image (pregnancy rumors) was Zhuo Wei, she offered to bribe him several times like other paparazzi, however he isn’t after money. He gossips cause he likes it. His gossips are always reliable and turn out truthful. The last time anyone ever heard of him again was after ZLY met with him at the airport cause of the pregnancy news he leaked. Since he isn’t after money, nothing can bribe him, then what made him stop? It’s more likely that he got silenced forever, presumingly dead. For sure he has haters, but it’s not convincing at all that police will ignore his case just cause they also hate him too? I guess Chinese police must be all drama freaks and saseng fans, that’s why they will hate Zhuo Wei? Unless they were ordered by the gov. to not investigate? CCTV broadcasting is very communie, even they were so afraid of airing Xingfu cause the story depicted government corruption, making them lose face. How it even got broadcasted and ZLY being pulled into prestigious nomination despite horrible acting is very humorous. Such a powerful person like this wants to give YM a bad branding image, YM can stop her? Not very likely. YM has to just allow her do everything she likes if she doesn’t want to follow Zhuo Wei to hell. The reason why ZLY got muted was cause WYB’s fans revealed all her dirty things online, the government had to step in and delete all those. They muted her to protect her. The media wasn’t suppose to do any coverage about her but she felt very uneasy so she unmasked her child in public and did coverage about him with his full face exposed. And millions of comments got hired to say the child looks just like FSF. Even FSF has no rights to save his image. He’s some so call rich 2nd generation playboy like Wang SIcong? He’s that powerful and can’t do anything. What can a small woman like YM do? Maybe her works sucks but looks like her works was able to speak for herself despite so much media attacks for this long. YM can go anywhere and do well for the company professionally. In the acting industry, there is only 1 ZLY who can change companies like changing clothes. Even the rich bratty kids that became actors only because their parents sponsored them, can never never ever buy themselves out of contracts like ZLY. They have to stick to only the same company. Unlike ZLY who is very lucky to receive many established companies from men for free, YM had to sign the bills on her own when building Jiaxing Studio from scratch. Again, from SCRATCH! Jiaxing Studio started out with nothing. YM put in her own investments together with few other women. OFC YM will cherish it. A newly built company can’t just come out today and be successful tomorrow. YM worked and tried. After more than a decade she finally stopped when she really tried all she could. Had it been people like ZLY, who get things for free, doesn’t even work hard but when need to blame others, quickly blame them and then ran away super fast in a few years at most. IDK how that is professional and sweet like the articles praising her humaneness. To have a good branding image, you need the government. Period.

      1. Are you serious about hurt no one with her action?
        She was a new comer who copied her face after YM.
        when people mistook her for YM, she made it sound like only YM did plastic surgery but she did none.

        To this day, there was never any apology but constant finger pointing at YM not forgiving her being young. Ahem, she’s only a year younger too BTW, being younger?
        If YM didn’t forgive her then why did YM allow Hawick Lau to pick her as his leading actress in Wife’s Secret? They had so many spicy scenes.
        At that time, ZLY met with YM many times on set but never apologize to YM. She only told HW she is afraid of what people are saying about her and YM due to her SM post, and he consoled her by saying he and YM don’t even know or think about it.

        I always think ZLY’s real face used to look more like Xie Run who played the young Fu Wenpei from Romance in the Rain and other supporting roles, she was bad badass in Wang Zhong Wang.

        And, ZLY always brag about the industry hating round faces until she made it goes famous. Urm…??? Sorry, but, the industry LOVES round faces since forever. Should I name a few? Charlene Choi (William Chan’s ex) has a super wide face! Joe Chen has a wide round face and she isn’t afraid of making fun of herself being an ugly duckling. The reason why ZLY couldn’t get famous was bc she can’t act. After the successful plastic surgery and looking similar to YM, that’s how she got famous. Compare to Xie Run who nobody even knows, ZLY’s acting isn’t even half as good as that and ZLY complains how she couldn’t get famous right away.

        Speaking about apology. Recently Bai Lu had to apologize for something she said about her character ages and ages ago. Don’t know where ZLY’s apology is at when she bad mouthed her seniors (real people, not fictional character), and she got praises for being “blunt” and I’m here wondering why people don’t like others too when they are blunt?
        ZLY seems to be very unsatisfied with Bai Lu’s current success as well. I saw several articles saying Bai Lu doesn’t deserve the Magnolia award like ZLY who has excellent acting (PUKE). They attempted to accuse Yang Zi being the jealous woman, cause she’s that girl who still haven’t win any awards. Anyone can tell it’s ZLY’s usual water armies doing the work. They hate that Bai Lu had a styling similar to Minglan in Forever and Ever, and they tried to accuse YZ of jealousy.

        Heard that ZLY is producing, why didn’t she use the budget for pretty dresses if they’re jealous of Bai Lu’s dress?

        Boring stuff like Story of Minglan, YM already starred in them ages ago. Even had the total exact same styling
        Oh, even the main guy included FSF.

        But I don’t see anywhere YM attacking her for being a copycat. ZLY always brag how YM is still stuck playing girlish Xianxia roles, but how she already moves on with famous directors like Zheng Xiaolong and bla bla bla.

        Some people need to focus on themselves instead of being jealous about others. She really wants to be number 1 so much, then use real talents, LOL! Who doesn’t know about the condescending articles about Li Yitong being her doubles in the old days? Also, the antis calling Zhao Lusi greentea, and calling Yuan Bingyan the copycat? How many people were hurt in the industry from ZLY? Be it because of their face, or because if they acted with FSF once before, or if they’re just more talented, they don’t have a voice at all if ZLY picks on them. She can retire and go babysit her own kid, will not be missed.

      2. I always think ZLY has a really aggressive media campaign. It’s becoming a boring trend how much manipulation she/her management company is doing. Every single time there is 1 bad news about her, there would guarantee be at least 3 news articles about how good she is, humanity/acting/good work ethics/etc. and/or they will run the article first, and then end with but all these are just gossips, we will just have to wait and see. Over time I have learned to ignore the noise and read between the articles. I was right about her pregnancy, even though her fans were sooooo in denial!
        Idk about other actresses, but I do see YM and BL are getting heavily under siege, then followed yuan bing yan. Like I do understand ppl do not like certain beauty style, but the amount of articles, keep listing how they see BL as ugly is astonishing. Sure, she’s my bias, where a lot of other actresses are criticise for say acting, BL is look AND acting. And constantly, in every article, it would mention how she’s down right ugly, like so ugly she should not be in the entertainment industry, it’s crazy. For ZLS, it’s all about her being green tea, but apart from it, nothing else, the recent campaign is that there are way worse green tea than her (diversion tactics?), so even that bad news on ZLS doesn’t seem so bad any more. YBY is now gone… she’s coming back but until we see her onscreen, she’s a goner. And I have to admit the amount of actresses being called mini ZLY is just crazy! It likes ZLY’s fans is making sure no one new can be away from their idol’s shadow *facepalm.
        In this aspect, I do like YM a lot more, she doesn’t seem to be playing this media manipulative game

    4. @Hohliu if only fans can stop unnecessarily attack others over comments, stop inaccurately and senselessly putting down other artists, stop seeing no wrong in their idol. Not all less than positive comments are from anti fans.
      Recently saw a few fans commenting (elsewhere) that they will not be buying concert ticket to see their idol because of financial limitation. They are sad but feel this is the appropriate choice. Cannot agree more.

    5. I like YM, but I only watched 2 shows of her, which is palace, TMOPB (FF and skipped all the other characters that aren’t BQ and YH lol), and beauty’s rival in palace (she’s only support here). I have to agree, she’s awkward to watch, idk why… it might be her style? Like palace is fine, and TMOPB has that awkwardness, but BRIP doesn’t. So I think it’s when she doesn’t vibe with the character, she is like super awkward. And she can do the quiet, book smart beauty well.any other is like not her so she can’t act? Lol

      I also agree she’s very smart, and can handle her own. I also don’t like ZLY either. I tolerated Princess Agent because the ML character was great. But I could not stand her hair in that drama. Then I tried another with my favourite actor, republican drama, and she’s just so posing, and her character is so defiant, that I dont think it will work irl lol. anyway, i’ll be waiting for the fans to attack me, too lol

      1. @LittleFish @BearBear @Coralie I have to share something funny with you all.

        Years again, when I watched Princess Agent eps 1…. There were lots of closeup scene with ZLY. I saw her face and thought to myself, how can a Chinese girl have eyes that look so big, such long eye lashes, high cheekbones and pretty/dainty almond shape face. Her face looked Almost curved by a artist… I thought to myself, she really look very attractive and I could not find any flaw on her face. I was thinking, no wonder she was so popular in China

        At that time, I did not know about all the more advanced plastic surgery procedures. Silly me, I only learnt about how common Chinese girls are cutting their eye lids to create bigger eyes, and shaving jaws to get a better shaped jawline etc….I only knew about nose job and some botox etc. I then saw previous photos of ZLY and feel rather silly. I was just not updated with how advance Plastic surgery procedures have advanced. And ZLY’s face was really curved under a surgeon’s knife. Of course, I have not upset finding out the true as going under the knife is no crime. She hurt no one with her action…just her own skin. But it did make me open my eyes to other “Beauties” since…

        I only enjoyed 2 of her dramas, Lu Zhen and Boss & Me. Others, I skipped more then half.

      2. @Hohliu it was a shocking discovery to me back then when I heard about jawline shaving. The first thing I thought about was men in period novels cutting away their flesh when when they were injured or poisoned and here we have real life females shaving for aesthetics. It is their choice but the courage to go through the pain despite the application of anesthesia in modern surgery.
        TBH, I have not been completing or even watching a lot of the dramas of both actresses, mainly due to the lack of patience to sit through the usually long C-dramas or the dwindling interest watching a few episodes per week where I will just drop the drama along the way. Stayed for Eternal Love because of the 2nd couple……And sometimes I may not have any issue with the artist until the behavior of their fandom.

      3. Did not watch Boss & Me since I don’t like the original novel and not keen on the leading actor, neither did I watch Princess Agent because of the leading actor (not a surprise there, haha).

        These days I can never tell which C-actress/actor has natural looks. They are some who are very obvious even to me but usually I am bad at noticing.

      4. @BearBear I agree to how it seem so strange for people deliberately cutting themselves for aesthetic.. Similar to those who shave their perfectly good teeth just to fit crowns to get the Prefect smile… Crazy…

      5. People always accuse the old monster YM still being queen when she should hand over the crown to younger ones, and I’m like uh-huh, YM is helping tons of rising stars.
        So… why not go ask the Walmart YM who is only a year younger that doesn’t help anyone else, but keeps media attacking them? YM doesn’t block anyone’s path to stardom. If she does, how the heck did ZLY became a so call A-lister? That’s cause YM allows the road wide open for everyone, after ZLY got famous she’s the one who shut the entrance. So go ask her.
        Let’s say Zhao Lusi’s fees are now higher than ZLY, if ZLY doesn’t jump high and low I won’t believe it. Then how come, after only TJOF, with that alone, ZLY’s fees were even higher than everyone else who worked in the industry for more than 10-20 years? Not fair to ALL the seniors. It’s not even fair if her fees were to equal their level, the ridiculous thing was it even surpassed theirs. That’s why everyone else also raised their fees. It was unfair to the whole industry, and it caused a decade long drama drought as a result. Her raising fees were justified by breaking the data, since then, producers shift over to raising waterarmies instead of creativity. So, how the heck was that allowed, with a crap like TJOF? And Zhao Lusi got like what? A handful of successful projects by now already, but her salary STILL can’t just suddenly jump over everyone else right? Y’all see? When ZLY was becoming successful, nobody, and YM is included in nobody, nobody finds ZLY trouble right? Now, if others want to be successful, ZLY keeps blocking them. But it’s funny how YM is always the blame somehow. ??????

        Who doesn’t know most actresses did plastic surgery? Worst, they might even do casting couch. Everyone is aware of those things. ZLY came from a poor background, in order to join the Yahoo competition, she had to date her ugly manager so he will buy her the tickets and clothes. She sacrificed a lot, even so, she couldn’t get noticed at all bc her natural self was very average. She finally got more popular after going through the knife. ZLY seems to be in a bubble believing popularity is natural beauty and clean image. She doesn’t know, although actresses aren’t natural and have bad attitude, or sleep with directors, they can still have fans. She chose to live in lies, fear, and insecurity. She chose to brand herself the complete opposite of what she is. Like Ye Bingchang, who doesn’t know that even without the exra love thread, she is beautiful enough that others will like her. Although ZLY went through the knife, she doesn’t know people will still like her. She did not have to play the media at all, she could’ve easily won everyone. I’m sure she could still make it to the top without overmarketing. It’s all her own insecurities, hurting many colleagues that’s why people are avoiding her. Nobody requires anyone to be super honest and tell the truth like Zheng Shuang. It’s ok to be quiet, but just mind your own business and don’t hurt others to cover up your scandals. Like Zhou Dongyu for example. ZDY seems to date many men, even men that are already taken, but she isn’t hated bc those were her own problems, she doesn’t go blame this and that, involve tons of other people to shift focus and save herself. If ZLY doesn’t manipulate the data, I’m sure her real data will still be very good, but she is way too insecure of her past. OFC she will be jealous of others if she doesn’t know her real potential since she keeps cheating. It’s pitiful. Even though other actresses data may seem to be bad, they still have real fans after all and ZLY only knows she either has the fans she paid or the fans that trust her fake branding image. Even if she were to change marketing strategy now, she’s already getting very old looking and her career might be soon over already.

      6. @Hohliu I also didn’t know about shaved jaws till a few years ago when it was ALL the rage. But nowadays you don’t even need to go under the knife. You can just get Botox. Over time it will shrink jaw muscles which will also shrink the jaw bone.

        I think the latest fad now is ozempic. Imagine if China got their hands on that – endless anorexic girls coming our way

      7. @Coralie Oh yes, I heard of Ozempic too which is been used for weigh-loss… Many would pay money to be young and beautiful… I asked my husband if I can get a eye surgery to get bigger eyes, he said if I did, he will serve me the divorce paper… I have not even asked about nose job… Lol… I guess, I have to just age gracefully.

  2. Yang Mi was already very popular before eternal love though. Strange tales of Liao Zhai, condor heroes, Chinese Paladin 3 and most importantly Palace these were roles that made her popular. Everything after was icing on the cake: swords of legend, Les interpretes and eternal love. Eternal love just happened to be one of the Chinese dramas to open up the international market for cdramas and it was very popular because Yang Mi was already very popular.

  3. If people think Yang Mi has no acting skills then there’s no need to argue with words. But I know Yang Mi became popular because of acting. She didn’t start pretty and she had no big backer. Though Jaywalk made her a lot of money, they never cared about her development. I think constantly working with the same actors, director, shallow & similar scripts and the excessive workload over the years has worn off her aura. But as a fan, I believe if she can settle down and concentrate on acting, she can put out good work.

    1. People talk as if we never watch Stephen Chow, Ng Mat, Kingdon Yuen, etc. act together over 30 films and still dying for more. Yu Zheng uses the same method and reuse the same crew as well. The issue with Jiaxing is not the actors, but all the talented directors now are either too old and retired or all dead. It’s not only Jiaxing that’s suffering from this. It affects every other productions as well. Great productions like Tangren is now super bad. The Tangren 20 years ago was extremely professional. And productions like Daylight is nothing but boasting and reliant on media manipulation, honestly nobody likes boring shiaaats, they label themselves special cause they “serious” cause their stuff are slow. Eeeeeeeeeeeer………. ?????????????? That’s a billion question marks running in my head. What eveeeeeer, Daylight. LOL. The industry lacks talents. It is picking back up very slowly. And it’s very upsetting when these talented people get unrecognize cause they’re not good at manipulating data (like Daylight, for example).
      People really overlook the importance of talented director. It does not matter how good actors can act, a bad director means disaster. It does not matter how horrible scripts are, even with the stupidest script ever, with a good director, MAGIC! From these past 2 decades, quality is so out of question, quality depends on who has more fans to say their low quality stuff are high quality. I know Jiaxing’s stuff are low quality but I am thankful they are not as shameless as Daylight. Maybe they will start considering how to market more like Daylight now that YM left and they can’t rely on her anymore. They still have DRB, wondering if they change strategy what will become of her.

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