Jing Tian Updates Social Media

Betrayed by ex-boyfriend Zhang Jike (張繼科) who allegedly leaked her intimate videos to creditors, actress Jing Tian (景甜) has updated her socials!

While netizens chastised the former Olympics medallist for his despicable actions and voiced support for Jing Tian, he denies any wrongdoing in a statement issued by his studio. Silent since the scandal spilled, the actress “spoke” for the first time on Weibo, with a series of selfies showing her dressed casually in a white tee, looking refreshed and in good spirits. Captioning her selfies with emojis of a cloud, sun and camera (☁️☀️[照相机]), the 34-year-old’s update received a shower of comments and responses from fans, who are glad that she is well, and expressed concern for her emotional state.

The pair broke up in 2017.

Tipped off by “No. 1 Chinese Paparazzo”
Caught in a debt trap, rumors were rife that Zhang Jike allegedly got his creditors to ask Jing Tian for payment, and that Jing Tian had sued the man, a Mr. S. Voicing out on the issue, “China’s no. 1 paparazzo”, Zhuo Wei confirmed that he had received a call from Zhang Jike’s creditor.

Zhuo Wei revealed that he had been contacted by someone from Myanmar in the year 2020, who alleged that he had an intimate video of Jing Tian passed to him by Zhang Jike. Claiming that he had Jing Tian and her manager’s contacts, he made the proposition for Zhuo Wei to help him collect the debt, demanding 17 million RMB out from the sum he received, no matter how much he would get. Zhuo Wei rejected the proposal privately contacted Jing Tian, warning her to be on the alert.

In the midst of filming when she received the tip-off, Jing Tian was shocked, but made preparations to obtain an audio recording when contacted by the blackmailer. Thanks to the evidence, the debtor received a 7-year imprisonment sentence for crimes of blackmail.

Source: WorldJournal

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