Crystal Liu and Li Xian Set to Charm Fans in “To Where the Wind Goes”

Three years since the successful Go Go Squid! <親愛的,熱愛的>, Li Xian is back on the romantic drama bandwagon, this time with the celestial-looking Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲)!

Crystal’s Return to the Small Screen

Co-produced by Huace Media, the new drama follows the journey of two strangers who end up starting a cultural and travel business together in Dali, Yunnan. Poised to begin filming soon, the drama is tentatively named To Where the Wind Goes (lit. translation, tentative) <去有風的地方>.

Since Go Go Squid, Li Xian has only starred in period drama Siege in Fog <人生若如初見> and focused his career on large-scale film projects. Plans are already being made for the anticipated collaboration. While Li Xian is currently in the midst of wrapping up another film, Crystal Liu has already readying herself for what would be her second television drama since 2021’s A Dream of Splendour <夢華錄>, part of her gradual switch to the small screen from her film projects, over the past two years. Besides the attraction of the popular cast, the solid production crew of To Where the Wind Goes was also the same team behind a string of successful series including Find Yourself <下一站是幸福>, Go Ahead <以家人之名> and The Day of Becoming You <變成你的那一天>.

Cultural Tourism & Captivating Scenery

Set in the breathtakingly beautiful Yunnan, Dali, it centers on female lead Xu Hongdou (許紅豆) who heads alone to Miaoli village’s “Windy Hostel” in the surreal Dali, Yunnan after the untimely demise of her best friend, which reshapes her perspective on her life and career.

There she gets to know Xie Zhiyao (謝之遙), a corporate high-flier who gives up his pay check and returns to his hometown village to start a business, as well as a group of peers who have similarly returned from polished urban cities to give back to the local community.

Sensing her kind but serious temperament from their daily interactions, Xie Zhiyao invites Xu Hongdou to leverage her rich hospitality management experience to help train the ethnic communities in customer service, to grow the Miaoli village into a viable tourism destination. On the other hand, Xu Hongdou is impressed by Xie Zhiyao’s sincerity and passion in aiding his hometown and fulfilling the locals’ ambitions, and a budding romance takes root between the two.


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