Li Xian is Dating an Influencer?

After being propelled to stardom after his popular romance comedy Go Go Squid! <亲爱的,热爱的>, Chinese actor Li Xian‘s (李現) love life is under frequent scrutiny. The 31-year-old is speculated to be dating influencer, Xiao Xue (曉雪).

Although he has never admitted to previous dating rumors, Li Xian was linked to actresses Zhong Chuxi (鍾楚曦), Wang Zixuan (王紫璇), and his Go Go Squid co-star Yang Zi (楊紫). As many actors also prefer to date beautiful influencers, it is not a surprise that Li Xian is also rumored to be currently dating one.

Xiao Xue actively follows Li Xian on social media. Although they have not been photographed in the same frame, fans pieced clues together when both appeared to have similar IP addresses. Fans also speculated they went to Jay Chou’s (周杰倫) concert.

Upon learning about Li Xian’s alleged relationship, many fans were disappointed. Other netizens reasoned these were all mere speculations as there were no photographic or concrete evidence. Amused by the latest development, Xiao Xue’s fans began addressing her as “Mrs. Li.”

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  1. If I recall correctly, this is not the first rumour of his interest in influencers which is why I never believe when they linked him with YZ.
    He’s single, he can choose to date any single female.

  2. Gosh, another plastic face. Such surgery must be very costly especially if they use very reputable surgeons.

    I have to say, I read about Li Xian and his dating news all the time…how much is true, I dont know but I bet he cannot even have normal friends without being accused of dating the person. I feel tired for him.

    1. Above average but below good looking hahaha. If you ask me to choose between super popular WYB and him for looks, I would rather pick him but I’m sure there are better looking actors.

    2. Well, it’s different for everyone. If comparing some other feminine main leads in the mainland then yes, I would say he is somewhat not bad looking? lol….the ones I found extremely feminine and kiddish are ….Xu Kai, Lu Han, Liu Te no matter how tall they are they look feminine to me but of course some might find them soooo attractive unlike me. haha And don’t forgot every single time they like certain actors in a role, they are automatically making them “GOOD LOOKING” in their eyes. I remember my aunt loves Nicholas Wu after that show and find him good looking. I am thinking to myself????? no matter how popular or what kind of role he play, he looks just like another average JOE? hahaha lol……

    3. He is not bad, much better then the skinny, white face guys. Vin Zhang is looks good to me…

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