Mao Xiaotong & Tan Jianci Are Latest Rumored Couple

Fresh off the success of hit period drama Lost You Forever <長相思>, actor Tan Jianci (檀健次) is rumored to have a new romantic interest – none other than the female lead of Nothing But Thirty <三十而已> and The Ingenious One <雲襄傳>, Rachel Mao Xiaotong (毛曉彤)!

The rumors began when netizens noticed three matching objects in respective videos uploaded by the two idols, while Mao Xiaotong’s good friend Yang Zi’s (楊紫) behavior appeared to corroborate netizens’ speculations. A home fitness video taken by Mao Xiaotong in the year 2020 featured the same sofa, curtains and toys as Tan Jianci’s video taken this year, as well as alcohol products endorsed by him – leading fans to raise various conjecture that either they so happened to rent the same unit in Hengdian where they took their videos, or they might be dating and even co-habiting.

Yang Zi Refuses to Hold Tan Jianci’s Hand?

Known to be a good pal of Mao Xiaotong, Andy Yang Zi (杨紫), who would usually collaborate seamlessly on publicity for her dramas, appeared hesitant when required to hold hands with Tan Jianci while promoting Lost You Forever, leading netizens to speculate if it is because Tan Jianci is attached and his girlfriend is probably someone known to her!


While netizens have reacted with uncharacteristic cheers and approval for the rumored coupling, the two idols have shot down the rumors, with Tan Jianci cautioning everyone to “be cautious and filter the information they receive”, while Mao Xiaotong simply responded with “So ridiculous”.

Both expert dancers with a knack for Latin Dance – Tan Jianci picked up dancing since he was 4, and has been crowned champion at several Latin dance contests, while Mao Xiaotong got trained after getting into a Beijing professional dance school at 13 – the two had so impressed audiences with their electric chemistry during a Latin dance duet, that many expressed hopes to see them together onscreen.


Source: Upmedia

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  1. I have a soft spot for this cute actress…she always shine in her roles with her adorable smile.. Not quite A-list star but she is likeable. I am not aware she is Yang Zi good friend… Happy to know both are good friends.
    Mao Xiaotong had a very public and painful relationship…I am hoping she will find a suitable person to spend her life with when she is ready. She can choose to be single, who knows. Anyway, forget the speculations. I doubt she wants anymore public relationships. She just want to act and dance for work but keep her private life to herself.

    1. I agree! I remember watching her in Love O2O as Zheng Shuang’s roommate. In the drama they made her seem like she was so unattractive, but I thought she was adorable!

      1. Yes, she was quite the adorable one in Love 020. Too bad she was painted as the unattractive one.

    2. @Hohliu
      I hope what I am saying makes sense, as I had been guzzling down champagne all night long. About a 1000 of us, from Taiwan to Hong Kong to Canada have been celebrating a development from Taiwan. Wish there was a way to PM you personally to share. I am over the moon and stars too.
      Anyway, Mao Xiaotong is like the type of girl next door. She is also kind, thoughtful and not a bad actress. You ladies are right. She is prettier than she looks in her roles. Very pretty young lady.
      Maybe all the dating propaganda is to hype up their proje t. If not, they are cute together as a couple and I am cool with that.
      @Hohliu , hope you are doing well. Very happy to see you here.

      1. @Renren I remember my drinking days when I ran my restaurants business…. I loves red wine and champagne… All is well till I turn 45yrs and put on 10kgs suddenly from drinking and my metabolic rate went down pass 45yrs… Now I stop… LOL.
        Enjoy yourself!!!

    3. She’s way too good to be A-lister, the terminology for greentea now. MXT isn’t shameless like some people who would hire the media to label them an A-lister and label the rest of the people Bs or Cs listers. Even people like Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Xun are no longer A-listers cause a greentea mistress hires the media to say so. Nobody fights to be A-lister anymore, only the greentea mistress is still fighting for that title nobody wants to fight with her. MXT doesn’t like to brag. I guess face fengshui is real, the lines on inner core eyes means others will always take advantage and steal merits.

  2. She’s so dang cute!! I remember when she first turned popular, she looked exactly like a doll, with those puffy smooth facial features. I do believe there’s some work done, but hey, whoever did it for her did a great job

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