Jing Tian‘s Ex-Boyfriend Leaked Intimate Photos to Creditors?

Betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Rattan <司藤> actress Sally Jing Tian’s (景甜)  intimate videos were leaked. Olympic table tennis gold medalist, Zhang Jike (張繼科), who broke up with the actress in 2019, had allegedly shown the videos to his creditors.

With huge gambling debts, Jike apparently provided his intimate videos with Jing Tian to creditors as a pledge. Since Jike was unable to pay off all the debts, the creditors turned to Jing Tian for money. The actress allegedly immediately took legal action and is suing the creditors.

Heated discussions online soon triggered Jike’s studio to issue a statement, which refuted rumors of being involved in any debt disputes. He also denied compromising others’ privacy to protect himself.

The Economic Observer journalist Li Weiao (李微敖) exposed that Jike showed one of the videos to another person. The journalist also claimed Jike was sued by the creditor and after mediation, he repaid 1 million Chinese yuan with more than 5 million RMB still outstanding. Weiao revealed that Jing Tian has three videos and a screenshot currently leaked.

Despite his claims, Weiao did not have concrete evidence.  Although Jike’s studio threatened to follow up with legal action, Weiao continued to confront Jike with a post that asserted the incident is not simply an everyday celebrity gossip but  a serious criminal offense. He emphasized that Jing Tian is the victim, and the creditor has also come forward to admit his wrongdoings. Weiao expressed, “What is Jike’s role in this case? Can he come clean to the public and hold himself accountable for his actions?”

Although Jing Tian has remained silent on the matter, growing accusations towards Jike are making netizens believe that the claims may be true. Feeling sympathetic towards Jing Tian, they are rallying for justice for the actress.

Jing Tian had previously expressed in a reality show that she lost herself from a painful experience in 2019. She could not even leave her bedroom because her emotions felt so suffocating. No one could help her, and she felt scared in telling someone, because she worried her concerns would be dismissed. Although the actress did not elaborate further, some believe Jing Tian was referring to Jike’s betrayal.

Source: [1]

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. OMG!! This guy is one of the worst type of scums. Someone need to beat him up!!!.
    He kept those horrid video and wanted to sell them to pay his debt!!! Poor actress… I really feel sorry for her. One rule I have when I am with any guy is never to take photos of videos that will compromise myself…. Who know what will become of those relationships. Every one have responsible to protect themselves. But if done without knowledge, then it is a legal action.
    I hope Jing Tian will get aid and support. And those videos are deleted. But even if so, the scum may still save them somewhere…

  2. And everyone still says she’s the girlfriend of “powerful backer” and high gov officials. It’s totally logical to be such a powerful mistress but still get sue from the gov and run into such scandal like this without the gov doing anything since 2019. The amount of hate and slanders just because she had better projects in the past with hollywood. Her recent projects are dirt cheap and horrible, only Rattan was a little ok, and the hate doesn’t even slow down.

  3. Oooh I so want to egg someone on to make a comment right now, but I’ll be mature and not say anything haha.

    If this news is true, Jing Tian’s ex is the trash of all trash. This is no different than old men of yore who used to sell their wives, kids and whatever available assets they have to repay debts. It’s unthinkable that people like this still exist and brings to mind Namewee’s song about debtees. Still rings true to this day.

    It’s not our job to police men. Even when we do take precautions, it doesn’t really work. In South Korea, men constantly put secret cameras in women’s bathrooms and women have to take extra precautions to stuff every surface they find. It’s despicable. Instead of having to take preventative actions for our entire lives, men should be taught not to do anything criminal instead. And if it’s consensual, men should be taught to erase evidence of it whenever a relationship is over

    1. “If this news is true, Jing Tian’s ex is the trash of all trash.” You are so right about this guy. He was an Olympic Gold Medalist winner for China. He should definitely go to jail for what he did for sure. He is an embarrassing the whole country.

      1. If this case get alot more media attention… The Gov will take quick action. They love to play the hero to deal with such scums swiftly…but only if there is large public interest in the case.

        I sincerely wish Jing Tian the best. I use to enjoy afew of her dramas.. but none in recent years. She had so many bad rumours surrounding her…It all feels like a scheme to pull her down as she was getting abit of success. I dont know who is playing such nasty PR games on her but we know such actions are very common in the Entertainment industry.

    2. @Coralie You first comment made me laugh… If anyone take the side of this kind of scumbag and blames the actress…I will flap!!

      I too feel women should not need to take preventative actions but unfortunately, it is hard in some Countries where women still do not share same status no are we respected as men…Very very sad. Thus many of us are trained from a young age to protect ourselves. But even so, it does not mean we are safe…. I even took self defence classes at a young age… It was a important life skill.

      1. @Hohliu yes you are right. There are still too many countries where women don’t have equal rights to men and can’t stick up for themselves. Even when we do have equal rights, a lot of times women want to hold ourselves accountable for things that happen to us. It makes sense, until i learned how wrong it was to blame victims. I used to think women who had bad things happen to them didn’t protect themselves enough, but then I grew up. Even when we try and protect ourselves, we can still get assaulted for absolutely no reason. This also goes for men, too, but there’s definitely less assaulted men than there are women.

        The solution starts with at-home education. I loved that episode in fresh off the boat when the mom pushed a stuff bear into her son’s face even when he kept saying no. And she said “do you like that? Do you like that?” That episode was all about consent. That was a refreshing episode. It’s just unfortunate what Constance went through while acting in it.

        But, I agree with you – some defense skills for survival needs are essential for anyone. Learn for the sake of protecting ourselves.

      2. @Coralie I was reading back on my earlier comment:”Every one have responsible to protect themselves” you are right to bring it up your point. My words does seem to reflect on women needing to be responsible when something unfortunate happy. Which is definitely not so…I will need to reword it. One can choice to take precautious but they are not responsible when they dont. My bad…

  4. This guy is deserving of being cancelled. The value of his gold medal should pay of some of his debt.

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