Jing Tian’s Ex-Boyfriend is Under Investigation

Chinese actress Sally Jing Tian (景甜) became a victim of the latest celebrity intimate video leak. Her ex-boyfriend, table tennis Olympics gold medalist Zhang Jike (張繼科), was accused of leaking intimate videos of the 34-year-old actress in an attempt to settle debt with creditors. The scandal caused public outrage and many netizens sided with Jing Tian and reprimanded Jike for his betrayal.

In addition to his gambling addiction and immense debts, netizens have also uncovered other bits of Jike’s questionable private life. Allegedly, Jike has several friends-with-benefits relationships. Believing himself to a hot catch due to his Olympic successes, Jike treats the women poorly and even demands gifts and favors from them. His arrogant attitude also translates to work, as he was revealed to have a bad attitude when it comes to brand advertisements. Believing himself to be of great influence, he charges extremely high prices for endorsements and variety show participation.

The public has demanded investigations to find out whether any laws were broken.  To open an investigation for possible criminal offenses for his actions, three questions must be answered: (1) has anyone committed any crime? (2) has anyone spread false rumors and committed slander? (3) has anyone taken advantage of a crisis for personal gain? As authorities may soon be involved, it is likely that the incident will continue to be under the spotlight. With such intense public outcry, Jike’s career may well be on its way downhill.

Spotted for the first time since the incident broke out, Jing Tian was photographed at an airport. Wearing a coat, hat, and sunglasses, she was nearly unrecognizable and almost slipped out from under the media’s nose. Accompanied by two assistants, Jing Tian wants to remain lowkey while the issue plays out.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Jing Tian‘s Ex-Boyfriend Leaked Intimate Photos to Creditors?

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  1. With strong public interest, I really hope the Law investigates this scum carefully and charge him with as all crimes he committed.

  2. I’m confused. He did something totally illegal, so why is he not currently in jail? Why is more investigation needed? This story isn’t adding up

    1. I hope more crimes are dug out, maybe there are other victims. But you are right, I dont know if he is currently been locked up whilst investigations…

    2. Exactly, the incident apparently occurred in 2019 and the one who bought the video was already charged and imprisoned. I wonder why was this guy who sold the video not punished as well?

      As for his career, I thought he is already retired. Why career does he have now?

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