Zhang Linghe and Jing Tian in “The Bright Four Seas”

Making its official announcement, xianxia drama The Bright Four Seas <四海顏歌> will star Love between Fairy and Devil’s <蒼蘭訣> Zhang Linghe (張凌赫) and Rattan’s <司藤> Jing Tian (景甜) in a refreshing pairing that has dialed up anticipation!

With Jing Tian’s youthful looks, the two are a promising pairing despite their age gap. Already a class hunk and academically-bright student back in Nanjing Normal University, post-95 star Zhang Linghe soared to popularity after graduation with 2022’s Love between Fairy and Devil, and currently has as many as 7 dramas pending release. The actor once shared that the surprise success of the drama opened up such a vast world of options to him that he was quite lost for a while, before finally forging a suitable path following self-reflection.




Zhang Linghe the “Unluckiest Male Lead”?
With both his dramas Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢> with Bai Lu (白鹿) as well as My Journey to You <雲之羽> with Esther Yu (虞書欣) pulled from airing, fans bemoan Zhang Linghe’s lack of luck, while also worrying that The Bright Four Seas will suffer a similar fate.

To add to their anxieties, the drama’s supporting actor Darren Chen (官鴻), who had appeared in Meteor Garden <流星花園> also made a striking impression at the drama’s booting ceremony with his deep-seated features and costume styling – leaving Zhang Linghe’s fans concerned that their idol might pale in comparison, and leading to tension between supporters on both sides.



Adapted from author Yi Dai Xue’s (衣帶雪) novel, the drama tells of female lead Nanyan who becomes a fairy by accident while trying to save her mother, and crosses path with Jiyang. The two’s opposing characters make for an interesting contrast; meanwhile, Nanyan finds herself engulfed into the xianjie’s biggest conspiracy while trying to locate her mother’s whereabouts.

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    1. I am more interested in Story of Kunning Palace, still dont know why it is pulled so last min…

      1. In terms of interest, I want to watch Story of Kunning Palace more than other yet to air dramas that i know of. Thought the general speculations of it being pulled out last min was due to the supporting actor?

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