Angelababy and Li Xian to Film New Drama?

Blacklisted from China’s social media and dropped from the new season of Running Man after she attended Crazy Horse Cabaret Show in Paris, Angelababy’s career came to a standstill. Following the recent reactivation of her Weibo and Douyin accounts, rumors are ablaze that the actress will pair with Li Xian (李現) in new drama Meet Yourself <那個不為人知的故事>, riling up the latter’s fans!

Fans Wary of Li Xian’s New Onscreen Partner

Recently unblocked from Chinese platforms Weibo and Douyin, Angelababy gained over 400,000 new follows, proving her continued high popularity. On top of swirling news that she will be part of the new season of reality show Sisters Who Make Waves <乘風破浪的姐姐>, she is also rumored to be adding star power to new drama That Untold Stories <那個不為人知的故事>.

When Li Xian’s fans knew of his collaboration with Andy Yang Zi (楊紫) in Flourished Peony <國色芳華>, they were displeased that he had to play second fiddle to her; their annoyance is provoked again by word that Li Xian is slated to pair with Angelababy, as they feel that he should be more selective about his projects, and fear he might be implicated by her controversies – leading to an outburst of negative buzz online against the actress.

Amid the criticism, some netizens have voiced support for Angelababy, pointing out that she has also delivered outstanding performances in the past and will be able to handle all sorts of characters.

The actress’s fans have equally mixed reactions, as they wonder how she can rid herself of the tainted artiste label, so ratings for her new drama will not be negatively affected. It will be key for Angelababy to face her past demons, and prove herself during this critical juncture.

Source: Upmedia

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