Yang Zi and Xu Kai Tease Sweet Vibes in “Story of Joy”

With strong popularity from recently airing hit drama Lost You Forever <長相思>, “90’s queen” Andy Yang Zi‘s (楊紫) latest drama Story of Joy <承歡記> where she paired with Xu Kai (許凱) has also just wrapped. Besides its official Weibo dropping photos for the first time, the two leads are also generously teasing photos of them as a loving couple, pushing fan anticipation to a high!

Teasing Pink Bubbles on Weibo as “Story of Joy” Personas

Mutual fireworks develop between downtrodden Mai Chenghuan (Yang Zi)—who is tasked to oversee the running of a hotel after romance & career obstacles throw her off balance—with its manager Yao Zhiming (Xu Kai).

Despite it being their first onscreen pairing, the two friends already share a friendship, setting the stage for an easy chemistry. Dazzling netizens with their sweet fireworks and natural interactions in photos released such as them kissing on an open-top bus and Yang Zi feeding Xu Kai watermelon, etc. Their 19cm height disparity also made for the “most adorable height difference” for fans eagerly awaiting onscreen pink bubbles between them.

Filming for the drama, which began in June and wrapped in three months, was followed by publicity by its leads. Yang Zi expressed her feelings as “Mai Chenghuan”, with photos of herself dozing off on set from fatigue, and one where Xu Kai wrapped his arms around her shoulder. Addressing his character with a punny one-liner, “See you Xiaoming, good things will happen”, Xu Kai updated with photos on an open-top bus “date”, with Yang Zi leaning on his manly shoulder.

Interestingly, as Yang Mi’s hit productions last year including Ode to Joy <歡樂頌>, Ashes of Love <香蜜沈沈燼如霜>, Go Go Squid! <親愛的, 熱愛的> and most recently Lost You Forever all had its drama titles in pink, sharp netizens caught Story of Joy’s official Weibo updating its Weibo profile picture to one with pink lettering, seemingly eager to roll on the Yang Zi-led “pink” formula to good ratings!

Source: Upmedia

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